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Movie Set Film Accident Lawyer | Extra and Stunt Man Injuries

Movie Set Accident AttorneyLos Angeles is home to Hollywood California where most movies, shows and entertainment based productions are created. However, many times such productions, whether they are big screen motion pictures with multiple special effects and stunts, or small budget commercials or shows fail to follow safety protocol. When production companies fail to follow safety guidelines they create an un-safe work environment in movie sets, and on location studio film shoots which can cause serious injuries. Generally such productions involve the use of heavy camera equipment, exposed cables, and other dangerous conditions. If you have been injured on set contact our Los Angeles Accident Attorneys for a free case evaluation.

Movie and Television show filming injuries

Film injuries can be severe, a common list of injuries related to working on-set at a movie production include:
  •  Broken bones;
  •  Psychological damage due to explosion;
  •  Failure to warn of possibility of injuries sustained;
  •  Nerve damage;
  •  Eye damage;
  •  Traumatic brain injuries;
  •  Ruptured ear drums;
  •  Depression;
  •  Loss of sight.
Such injuries occur when the production company fails to provide a safe work environment in movie sets and television production stages which are free from dangers or fails to warn its employees of such dangers. If you have been injured during filming or on set as an extra, stunt men, camera man or otherwise contact our offices for a free consultation.

Common Causes of Filming Accident

Injuries can be caused in numerous ways, most common causes are:
  • Improper use of equipment;
  • Improperly fastened equipment;
  • Improper use of explosives for special effects;
  • Damage caused by loose or improperly installed camera or lighting equipment;
  • Failure to properly warn of or conceal exposed cables or wires;
  • Failure to obtain appropriate permits to engage in production.
If you have been harmed while on set during filming as an actor, extra, special effects stunt men or any other personal associated with the production then contact our offices today, our film accident attorneys can help. We have experience in the field of personal injury and can help maximize your recovery.

Should I Sue for My Injuries?

Determining liability, fault and whether such harm was assumed is important in deciding whether to bring a cause of action. Often times it can be that the harm was assumed by the injured party, however this may not always be the case. Additionally, simply because the harm was assumed does not bar recovery, but can reduce it. Our firm can help you make the right decision. We will review all elements of your claim and consider each case on differently. In certain circumstances a law suit may not be the best road to recovery, since it can alienate the harmed party for future employment and there may be other avenues to recover for your loss. Contact our firm today in order to discuss your options and what we can do to help you. If you have been injured while on set during a production, filming or as a passerby contact the Los Angeles filming accident attorneys at Downtown LA Law for an absolutely free evaluation. We are committed to helping clients recover for their injuries and can help you with your claim.

Our Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Los Angeles injury attorneys can help with your recovery for your injuries. Our personal injury film attorneys can help with your recovery and questions. Questions such as whether an extra can sue for damages, or can a stunt man sue for damages, require legal expertise and our firm can help. If you have been injured as a pedestrian during the filming of a movie our firm is here to help. Call us today for an absolutely free evaluation of your case at 855-385-2529 today.
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