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Nerve Damage Workers Compensation Lawsuit

Nerve Damage Workers Compensation Lawsuit Nerve injury due to trauma sustained at works is more common than previously believed. Every year tens of thousands of employees suffer some sort of nerve damage; often resulting in long term of permanent disability. Victims of severe injury due to workplace activities or accidents are entitled to compensation by way of workers compensation benefit claims.

Filing a Workers Compensation Lawsuit for Nerve Damage

Under California Workplace Compensation Laws employees injured on the job are entitled to compensation for medical treatment, temporary or permanent disability payments corresponding to the severity and length of injury, as well as SSD an SSDI benefits. What Our Law Firm Stands For: The goal of our attorneys is to provide the legal representation required to achieve the workers compensation settlement necessary to provide for the justice deserved. Maximizing the probability of success is our job; healing form your wounds is yours. Let’s work together to make sure justice is delivered. Common Types of Nerve Injury: Severe types of nerve damage can result in permanent disability requiring extended medical, rehabilitation and disabled care. Requirements for the life and well being of the injured can cost upwards of millions of dollars. Some of the most common types of nerve injury include
  • Full or partial paralysis of the limbs
  • Back nerve damage including sciatica, Lumbar, and Herniated Disc
  • Nerve injuries to the hands resulting from overuse including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and pinched nerve
  • Radial Nerve Compression
  • Shoulder Nerve Damage – rotator cuff injury
  • Facial nerve damage – bells palsy
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome and other central nervous system injuries
Symptoms of  Nerve Damage: Warning signs of nerve injury employees should be aware of include, burning and tingling of the limbs, numbness, atrophy of the muscle tissue, constipation or incontinence, and loss of sexual functions. Common Causes of Nerve Damage: Nerve damage due to trauma, workplace environment, or repetitive work can take place in numerous and varied workplace environments and occupations from office and managerial work resulting in carpel tunnel syndrome to herniated discs caused by the lifting of heavy objects. Some of the m
  • Electrocutions
  • Falls from High Places
  • Broken Bones
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Auto Accident Resulting in nerve Damage
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Construction Related Accidents
  •   Over-extensionand lifting of heavy objects
Legal Assistance: Our law firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of the injured. Our goal in every case is to see to it that the level of compensation awarded can provide the financial help and justice deserved by victims of negligent or intentional behavior. To schedule a free no cost and confidential legal consultation regarding your claim contact our law firm toll free (855)385-2529.


I was working ontop of an industrial freezer. While doing so in an area with a maximum height of 3′ im 6’so i worked nearly 8hours on my hands and knees. I’m a 46 year old pipefitter with prior lower back problems. Prior to this accident i was released to full duty i worked from june until September 26th the date of the accident my employer is now paying for my medical attention. My problem with this is i’m still currently feeling heavy sciatica problems down my lower back and left side down to the bottom of my feet. I didn’t want to consider hiring an attorney, but lately my employer has been trying to find false reasons to get rid of me. I just wanna feel like i did when i started my employment there i feel shortly mu employers gonna fire me. Please whats your advice if any.

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