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Ozempic Weight Loss Drug Stomach Injury Lawsuit Attorney

Ozempic Weight Loss Drug Stomach Injury Lawsuit Attorney Lawsuit incident liability liable lawyer attorney sue

Ozempic is a drug that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2017 for use by adults with Type-2 diabetes. Also known as semaglutide, the medication is a weekly injectable that helps the pancreas make more insulin, thereby lowering your blood sugar. Though it was not made for weight loss, Ozempic mimics naturally occurring hormones that tell the brain you’re full, while slowing down the digestion process. This is similar to how patients feel after bariatric surgery, which is why many doctors prescribe Ozempic to help people lose weight.

However, Norvo Nordisk – the makers of Ozempic – has come under fire recently due to a link between their drug and the development of gastroparesis in certain patients. This is a rare stomach disorder that affects the involuntary movements of the muscles in your stomach. These contractions are necessary to move food through the digestive tract, but gastroparesis essentially slows down or stops these movements. As a result, the patient is unable to empty their bowels properly.

Were you or someone you know diagnosed with gastroparesis after using Ozempic for weight loss or Type-2 diabetes? If so, please take some time to speak with an Ozempic weight loss stomach injury lawyer at our office. Depending on the circumstances, you may have grounds to sue Norvo Nordisk for monetary compensation. Contact our law firm and schedule a free case review as soon as possible.

Ozempic Weight Loss Drug Stomach Injury Lawsuit Attorney Lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney sue
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Current Lawsuits for Stomach Injury Caused by Ozempic

In early August of this year, multiple plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Norvo Nordisk for what their attorney referred to as “a failure to warn.” One of the cases involves a 44-year woman, who had taken Ozempic, as well as Mounjaro, with approval from her doctor.

According to her attorney, “Her problems have been so severe that she’s been to the emergency room multiple times…She’s actually even thrown up so violently that she’s lost teeth.” Though she has not officially been diagnosed with gastroparesis, her symptoms are a strong indication that she has developed a serious gastrointestinal condition.

So far, around 400 people in 45 states have reported similar symptoms and other signs of stomach injury, which they only developed after taking Ozempic. If you are one of these individuals, contact us immediately to inquire about your rights and legal options.

What are My Legal Options if I Developed Gastroparesis from Ozempic?

If it’s proven that Ozempic is the cause of your stomach disorder, you may have the right to demand monetary compensation from the manufacturer. There are various ways to hold a drug company responsible when their product causes a serious and unexpected injury. For example, problems during the manufacturing process can lead to contamination or reduced effectiveness.

With Ozempic, the current lawsuit is filed on the basis of failure to warn, which probably indicates one of two things: 1) the manufacturer failed to warn the public of certain side effects from the drug that they were already aware of; or 2) Norvo Nordisk became aware of these issues later, but did not issue a warning or recall the drug in order to minimize injuries to patients.

Either circumstance would give you the right to sue the manufacturer if you developed a stomach condition after you were prescribed Ozempic by your doctor. As we’ve said before, hundreds of victims have come forward, which means that a class action lawsuit is likely. This is a legal action where many people with the same injuries from the same defendant file a lawsuit together. But you can also choose to file an Ozempic weight loss drug injury claim on your own. To see which of these options is better for you, please schedule a free case review with one of our attorneys.

Diet Drug Lawsuit Case Values

Gastroparesis is an extremely serious condition, and it can take quite a long period of testing before you are officially diagnosed with the disease. By then, you have experienced considerable agony, and it’s more than likely that you will develop mental health issues, as well as physical injuries. Some of these are permanent complications, which will affect many areas of your life. In addition, you have to consider the responsibility that pharmaceutical companies have to the general public. Any form of negligence on their part can lead to catastrophic injuries for millions of people.

Based on our experience with similar lawsuits, we estimate payments from these lawsuits will range from $250,000 to $3,000,000 and above. The severity of injury and long-term health effects is the most important factor, so claimants with less serious complications will end up with smaller payouts. Regardless of the exact number, it’s clear that manufacturer negligence takes a heavy toll on your finances. That’s why we are here to fight for you and the settlement you deserve from a lawsuit against Norvo Nordisk.

Time Limit to File a Product Liability Lawsuit

If you developed a gastrointestinal disorder from taking Ozempic, you have 2 years to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Keep in mind that we will need to thoroughly investigate your case and build a solid foundation based on medical records, expert testimony, and other evidence. This process can take months on average, so please don’t wait to contact us if you have been diagnosed with gastroparesis after you began to receive weekly injections of Ozempic. If you delay the legal process and run out of time to file a lawsuit, you will permanently lose the right to monetary damages from Norvo Nordisk.

Ozempic Weight Loss Drug Stomach Injury Lawsuit Attorney Lawsuit incident liability liable lawyer attorney sue
Estimated Time to Settle a Defective Product Injury Claim

There are numerous factors that play a role in how long it takes to settle a weight loss drug injury claim. The extent of your injuries will certainly have an effect, as well as the type of lawsuit you are filing. In general, class actions take longer to settle because of the requirements to form a class action and receive certification from the court. However, they can be very effective, as it’s hard to deny liability when hundreds or thousands of people were injured by the same product in the same manner.

Overall, product liability claims can take anywhere from a few months to one or more years. The most complicated lawsuits take up to several years, as going to trial may be the only option. This is rare, as over 90% of manufacturer negligence lawsuits are settled out of court. If you would like more information on the case settlement process, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Lawyers with Experience in Drug Side Effect Injury Cases

Ending up with a permanent condition like gastroparesis is the last thing anyone expects when they are prescribed an FDA approved medication from their doctor. Unfortunately, these cases happen more often than they should, and the results are devastating for the victims and their family members.

DTLA Law Group is a Los Angeles-based law firm with decades of experience in lawsuits against product manufacturers. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injury victims, and we are ready to do the same for you. All you have to do is reach out to us and schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. We can also provide you with a free second opinion if you have concerns about an Ozempic stomach injury lawsuit that you filed with another law firm.

All clients are protected by the Zero Fee Guarantee, so there’s no risk to your finances at any point. We don’t collect a single cent from you, as we ask for legal fees to be covered by Norvo Nordisk. And if you don’t receive payment from a weight loss drug injury claim, you won’t need to worry about any bills from us.

To discuss your case with an Ozempic stomach disorder lawsuit attorney, please give us a call at your earliest opportunity.


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