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Workplace Hearing Loss Lawsuits | Occupational Noise Ear Injury

Workplace Hearing Loss Lawsuits | Occupational Noise Ear Injury Hearing loss due to occupation exposure to loud noise (also referred to as NIHL or Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss) is one of the most common workplace injuries. If you or a loved one have experienced severe hearing loss due to exposure in your place of work or a workplace accident contact our injury Law Firm This page has been written by our attorneys to educate victims of ear injury and hearing loss due to occupational noise. If you have any further questions regarding your claim contact us by email by filling our Free Case Evaluation Form or contact us by phone (855-385-2529) Value of a Defective Cochlear Hearing Implant Lawsuit

Effects of Loud Noise on Hearing:

Loss of hearing caused by excessively high levels of noise in the workplace is a significant health concern amongst workers in the United States. Some common signs and symptoms of NIHL may include:
  • Humming in the ears
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Temporary hearing loss when you leave your place of work
  • Others have to shout so that you can hear them at your place of wok

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OSHA Standards – What Can Steps Should Be Taken to Reduce Hearing loss the Workplace:

There are many steps which should be taken by employers to reduce noise levels in the workplace and prevent workplace hearing loss.  Some important steps are as follows:
  • Reorganizing scheduling work hours to reduce noise exposure
  • Refurbishing industrial machines or purchasing new lees noisy machines
  • Provide Hearing protective devises including ear muffs
If you have any further questions regarding the filing of a hearing caused by workplace exposure contact out law firm.


I traveled for a company in Compton Ca with a sister plant in Lenxa Ks for 22-years . The enviorment that I had to work in was terrible as far as noise . For years the companies that purchased our equipment made no mention of hearing protection . Then about 10 years ago they have most all adapted strict rules for wearing protection for ears to protect hearing . For several of us it was too late . I have loss 50 percent of my hearing . My question is do I have a case ?

A friend of mine worked for the US Postal Service about 15 or 20 years ago and has suffered progressive loss of hearing since the time she was employed with the US Postal Service. According to her, she has visited with several hearing specialist and they all agree that at some point she will eventually lose all hearing functions. Does she have any recourse in term of a law suite.

I was employed with the Department of Defense for 4 years. The Master Air Base. I have lost 20% percent of my hearing, not related to age or an accident. I live on the outskirts of the Master Air base and the decibel level over my house is excruciating. Do I have a workman’s comp claim? Regards Jeanne Phin

Dear Sir/Madam,

A few weeks ago I realized that my hearing with the right ear was lower than with the left ear. I had to complete hearing exams and it is clear that the nerves of the right ear are damaged.

I have been using earphones for several years -not very loud- from Apple and Bose, but I didn’t know at all that to hear through earphones is NOT good at all. The specialist explain to me that the ear has that special form since we humans are designed to received the sounds from distance, but NEVER from inside the ear. The problem in that case is that the sounds hit directly the ear drum. and it should be like that.

I would like to ask you if it is possible to suit Apple and Bose for a hearing loss case? It is something very similar to smoking: before the companies did not warn you, and something similar happens now with the earphones: they just warned about not putting to loud, but don’t say at all that listen through earphones is bad.

I would appreciate your reply. I have been told that I cannot recover the part of the hearing lost since the nerve seems to be damaged. Now I stopped completely of using earphones and bought a earmuff to use in noisy environments, but I feel cheated by the companies not warning that their products will cause ear damages sooner or later.


Paul Rodas

I worked at Texas Instruments in Austin Tx for 20 years.. During that time I spent several years running a giant flat bed photo plotter in a confined space dark room. When it traveled it made a high pitched noise that I believe damaged my hearing. Would this be the type of hearing loss you are talking about?

20 something years ago I worked in a diesel plan and now I’m beginning to feel the effects of lost of hearing tonight is in finding difficulty hearing or talking to people in groups do I have occasional case we can use my former employer

I worked for 24 years in a Steel Mill that was proactive about the use of hearing protection and they even gave yearly tests but the test was done in house not by a real audiologist. But, those tests even showed a progressive loss of hearing in my left ear. Then years later they brought in a real audiologists and they said my hearing was borderline for making a claim. My hearing loss was due to the Motorola radios we used to communicate with in loud areas I would have to turn the volume of the radio to its highest level in order to hear it consequently my left ear hearing is real bad and I hear ringing all the time. I am now retired 2 yrs and I am very interested in recovering for my loss of hearing. I live and worked in Texas and the Steel Mill is very profitable.

I have worked construction since 1969,mostly shipyards,my hearing is not good,is there anyway to be compensated for my hearing loss?

I worked on the railroad for 37 years, retiring in October of 2016. I have severe hearing loss in both ears as a result of being an engineer for almost 30 of those years. I have hearing test to prove the progression of hearing loss. Do I have a case ?

I’ve been working for the Board of Education City of New York since 1994 during the course of the years I became deaf in my left ear I want to know do the fact that I work in the kitchen and then noise from the refrigerators and all the equipment and the children yelling and screaming in the cafeteria is that the reason why I became deaf I can’t hear a thing out of my left ear my right ear I hear a lot of ringing I’m still working do you think I have a case

i worked in a foundry out of highschool 1970 used an airhammer clearing portals later as a bench grinder never any hearing protection other industrial jobs first hearing protection 1993 i have trouble understanding the words said and have noticed a differance in hearing when using a mp3 a buzzing and crackling

I worked in a heavy industrial Chrysler transmission manufacturing plant from 1968 to 2005. The first year I was there I developed ringing in my ears and could not understand people talking in groups. Mandatory hearing protection was not fully instituted there until the late 1970’s. In 2016 I went totally deaf in my right ear. After multiple brain and ear MRIs it was determined the loss was not due to a tumor or tumors. From 2005 to 2017 I ran a sole proprietor home inspection business, but had to stop due to my hearing loss. I have crossover hearing aids, but they don’t help. This loss is causing emotional stress between my wife and I. If I lose what little hearing I have in my left ear I may be candidate for a cochlea implant. Is it possible to go back on Chrysler for my hearing loss?

I worked in the shipyard for 20 some years I lost my hearing I went to to hearing doctors I have the paperwork I’m 67 years old now I am retired my name is HENRY WILBERT JONES JR

As a truck driver over 40 years of engine noise, I have significant hearing loss. Neither company insurance or Medicare and supplement plan will cover hearing aids. No way to afford them is there any help out there?

Me got hearinglost on both ears very bad can yu contact me

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