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Miscarriage Workplace Accident Lawsuit – Workers Compensation Claim

Miscarriage Workplace Accident Lawsuit – Workers Compensation Claim Every year thousands of pregnant women in the United States are involved in accidents in the workplace. Tragically, in many instances such accidents not only result in injuries to the mother but can lead to fetal miscarriage.  Victims of workplace injury including loss of pregnancy may be entitled to financial recovery via the filing of a worker’s compensation claim or a single party personal injury lawsuit. Legal Help: Our law firm is dedicated to providing expert legal assistance to individuals who have suffered serious injuries including a loss of pregnancy due to an accident in the workplace, exposure to toxic chemicals, acts of violence in intentional harm in the workplace. Common Causes of Pregnancy Loss – Fetal Death in the Workplace: There can be many causes of a miscarriage which arise from a workplace environment. Some of the most common are as follows…
  • Acute or chronic exposure to harmful chemicals including benzene exposure in the workplace, carbon monoxide, mercury, toxic mold, and hepatitis.
  • Slip and fall accidents resulting in loss of fetus.
  • Auto accidents including commercial vehicle crashes.
  • Acts of violence in the workplace.
  • Tripping over loose wiring and broken carpeting in the workplace.
  • Fetal injury resulting in birth defects – resulting in a wrongful life cause of action.

Workers Compensation Benefits Available for Injured Employees:

Victims of serious injuries due to accidents in the workplace are entitled to the following benefits under a worker’s compensation system.
  • Full compensation for medical care.
  • Temporary disability benefits.
  • Permanent disability benefits – the amount of benefits here will be determined by certain factors including doctors medical reports, age of the injured individual, and your occupation.
  • Job replacement costs.
  • Death Benefits.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit – Compensation Available in Single Party Civil Lawsuits:

In some instances victims of injury in the workplace may have a right to file a personal injury lawsuit outside of the scope of their states workers compensation benefit system. In those instance compensation will be bases on several significant factors including
  • The level and severity of the physical harm suffered.
  • Past and future medical costs and rehabilitations expenses.
  • Pain and suffering compensation including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress).
  • Lost wages and loss of future earning capacity due to a long term or permanent disability.
Attorney Representation: If you have any further legal questions and would like to speak with an attorney contact our law offices toll free at (855)385-2529. All legal consultations are provided free of charge and confidential.


I was working as a c.n.a in a El cajon rehabilitation center. We were under staffed and due to the work load and not getting approved time off for body pains I’m now suffering a miscarriage.


I am working as an assistant manager at a retail store i notified my manager That i was expecting a baby and due to short staff and heavy lifting while left alone my whole shift i suffered a loss i miscarried my baby..


I was working at Chicago O’Hare Airport terminal I found out a week ahead of time that I was pregnant all this happened a week after I found out I was pregnant. they did not call me an ambulance or file an incident report it took me two hours to get homeand they wanted me to stay two hours after I told him I wasn’t waiting heaven


I’m a new hire a few days in as a new employee in train I was having a few complications with my pregnancy I was hired as a cashier then have not completed the five day training
process the employer change me from the cashier to bakery with out my approval and not only that graveyard then while working there lifting heavy equipment and not getting the proper rest had what’s called a miscarriage. As a women expecting that was nerve wrecking and depressing as a young mother and the experience with my previous pregnancy I know what caused my lost and privilege to be a mother to a wonderful blessing of God it has been very depressing I have been affected very much. Furthermore, the miscarriage wasn’t fully ejected or discharged from my body and had to follow up with my primary doctor not in fact having one and due to the emotional state I was in the depression wasn’t or haven’t been able to follow threw. As well as due to the fact that I do not want to be terminated from employment still today haven’t been able to do so. Last Friday while on my break I started getting severe pain on my lower stomach something like contractions so not being able to find a manager on duty decided to walk to the clinic in which is located right behind the building in which I work and did on fact contacted the store manager he didn’t let me explain myself and inform me to contact the bakery manager so I did I called twice didn’t get a respond and I had spoke to him 4 minutes prior to that to inform him I was taking my first break to confirm it . So then I sent him two text messages to have as verification that I did in fact tried contacting. Due to the severe pain didn’t at that point follow threw with a managers response then had the two following days off today Sunday the 15th of January I wasn’t on the schedule for the upcoming week I worked my shift was being bullied by Co workers making comments that in fact made myfeelings. Then one of the supervisors in charge approched me about clocking in early when my schedule said 8am (I had clicked in at 745am) her supervisor had gave me approval to clock in then had me sign a paper didn’t explain what it was just said don’t ever clock in early again . That had my name the time I clocked in and the time I was schedule and my signature at the end of my shift I was told to go speak to the manager assistant and she provided me a 3 day suspension for the acts that I had done when I in fact have no fault and feel that that was uncalled for so cab you please help me


For the last two months of my employment with circle k corporate, i was managing teo store with no assistant to help and market manager not getting other manager to help run the extra store. I began to have piercing migraines and in early march i learned i was expecting. My market manager bacame aware of my pregnancy because of my complaints to other managers in regards to my headaches and stress, one manager suggested to get my doctor to put me on light duty because i was pregnant and i shouldn’t be stressing over work. I contemplated her suggestion for my first obg appointment on 3/28/17.
My headaches continued and on 3/23 there was a meeting that i had to attend but i couldn’t leav the store unattended and i still had to go to the other store, therefore i was running late. I received a text from my manager rushing me to the meeting and if i didnt make it that i would have to go to Indio to get credit for “this meeting” which was a turnover meeting thats held every year by HR. I just replied back and told him that i guess i would endup going to Indio because i was having a huge migraine and i was going to go to the clinic because it might be my blood pressure. I was already upset at this point and cried onmy way to the clinic because it was too much pressure and while my boss being aware and was still making me work a two persons role and would not move a finger to alliviate my stress. On 3/28 i went in for my first appointment an US was performed, unsatisfied my doctor referred me to the hospital on march 29 which was when i learned i had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks 4 days. I took the day off on the 3/30 my boss offered for me to take time off i said no whats the use now, and on 3/31 i went to work finished all my reports at both stores. I debated wether or not to resign or stay i was so angry with myself with the company with my boss, so later on that day i decided i wanted to risign i couldn’t work for a company that cared so little for their employees let alone their managers.

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