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Good Wife star Kristin Chenoweth Injured on Filming Accident

Good Wife star Kristin Chenoweth Injured on Filming Accident Kristin Chenoweth is recovering from an accident while on the film set of the CBS Television show The Good Wife. Chenoweth 44 could not return for work due to her the injuries she suffered. Talking about her severe injuries in a recent interview Chenoweth states that the, “back of my head got hit to the curb. I was out cold. I have a skull fracture, a rib issue, and hip issue.” Such injuries may not manifest themselves immediately; in many instances long term medical conditions may fester and lead to permanent impairment and or disability of the injured victim. For example skull fractures may lead to more complicated head and brain damage resulting in a reduction in an individual cognitive and motor skill abilities. For more information on brain injuries visit our Guide to Traumatic Brain Injury here. Filming sets be dangerous workplace environments; every year there are dozens of injuries that take place in studios across Los Angeles. Many accidents in film and television studios can be avoided by maintaining a safe workplace environment free of potentially harmful hazards and up to code with Federal and California State safe workplace environment laws and regulations.
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