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Mammoth AirBNB Fall Attorney

Opening as a small startup in 2007, no one could have imagined the success that Air BNB would experience in the coming decades. The business operates in over 190 countries and 81,000 cities, including Mammoth. Guest flock to the area to enjoy some of the best snowboarding and skiing in California with added comfort and space afforded by an Air BNB rather than a resort. Nothing is better than relaxing on a private patio, deck, or other outdoor living space after a day of excitement on the slopes or exploring Mammoth.

But all of your fun can be ruined in a fraction of a second when you suffer a fall at a Mammoth Air BNB. Sadly, you never imagined that you could suffer such a severe injury just walking out through the yard or down the steps at your Mammoth Air BNB. And you might never have imagined the pain and costly medical bills that followed. Fortunately. The expert Mammoth Air BNB fall attorneys at DTLA Law Group are here to help you understand your rights and how to move forward to seek the compensation you deserve for a fall injury at a Mammoth Air BNB.

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Common Causes Of Fall Injuries

Renting a Mammoth Air BNB differs from staying in a resort or large commercial property. While most guests look at an Air BNB as a way to enjoy more privacy and outdoor spaces, they forget that there are potentially added hazards at a property that does not employ a full-time maintenance and grounds crew. So there could be many added possibilities for a slip and fall or trip and fall injury at your Mammoth Air BNB property. Some of the most common reasons for a fall at an Air BNB include:

  • Damaged outdoor steps, walkways, or paved surfaces
  • Broken or decaying handrails on steps, patios, or other elevated outdoor entertainment areas
  • Concealed or hidden rocks or holes on the grounds of the property
  • Loose soil or gravel in an incline, such as a walking path or driveway
  • Poorly maintained decks, patios, or steps that could be moss covered and slippery, eroded, or rotting

These are just a few concerns that many Air BNB guests never consider until they or a loved one have suffered a nasty fall at their Mammoth Air BNB. Sadly, thoughts of safety only arise after the damage is done. However, it is essential for Air BNB renters to understand they have rights under the law and could, in many cases, sue for the cost of their medical care and other losses due to a fall at a Mammoth Air BNB.

Common Injuries Associated With A Fall

Most tourists headed to Mammoth only think about the fantastic activities and panoramic views the area offers. However, some severe hazards are also to consider with wet or snowy sidewalks, steps, and other outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, there are rarely any little tumbles that leave a bruise on your ego as well as your body. In this environment, the falls end in more severe injuries such as:

  • Broken bones with the hips, arms, legs, and collarbone being some of the most painful and common
  • Severe sprains and damage to joints, including wrists, knees, and ankles
  • Torn or damaged muscles
  • Lacerations
  • A variety of head injuries, including concussions, traumatic brain injuries, skull injuries
  • Facial injuries such as a broken nose, damage to teeth, and impact-related eye injuries

When you suffer a fall at a Mammoth Air BNB, it is essential that you seek emergency medical care immediately. There is no way to determine the severity of your injuries without a comprehensive medical examination. In many cases, you could be in shock and not fully understand the seriousness of your injuries until much later. Delaying a medical exam could result in permanent damage or injuries requiring much longer recovery. In addition, having documentation of your injuries immediately after the fall could be very helpful if you decide to file a lawsuit against the owners of the Air BNB.

Is There Insurance That Will Cover My Medical Bills?

Some aspects of an Air BNB fall injury are covered under the Air BNB insurance policy that is part of your rental agreement. There is also a Host Protection Insurance Program that provides up to one million dollars in liability coverage. However, the policies that your Air BNB owner might have and the scope for your specific injuries can be very complicated to sort out and fully understand. The expert Mammoth Air BNB fall attorneys at DTLA Law Group are here to help you understand the coverage that could apply to you and how to seek additional compensation through a lawsuit if need be. We offer fall injury victims a free consultation to discuss the details of their injuries and the Air BNB to determine if a lawsuit is the best way to ensure your financial future and avoid going into debt because of someone else’s mistakes at their Mammoth Air BNB property.

Protecting Yourself After A Mammoth Air BNB Fall

After your fall and seeking medical care for any injuries, you are sure to be wondering and possibly worrying about what to do next. Unfortunately, rarely does a fall injury victim understand their rights or know how to move forward in the most legally savvy manner. Fortunately, the team at DTLA Law Group has all the knowledge and resources you need to protect your rights. We advise our clients to:

  • Take pictures of the area where they fell – be sure that the hazard that caused the fall is evident in the images
  • Document all of your injuries with photos and keep a copy of the medical records detailing the injuries
  • Be sure to report the fall and your injuries to the owner of the Air BNB or the property manager that you have dealt with during your booking and stay
  • Secure contact information for any witnesses who are not in your immediate travel party, such as neighbors or others who saw the incident
  • Contact DLTA Law Group to schedule a free consultation with a Mammoth Air BNB fall attorney to review your situation
Understanding Property Liability

As a property owner in California, you are responsible for keeping your property in a safe condition for guests. If there are safety hazards that the property owner knows about or should have known about, they can be held financially liable if the issues cause an injury to a guest. The least the owner should do upon discovering a safety hazard on their property is provide a safety warning for guests or visitors. Some examples of this in the case of a fall hazard might include:

  • A warning to keep away from a section of the yard with a sinkhole or settling trench that is a fall hazard
  • Blocking the use of steps that need repair or have a damaged safety handrail
  • Stating the safety warnings in writing, such as in the rental agreement or welcome documents for the property
The Statute Of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations on a fall injury is two years in California. So you will need to file your claim within two years of your Mammoth Air BNB fall injury to seek any compensation via a lawsuit. The experts at DTLA Law Group will help you determine the process for filing and ensure that your documents are filed within the appropriate time frame. Please get in touch with our office at your earliest convenience to review the facts of your claim and determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

How Long Does It Take To Settle An Air BNB Fall Case?

There is no set time frame for any case to move through the legal system. However, the pros at DTLA Law Group will do everything in our power to move your case forward as rapidly as possible. We understand that you want to put this unpleasant experience behind you and return to your everyday life. And in many cases, the settlement money to receive is vital in paying medical bills and living expenses while you recover.

The Value Of An Air BNB Fall Case

The value of your settlement will be based on your specific medical bills and other losses, such as lost wages and other expenses incurred as a result of your injury. Your DTLA Law Group team will work with you to calculate all the losses and costs that should be included in your settlement request.

We Work For Free Until We Win

At DTLA, we believe in offering expert legal services without the stress of upfront payments. So our clients never owe us any money unless with secure a settlement or verdict in their favor. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. In addition, we offer free second opinion consultations if you have been turned away by another law firm in pursuit of a settlement. So contact our office today to schedule your free consultation and begin to move past the complexities of your Mammoth Air BNB fall injury.

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