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Failure To Provide Salt At Air BNB Causing Slip And Fall Injury Attorney

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As a resident of California, you are probably more familiar with sand and surf than snow and salt. This is why many residents plan their winter vacation to visit the state’s multiple areas that offer a snowy winter wonderland. Countless winter movies portray walking along a snow-covered street as the perfect way to take in all the beauty and fun of snow and winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. So what could be better than renting an Air BNB for a winter vacation in the snow?

Unfortunately, for those who have never lived in a climate that experiences snow, it can be a bit challenging to acclimate to the cold, driving conditions, and even the added chores necessary to safely walk in and out the front door of your Air BNB. But you will quickly discover snow’s drawbacks the first time facing snowy and ice-covered steps. Suddenly, the fun stops, and you search the patio, deck, or porch for salt to melt the snow and ice to allow for safe passage of the steps and sidewalks.

And when you find no salt or any notes in your welcome packet telling you where to locate salt to clear the pathways, you ponder what to do next. You can waste your entire vacation indoors or brave the snow-covered steps and head out to make your first snowball. Sadly, rushing outdoors will end poorly with a nasty slip and fall on icy steps.

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall injury at an Air BNB where the owners failed to provide salt, the slip and fall injury attorneys at DTLA Law Group are here to help you understand your rights and seek the compensation you deserve. Our team offers a free consultation to discuss the details of your slip and fall injury, the Air BNB you rented, and any crucial information included in the rental agreement you signed. Our goal is to ensure that you get the legal help you need to cover medical bills and other expenses due to your slip and fall injury due to failure to provide salt at an Air BNB.

How Premises Liability Applies To Your Slip And Fall Injury

The best way to think about premises liability is to envision it as guidelines or laws specifying that a property must be maintained in a safe condition. Property owners must fix or eliminate known safety hazards or warn guests of the potential risk until it can be eliminated. The laws also require property owners to act in a manner that would be prudent for the average person. There is no need to go beyond what the average person would do to create a safe environment. However, you must follow general safety measures.

So in an area that sees regular snowfall and ice, the average homeowner would purchase salt to combat the ice and snow accumulation on steps. It is typical behavior and should likely have been in a bucket, bag, or box outside your Air BNB rental door.

Failure To Provide Salt At Air BNB Causing Slip And Fall Injury Attorney sue lawsuit lawyer
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Read The Fine Print

The fine print in your rental agreement for the Air BNB could also answer your questions regarding the liability for your fall on the ice and snow. In some cases, an Air BNB owner will notate in the rental agreement that certain items are or are not provided with the Air BNB. For example, the owner could have specified that the renter agrees to provide their salt or snow shovel in the event of weather challenges. Or the agreement could state that there will be salt and a snow shovel supplied for the renters to use. Combing the rental agreement can clarify what to expect when you arrive at an Air BNB rental. It can also help you understand if the owner failed to meet some of the terms of your agreement and is definitely at fault for failure to provide salt.

But Don’t I Have Air BNB Insurance?

Many guests assume that their rental agreement covers them with an all-inclusive insurance policy for any issues or incidents during their stay. However, that is not the case. First, not all agreements include insurance. At some rentals, you must purchase the insurance as an extra. At the same time, it is essential to understand that no insurance policy is genuinely all-inclusive. For example, in the case of the Air BNB policy, there is no coverage for incidents considered to be an “Act of God.”

In the legal sense, an “Act of God” is anything that humans cannot control, such as weather events or conditions. So in the case of ice and snow at your Air BNB rental, the policy will not cover your slip and fall. However, there are many other potential solutions to your medical bills and losses due to a fall at an Air BNB. The team at DTLA Law Group is here to help you determine who is responsible for your injuries and how to seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries, suffering, and other losses.

Please Seek Medical Attention

Any fall can result in severe injuries, including some that might not be visible or even cause you a great deal of pain. In addition, internal injuries and internal bleeding can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. So any time you fall, you must seek medical care and a complete examination. If you do have injuries, that fast treatment is sure to help reduce your recovery time. And the professional documentation of your injuries will be beneficial if you move forward with a lawsuit.

Other Important Steps To Take

After seeking medical care for your injuries, you might be ready to pack up and go home. However, it is crucial to gather some vital information before you leave.

  • Take pictures of the area where you fell, and be sure to have clear images of the ice and snow
  • Photograph the area around the doors and entryways to the property to show that there is no salt or other ice-melting products you could have used to make the pathways safer
  • Take pictures of your injuries and keep updating them as new bruising or swelling appears
  • Ask any witnesses of your fall to provide a written statement of the event

All of this information will be helpful when you speak to the slip and fall injury attorneys at DTLA Law Firm. In addition, the images of the area covered in snow or ice will be vital as your litigation might not begin until the snow is gone, and conditions at the Air BNB property look very different from the day of your fall.

What Is A Slip And Fall Injury Lawsuit Worth?

There is no reliable way to estimate the value of a slip and fall injury lawsuit. However, your expert slip and fall injury attorney at DTLA Law Group will help you understand all the factors that will help determine the value of your specific case. Some of the expenses that will make up your settlement amount include:

  • Current and future medical bills for treatment, surgeries, therapy, rehabilitation, prescription medication, and medical devices needed for your care
  • Any property damage that could include breaking a phone or other device when you fell
  • Your lost income while you were recovering and any work missed for ongoing medical appointments and therapy
  • Your pain and suffering, including physical pain, emotional trauma, anxiety, and depression
  • Reimbursement for costs related to travel and the Air BNB rental
  • Your legal fees for the lawsuit and professional representation
Failure To Provide Salt At Air BNB Causing Slip And Fall Injury Attorney sue lawsuit lawyer liability
When Can I Expect My Settlement?

The team at DTLA Law Group will work relentlessly to ensure your case moves as rapidly as possible. We understand that you need the settlement money to pay living expenses and medical care bills. However, we cannot predict the time it will require to secure your settlement.

In addition, you need to know that you have two years from the date of the injury to file a legal compensation claim. If you wait longer than the two-year window allotted by the Statute of Limitations, you will forfeit your right to take legal action.

No Upfront Legal Fees, Ever

The team at DTLA Law Group sympathizes with your situation after suffering a slip and fall injury at an Air BNB. We also know that you will need an expert legal team to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve. We are proud to offer our services with no upfront fees to add to your stress level and financial challenges. We only get paid after successfully securing the money you need to get back on your feet.

In addition, if you have been turned away by another law firm, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We are happy to offer a free second opinion consultation to review the facts of your Air BNB slip and fall injury and provide our advice on the legal merit of your case. And again, we don’t get paid unless we get you paid first.

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