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California Locker Room Bench Collapse Lawyer

California broken bench injury lawyer attorney lawsuit compensation incident accident sue

After enjoying a rousing game of tennis, a tough workout in the gym, or even a long round of golf, you look forward to getting into the locker room to take a seat on one of the benches and relax for a few moments. Your mind could be focused on the rest of your activities for the day, heading to a relaxing shower or sauna or reviewing your shining moves or triumphs as you slowly lower yourself onto the bench. But all your thoughts flee from your mind as you find yourself falling to the floor as the locker room bench collapses.

We have all seen the meant to be funny moments in a movie or TV show when an innocent party falls to the ground as a chair or bench unexpectedly collapses. But you are sure to see no humor in that scene if you have even been the person dumped to the ground to suffer countless potential injuries. And sadly, you might not even be aware that you have been injured as everyone turns to stare at you, and some might even begin to laugh. The moment is embarrassing, to say the least, and could result in severe injuries that were caused through no fault of your own.

If you have suffered a fall because the locker room bench you sat on suddenly collapsed, the team at DTLA Law Group is here to provide the answers you need, 24/7. Our staff is happy to answer your immediate questions and schedule a free consultation with a lawyer who can offer further expert guidance. So as soon as you have gotten any medical care needed to treat your injuries from your fall, don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group.

California broken bench injury lawyer attorney lawsuit compensation incident accident sue
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Understanding How Such An Incident Could Happen

When you visit a gym, health club, tennis club, or other athletic or fitness facility, you assume that added care is being given to the safety of guests, especially in the locker room spaces. These are areas where guests could be walking around barefoot, there could be wet floors, and added attention should be invested to ensure the safety of everyone using the facility.

When you think about the benches in a locker room, you would also assume that someone is checking the seat surfaces to ensure they are not damaged, the legs or supports for the benches are firmly secured to the floor, and the seats are in a sturdy condition. After all, they need to support several people’s body weight.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for maintenance in a locker room to be overlooked either due to staff being overloaded with work or that club members are constantly using the space. And without proper inspections, the seating surfaces can become damaged or distressed, the hardware and anchors for the benches can become loose or worn, and soon the bench is nothing more than a safety hazard to anyone using it. In some cases, the guest will report a damaged locker room bench to the management. But in others, the only way the staff discovers the safety hazard is by inspecting the locker room and its amenities.

The Concept Of Premises Liability

Premises liability is the section of the law that governs how properties should be maintained. The law outlines that all private and public properties should be kept safely and hazard-free. For example, as a homeowner, you need to maintain your sidewalk and yard in a safe condition and free of hidden hazards like holes in the ground or damaged sidewalks and steps. In the case of a locker room, the space should also be free of common safety hazards like damaged floors, broken or damaged electrical outlets, and loose or damaged bench seating.

When the owner of a property or property manager fails to maintain the property to the appropriate safety standard, they are said to be in breach of their duty of care. And when that occurs, they can also be found negligent and responsible for any injuries caused by the poorly maintained property. So if you are injured when you fall because the bench you were sitting on collapsed, it is essential to document the scene and speak to the expert lawyers at DTLA Law Group to determine if you have a case against the management of the facility where you were injured.

Common Injuries Sustained When A Bench Collapses

Sadly, you might think of a fall from a bench-style seat as unimportant. You might feel a little embarrassed, but you are sure you will not sustain any injuries. However, that is far from the reality of many falls from this height. And to compound the potential for harm, there could be jagged or dangerous pieces of the damaged bench that will create additional injuries other than those from your impact with the ground.

Some of the more common injuries suffered when a locker room bench collapses include:

  • Injuries to the bones, soft tissue, and nerves in the hands and arms as you try to lessen your impact with the floor or protect your head and face from injury
  • Dislocation of joints, especially the shoulders, and hips, from the fall
  • Severe lacerations or puncture wounds from the debris of the bench or the hardware anchoring the bench to the floor or wall
  • Back, neck, or spinal cord injuries from the impact or the sudden motion and twisting as the bench collapses and you try to break your fall
  • Head injuries from impact with the floor, walls, or other surfaces near the seating area that result in a concussion or traumatic brain injury
  • Eye, nose, or tooth damage from the impact
  • Severe bruising and skin damage
  • Life-altering or even life-threatening spinal cord damage

Even if you are in good health and think you were not seriously injured when you fell from the bench that collapsed, it is wise to seek a medical evaluation to ensure you suffered no injuries. The shock of a sudden fall could be masking the pain of an injury that will only become more intense as you relax. Your medical evaluation will ensure that you have a clean bill of health or are getting the fastest treatment for any injuries to provide the most rapid recovery from your injuries.

How Long Does A Locker Room Bench Collapse Lawsuit Take?

There is no way to determine how long it will take to complete any lawsuit. Many factors will influence the time frame, including the extent of your injuries, the actions of the defendant, and the court’s workload. So filing the claim as soon as possible is the best way to ensure that you have your settlement or verdict as rapidly as possible. In addition, it is crucial to understand that you have only two years from the date of the incident to file your case with the court system. Any claim filed after the Statute of Limitations expires will be declined.

California broken bench injury lawyer attorney lawsuit compensation incident sue accident
What Is The Value Of A Locker Room Bench Collapse Lawsuit?

Each lawsuit is unique and is based on the losses and expenses incurred by the victim. In most cases, there are several standard expenses that can be included, such as:

  • All your medical expenses related to the diagnoses and treatment of your injuries
  • Your legal fees for representation during the matter
  • Your lost wages if you were unable to work while recovering
  • Any lost wages for the time that you missed work to attend medical appointments
  • The value of any damaged personal property
  • A dollar amount to account for the pain and suffering you endured due to your injuries
Why Select DTLA Law Group To Handle Your Locker Room Bench Collapse Lawsuit?

The staff at DTLA Law Group is always focused on meeting the specific needs of each injury victim whose case we are handling. You will receive personal attention from our lawyers and legal support staff to ensure that you understand your rights, the potential benefits of your lawsuit, and how our team will manage the filing and litigating of your legal matter on your behalf. Our goal is always to relieve as much stress and worry from our clients so they can focus on their healing and reaching the fullest recovery possible.

No Upfront Legal Fees

When you work with DTLA Law Group, we pledge never to charge any fees until we have completed your case and secured the settlement or verdict you deserve. This process allows you to focus on your recovery and loved ones without the added stress of more expenses. In addition, we pledge to work for free if we do not win your case. So there is never a concern for you that you will owe legal fees out of pocket if we fail to win your case. This is the best way we can demonstrate our dedication to winning your case and ensuring that you get the compensation owed to you for the injuries and losses you suffered. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group if you have been the victim of a locker room bench collapse that resulted in injuries and losses.

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