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California Broken Bench Injury Lawyer

California broken bench lawyer incident liability sue lawsuit compensation accident

When you are in a public space such as a store or an office lobby and see a bench, you have the right as a guest of the property to expect the bench seat to be safe and functional. So when you take a seat only to discover that the bench was broken or damaged and suffer a nasty fall, you have the right to be upset. Not only could you be subjected to public ridicule and embarrassment, but you could also suffer a wide range of injuries. And all of this unpleasantness is typically caused by someone who was negligent in their duty of care and inspections of the property and its seating areas and furnishing.

If you have suffered injuries when sitting on a bench in a dressing room, waiting area, in an office lobby, or a store, be sure to get in touch with the legal team at DTLA Law Group immediately. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions and schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your situation and the potential to file a California broken bench injury lawsuit.

Who Is To Blame For Your Injury?

After suffering a humiliating fall when a bench seat breaks, you could be too ashamed to even think about who is to blame for this unfortunate event. But as you become sorer and less embarrassed, you decide that it is time to seek legal help to determine who is to blame for your injuries. Sadly, when bystanders point and laugh, the injury victim can feel responsible for the collapse of the bench they were sitting on. But in reality, the issue that caused your fall and injuries is more likely to be poor maintenance or care of the bench.

In these cases, the responsibility for your injuries and medical bills should fall to the store owners, the property managers, or the company responsible for furnishing the venue. And the legal experts at DTLA Law Group are here to listen to the details of your incident and help you determine who can be held responsible for the injuries you sustained. Once the negligent party is identified, you can pursue securing the settlement or verdict owed to you for the public humiliation and injuries you sustained.

California broken bench lawyer lawyer attorney lawsuit compensation incident accident sue
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Understanding Premises Liability

Premises liability is part of our legal system that outlines how all properties must be maintained. It might sound like a lot of common sense rules for keeping a property in a safe condition. However, it is genuinely a part of our legal system to ensure the safety of guests on any public or private property. So in the case of the bench that broke or collapsed when you sat on it, the owner or property manager had a duty of care to ensure the bench was in a safe and functional condition.

By failing to inspect the property regularly, ignoring the damage to the bench, or improperly trying to fix the damage, the property owner or manager could be found negligent in their duty of care. And once they are determined to be negligent, they will also be considered responsible for your injuries and any expenses you incur because of the injuries.

Common Injuries Sustained In A Bench Seat Collapse

You might think that the only damage you would endure falling from a damaged bench is a bruise to your ego. However, a fall from a small bench can result in severe injuries. Sadly, both the short fall and debris from the broken bench can result in significant injuries, including:

  • Broken or fractured bones, especially in the hands and arms, as you reach out to try and slow your fall and lessen the damage caused by your impact with the floor
  • Severe lacerations or puncture wounds when you land on broken pieces of the bench or are injured by exposed metal brackets that once supported the bench
  • Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries from the impact with the floor or a wall, as well as twisting injuries due to the sudden loss of stability of the bench
  • Head injuries from impact with the floor or walls can result in a concussion or traumatic brain injury
  • Bruises and skin abrasions
  • In the worst cases, damage to the spine can result in severe loss of mobility or paralysis

Even if you think the worst injury you suffered is an embarrassment, it is always wise to seek a medical evaluation after falling from a broken bench seat. The adrenaline and shock of the event could be masking injuries that require medical care and will not be easily noticed until you calm down and can relax. Your medical professionals will be able to detect these hidden injuries and begin treatment immediately to hopefully lessen their severity, your pain level, and the time needed to recover from your injuries fully.

What To Do After Suffering A Fall From A Broken Bench

Your first priority should always be getting the medical care you need for your injuries. If you are in immense pain or know that you have suffered injuries, call 911 or ask a witness to call for emergency help on your behalf. If you think you only suffered minor injuries or bumps and bruises, gather some vital information and evidence before leaving the scene of your fall.

First, get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident, even if they appear to see it as humorous. They could become a more favorable witness once they discover you were injured by the fall. Also, take pictures of the broken bench and the area around it to document the scene of your injuries. Try to get photos of any branding or name on the bench that could be helpful if you file a lawsuit. Finally, get images of any immediate injuries, cuts, swelling, or bruising visible soon after the fall.

Be sure to notify the manager of the store or property where you suffered the fall. Request their contact information and a copy of any incident report they complete as part of their company policy regarding onsite injury accidents. And finally, contact the lawyers at DTLA Law Group as quickly as possible to begin working on your case and gathering additional evidence.

What Is The Time Limit For Filing A Claim For A Broken Bench Injury?

In most cases, the time limit for you to file your claim with the court system is two years from the date of the incident. If you fail to file within this Statute of Limitations, you will have forfeited your right to make a claim for the injuries you sustained in the bench collapse incident. However, it is essential to understand that you do not need to wait that long to file your case. The staff at DTLA Law Group recommends seeking legal counsel as quickly as possible after an accident-related injury. This fast action on your part makes gathering information and evidence less challenging and can result in a quicker outcome for you.

California broken bench lawyer lawyer attorney lawsuit compensation incident accident sue liability
What Is The Potential Value Of A Broken Bench Lawsuit?

The value of the typical lawsuit is based on the expenses and losses suffered by the victim. For example, in your case of a bench collapsing when you sat on it, there could be many expenses you would include in your claim. Some of the most common items include:

  • All of your medical bills for treatment of your injuries sustained when the bench collapsed and you fell to the ground
  • Your legal fees for the lawsuit
  • Any lost wages if you were unable to work while your injuries healed and any wages lost for the time taken to attend medical treatment or appointments related to the care of your injuries
  • The value of any personal property that was damaged in your fall, for example, damaged electronic devices, a watch, or clothing
  • A dollar amount can also be calculated to represent the pain and suffering you endured due to your injuries
Why Choose DTLA Law Group To Handle Your Bench Collapse Matter

The staff at DTLA Law Group is dedicated to ensuring that justice is served for each of our personal injury clients. We understand the stress and worry you face when medical bills add up and you cannot work. In addition, we believe you should not suffer financial hardships because of the negligence or poor choices of someone else’s actions. So our team will work diligently to ensure that you receive the full and fair compensation due you for the injuries and losses you suffered.

Finally, we never want to add to your stress or financial worries with upfront legal fees. So we pledge never to get paid until our clients get paid. The process is as simple as it sounds. We take your case knowing that once you receive your settlement or verdict, we will get paid for a job well done. And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing. This is just one more way that DTLA Law Group always puts our client’s needs first. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today to discuss your injuries sustained when you fell due to a damaged or worn-out bench that collapsed.

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