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Cold Stone Creamery Slip And Fall Lawyer

Cold Stone Creamery Slip And Fall Lawyer liability incident accident lawsuit

When you are ready to enjoy some smooth and creamy ice cream, Cold Stone Creamery has dozens of tasty flavors you will surely enjoy. First, choose a bowl or waffle cone then the fun begins as you select from all the candy toppings you can add to your cool and refreshing treat. The choices include gummy bears, peanut butter candies, chocolate sprinkles, and many kinds of fruit and chocolate or caramel toppings.

But while you are waiting your turn in the often crowded storefront of a Cold Stone Creamery, take a few moments to look around and spot the many safety hazards that could make you the next Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall injury victim. Unfortunately, these ice cream shops are among the most common places where consumers suffer nasty slip and fall accidents and severe injuries.

The California Cold Stone Creamery stores are located at:

  • 6493 N Riverside Dr, Ste 102 Fresno, CA 93722
  • 5076 N Palm Ave, Fresno, CA 93704
  • 7971 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93720
  • 1845 Herndon Ave, Ste A Clovis, CA 93611
  • 1449 E F St, Ste 101H Oakdale, CA 95361
  • 431 W Main St, Merced, CA 95340
  • 1653 N Schnoor, STE #101 Madera, CA 93637

If you or a loved one has recently suffered a slip and fall injury accident in any of these Cold Stone Creamery locations, the expert team at DTLA Law Group is ready to assist you. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure you have easy access to the solutions you need when facing significant medical bills, lost wages, and other challenges due to a Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall injury.

Please contact our office today to begin to determine who is to blame for injuries and how our Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall lawyers can assist you in seeking any compensation owed to you for the injuries and losses you suffered. In addition, we offer a free consultation to help you better understand your rights as a personal injury victim and how to protect your financial future.

Cold Stone Creamery Slip And Fall lawyer sue compensation liability
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The Slip And Fall Hazards You Could Encounter In A Cold Stone Creamery

When you head to Cold Stone Creamery for a dish of ice cream, the last thing you might expect is to end your day with a visit to the emergency room. However, that is not as uncommon as you might think. Ice cream stores are famous for great treats and countless slip and fall injury accidents. Sure, some of the issues are due to the excited children and sometimes adults spilling ice cream and toppings on the floor. But the responsibility of cleaning up those and other slip and fall hazards always falls on the staff and owners of the store.

Some of the most common and very preventable causes of Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall injury accidents include:

  • Ice cream that has fallen to the floor and melted into a slippery mess
  • Milkshakes and drinks that are spilled
  • Ice that is dropped on the floor and ignored becomes a slippery and hard to see slip and fall hazard
  • Ice cream toppings from candy to fruit that has been dropped on the floor but not picked up or mopped up
  • Straw wrappers, napkins, and other paper debris that are dropped and remain on the floor increasing the slip and fall hazard for patrons
  • Damaged, folded, or saturated floor mats that increase the slip and fall and trip and fall hazards in Cold Stone Creamery stores
  • Water leaks that dampen the floor
  • Floors that were recently mopped but are not displaying the customary and essential caution sign to alert guests of the added slip and fall potential

What makes these Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall injury accidents even more upsetting is that most, if not all, of them, could have been prevented if the Cold Stone Creamery staff would spend a little time on housekeeping and emergency cleanup processes. In addition, spills and dropped food and treats need to be immediately addressed to ensure that the next customer walking into a Cold Stone Creamery store does not suffer a painful and possibly life-altering slip and fall injury.

Did A Lack Of Duty Of Care Cause Your Slip And Fall?

Duty of care is a legalese phrase that refers to the care that a business or property owner must provide to maintain the space in a safe condition. The basic duty of care is explained as the actions that the average prudent person would take. So when you think about food or drinks spilled on the floor, the average person would immediately clean up the slip and fall hazard. However, if the staff at Cold Stone Creamery does not follow these basic steps, they could be held responsible for any injuries caused by their lack of duty of care.

When you meet with your Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall lawyer to discuss the details of your injuries accident, they will help you better understand how a lack of duty of care by Cold Stone Creamery could mean that you have grounds for a Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall injury lawsuit.

How Much Would My Cold Stone Creamery Slip And Fall Injury Lawsuit Be Worth?

The short answer to the value of any lawsuit is that there is no fast way to determine its dollar amount. Instead, your legal team at DTLA Law Group will assist you in compiling all the information needed to calculate the value of your Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall injury lawsuit. The expenses and losses you incur due to your injuries are all included in the claim. Some of the more typical costs are:

  • Medical expenses related to the treatment of your slip and fall injuries
  • The legal fees for your lawsuit
  • Any lost wages if the injuries prevented you from working
  • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the slip and fall incident
  • Pain and suffering will be included based on the severity of your injuries and the time needed to reach a complete recovery

Your Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall lawyer at DTLA Law Group has years of experience in assisting clients in gathering vital information to justify the most robust settlement or verdict possible for their injuries and losses. Additionally, we strive to ensure you will receive the funds you need to pay all your expenses and bills related to your injuries and move forward with financial stability.

Cold Stone Creamery Slip And Fall Lawyer liability sue compensation incident attorney
Injuries That Commonly Occur During A Cold Stone Creamery Slip And Fall Incident

The hard floors, furniture with sharp corners and edges, and the crowded storefront in many Cold Stone Creamery locations all contribute to the severity of many slip and fall injuries sustained in these stores. Sadly, patrons come in for ice cream or a milkshake and leave with:

  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Dislocated joints
  • Facial trauma to the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, or skin
  • Severe lacerations or puncture wounds often result in internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Damage to the neck, back, or spinal cord
  • Soft tissue and nerve damage that can be permanent
  • Head injuries ranging from a concussion or skull fracture to a brain hemorrhage or other traumatic brain injury

Sadly, the injury victim is not the only one to suffer after many Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall injury incidents. The victim’s loved ones often face added stress and challenges in providing care for the victim, financial assistance, and emotional support. Family members can also experience the same depression and sadness that impacts the injury victim as they face decreased quality of life, excessive financial hardships, and other challenges created by their Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall injuries.

Filing A Cold Stone Creamery Slip And Fall Injury Lawsuit

In California, most personal injury victims have two years from the date of their injuries to file a claim with the court system. If the documents are not filed in that time, the victim will often forfeit their right to seek compensation for injuries and losses due to that event. However, you can file the claim as soon as you and your Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall lawyer feel the case is ready to present to the court.

The benefit of filing more rapidly is the potential to receive your settlement or verdict as quickly as possible. Many personal injury victims need that money to help them pay their living expenses and other bills that piled up while they were unable to work. The team at DTLA Law Group will work diligently to ensure that we move your case forward as quickly as the legal system permits when you need compensation.

When You Need The Best Cold Stone Creamery Slip And Fall Lawyer

The staff at DTLA Law Group stands behind our no fee guarantee to ensure that all Cold Stone Creamery slip and fall injury victims get the legal expertise and services they need. We never get paid until you have the settlement or verdict required to pay our fees and your other expenses. And if we fail to get you the compensation you need, you owe us nothing.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to learn more about our zero fee guarantee and how we will work tirelessly to protect you and your rights.

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