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Welding Rod Fumes and Workplace Toxic Exposure Lawsuits

Workplace Injury Law FirmWorkplace exposure to toxic chemical is an increasing issue facing numerous industries including construction site, residential home builders, and government employees. According to numerous studies conducted over the course of decades long term as well as acute exposure to high levels of fumes emanated from welding can result in serious medical health issues. Despite standards and statutes aimed at reducing such exposure tens of thousands suffer the long term chronic effects of welding fumes.  Victims of exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes in their place of work due to the negligent or intentional acts of other or failure to abode by OSHA regulation are entitled to full compensation for all their losses/damages. Monetary compensation for welding fume exposure is based on several factors including hospitalization costs, all medical and future rehabilitation costs, present and future pain and suffering cause by the exposure to harmful fumes and punitive damages – where possible.

Elements present in welding fume which result in severe medical issues:

Fumes from welding work emit numerous substances which can result in a host of serious medical issues. Below is a list hazards present in welding fumes:
  • Zinc: Exposure to fumes can cause what is referred to as metal fume fever. Symptoms of metal fume fever include chills, nausea, general fatigue, and general bodily weakness.
  • Iron Oxide exposure: Deposited in the lungs can result in lung cancer and respiratory failure.
  • Lead Exposure: Long term intake of fumes containing lead can lead to severe anemia, general muscle weakness and severe effect on the central nervous system.
  • Beryllium Exposure: Can lead to chemical pneumonia, shortness of breath, and severe weight loss.
  • Other chemicals in welding fumes  resulting in severe medical complications include: Fluorides, Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, carbon monoxide, phosgene, and nitrogen oxides.
If you or loved one including friend and coworker have suffered harm due to exposure to welding fumes in their place of work cont

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Welding Fumes Exposure Lawsuits:

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