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Workplace Bullying Attorney | Harassment Injury Lawyer

Work Post Traumatic Stress AttorneyMany of us believe that bullying is only a problem for children schools and playgrounds. However, in reality bullying in the workplace is an ever increasing issue facing employees of major corporations and small businesses.  According to estimates millions of workers suffer from at work bullying on a daily basis leading to severe mental health injuries ranging from anxiety and stress, to depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and suicide.   More so such mental anguish can lead a lowered immune system and poor physical health.

The effects of a hostile work environment can be extensive including:

  • Depression
  • Mental Health issues
  • Mood swings
  • thoughts of suicide
  • Gastrointestinal issues – Stomach problems
  • Issues with bowel movements
  • Panic Attacks
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Skin rashes – Acne and other dermatological issues
  • Heart Problems – Including Heart attacks at work
  • Sleep disorders
If you or a loved one is suffering from bullying and harassment at work contact our workplace injury attorney for a free no cost evaluation of your claim.  Our Attorneys are sensitive to the plight of employees harmed at their workplace.

Workplace Bullying Laws and Legislation – Protecting the Rights of Employees

Recent publicity has shed light towards the extent and severity of workplace bullying has prompted many State and Federal Legislatures to draft new more powerful legislation preventing and deterring  bullying in the workplace and providing a legal avenue for compensation to victims of workplace injuries. In 2003 the state of California became the first state in the nation to introduce the healthy workplace bill.  This bill recognized the plight of victims of workplace bullying and if passed would provide

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Failure of employers to stop at work bullying – Duty of the Employer for Workplace Bullying Claim

Employers owe a general duty to their employees to maintain a hazard free work environment. The existence of a hostile work environment due to bullying can pose a serious danger to individuals suffering from bullying. A culture of bullying in certain companies and a toleration for a hostile work environment cost business a reported $200 million dollars per year.  What is needed is further state and federal passage of legislation into law of anti bullying laws in the workplace. The 1990’s witnessed an increased awareness of workplace sexual harassment and general harassment leading to the enacting of anti harassment legislation into law.  These laws have helped millions of workers fight for their right to work in an environment free from unwanted  sexual advances and increased the productivity of the workplace. Call for enactment of any bullying legislation:  Attorneys from across our nation need to stand by the rights of employees to work in an company free from bullying by other workers, managers, and owners.  Our Law Firm is dedicated to the rights of employers. Workplace Injury Legal Representation: If you have sustained injury in the workplace contact our California Workplace Rights Lawyers today.
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