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Big Bear Lakes Air BNB Fall Attorney

Big Bear Lakes is a year-round tourist mecca for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. The Village, Alpine Slide, and Big Bear Alpine Zoo ensure that everyone will have a great adventure. And when you book a Big Bear Lakes Air BNB, you know there will be plenty of space to spread out, relax, and enjoy a more private setting for relaxing outdoors and gathering to enjoy family-style meals. However, you might not be considering some increased safety hazards that you might face in your Big Bear Lakes Air BNB.

Without a maintenance staff onsite and management at the property, items could have fallen into disrepair, damaged, or begun to deteriorate. And those issues could increase the chances of someone in your party suffering a fall and severe injuries. In addition, with four seasons of fun in the Big Bear Lakes region, it can be challenging for Air BNB owners to visit the property regularly, schedule repairs, and ensure that every outdoor living and access feature is in perfect working order.

Fortunately, the Big Bear Lakes Air BNB fall attorneys at DTLA Law Group are here to help you understand your insurance coverage and compensation options. Some could include the ensuing medical bills and how you can recover full compensation for your pain, suffering, lost wages, and other expenses related to a Big Bear Lakes Air BNB fall injury. Please get in touch with our office 24/7 to schedule your free consultation with an expert in Big Bear Lakes Air BNB fall injury lawsuits to discuss the details of your incident.

What Causes Many Big Bear Lakes Air BNB Falls?

While there are many exceptional properties in the Big Bear Lakes area, most guests select this location for unforgettable outdoor activities and beauty. So it only makes sense to find an Air BNB with fantastic outdoor amenities. You daydream about the magnificent sunrises and sunsets you will soak in sitting on the deck, patio, or balcony of your Big Bear Lakes Air BNB during your stay. But you are not contemplating all the safety hazards that come with expansive outdoor living space.

Sadly, some of the most common Big Bear Lakes Air BNB fall injuries occur outside the home you are renting. The typical culprits for a fall can include:

  • Any steps, sidewalks, or driveways that are in disrepair or damaged
  • Broken or worn-out handrails at steps and entryways
  • Loose soil or gravel that does not provide solid footing
  • Concealed holes in the ground or rocks protruding in the grass or plant bed areas
  • Low areas that have settled and collect water creating slippery surfaces
  • Patios, decks, or balcony living space that is covered in moss and slippery
  • Pathways or outdoor living spaces with poor lighting

None of these issues might appear severe enough to stop you from renting an Air BNB. However, you might rethink your choice after you, or a loved one has fallen and suffered a severe injury at a Big Bear Lakes Air BNB. The expert attorneys at DTLA Law Group are here 24/7 to offer a free consultation to discuss your injuries and the conditions at the Air BNB to help you decide if moving forward with a lawsuit is the best choice for you.

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Some Of The Potentially Severe Injuries From Air BNB Falls

Sadly, when you think of a fall at a vacation property, you might imagine a twisted ankle from a misstep on the stairs or stumbling over an unexpected leg on the sofa. However, it is crucial to understand that many of the outdoor falls occurring at Big Bear Lakes Air BNBs result in significant injuries such as:

  • A broken hip, arm, leg, or collarbone
  • Severe sprains or damage to joints, including knees, ankles, wrists, and fingers
  • Serious lacerations requiring stitches and, in some cases, plastic surgery or reconstruction
  • Head injuries such as a concussion, skill injury, or traumatic brain injury
  • Facial injuries involving the nose, eyes, and teeth or severe skin damage

As with any injury, seeking emergency medical care should always be the priority. Never assume that the injury is not serious and will be better after a good night’s sleep. Many injuries can be masked by shock and could become life-threatening if not treated immediately. In addition, the records from your medical examination after the fall could be beneficial if you decide to file a lawsuit against the owner of the Big Bear Lakes Air BNB to recover damages.

Doesn’t My Big Bear Lakes Air BNB Reservation Include Insurance?

There is no guarantee that your Air BNB reservation includes insurance. Renters have the option to include host liability insurance in their rental agreement. But the team at DTLA Law Group will review your rental agreement to answer that specific question for you. If you did select the insurance, the policy is up to one million dollars in coverage for guest injuries or theft. But it is essential to understand that there is a limit on the insurance that can be claimed at a given property. So there could be a few more details to check out before knowing the potential value of the policy you purchased.

Important Steps To Take After A Big Bear Lakes Air BNB Fall

Documenting every aspect of your fall and injuries is vital if you file a lawsuit. It is important to remember that it could be months before your case is filed, and the hazardous conditions might no longer exist. So to protect your rights, it is vital for you or a loved one to:

  • Get a variety of pictures of the area where you fell and the hazard that caused the fall. Be sure to get close-up images to show detail and wider-angle pictures to show the layout of the space and why you were traversing that particular area.
  • Document all of your injuries from the fall, even if you believe they are minor. And be sure to take pictures of any additional bruising or swelling in the days following your fall.
  • Contact the property owner or manager you have been working with during your booking or stay to notify them of the fall and that you were injured.
  • Ask any witnesses of your fall to write a witness statement and provide their contact information for future reference.
  • Contact the Big Bear Lakes Air BNB fall attorneys at DTLA Law Group to learn more about your rights and to discuss the details of your injuries and the condition of the Air BNB.

Our team is here to help you sort out this complex situation to ensure that you and your rights are protected.

What You Need To Know About Property Liability

Air BNB owners and every property owner are responsible for keeping their property in a safe and hazard-free condition. If you or a loved one were injured in a fall because of an issue that the Air BNB owner knew about or should have known about, you could have grounds for a lawsuit. The experts at DTLA Law Group can help you understand if your injuries fall under property liability and if the owner is financially responsible for your losses.

How Long Will An Air BNB Lawsuit Take To Settle?

There is no way to estimate the time required for your lawsuit to move through the court system. Many factors will influence the time, including the severity of your injuries, the workload of the court system, and the willingness of the Air BNB owner to assume responsibility for the fall and your injuries. However, the DTLA Law Group team will work diligently to keep the case moving forward.

We know that even though fall injury cases have a Statute of Limitation of two years, you would prefer to wrap the case up as quickly as possible to move on with your life. Therefore, our team will do all we can to secure your settlement as quickly as possible so that you can pay your medical bills and eliminate the added financial stress from your injuries.

The Value Of An Air BNB Fall Lawsuit

Each lawsuit settlement is based on several specific pieces of information, including:

  • Your medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Legal fees

Your DTLA attorney will help you gather the information needed to request full compensation for your losses due to your fall at a Big Bear Lakes Air BNB.

No Upfront Fees

The staff at DTLA Law Group recognizes the added stress you are facing. Recovering from fall injuries can be lengthy and painful. Therefore, we pledge no upfront fees for our expert legal services to allow you to focus on healing. Instead, we only get paid after we secure a settlement for you. And if we don’t win your case, you owe us nothing. We are here to help, not add to your worries and financial challenges with legal bills. In addition, we offer a free second opinion consultation if another law firm has refused to take your case for a Big Bear Lakes Air BNB fall injury claim.

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