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Gree Dehumidifiers Recall Due to Fire Hazard – May be Linked to 4 Deaths

There is a continued risk of fire from various dehumidifiers made by Gree Electric Appliances, of China according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. If you have a Gree dehumidifier in your home, workplace, etc., the CPSC is asking that you immediately check the unit to see if it’s part of the recalls that were issued on September 2013 (updated on October 2013 and January 2014) and re-announced in May 2014 and November 2016.

In addition, another recall was recently announced on August 16, 2023 for additional models of Gree humidifiers that were not included in the previous set of recalls. We will include more information on those models in a later section of this article.

Why is there a Recall of Gree Dehumidifiers?

In November 2016, the CPSC announced that there was a tendency for these dehumidifiers to overheat and smoke or catch fire. This is a potentially fatal hazard, and indeed, there have been 4 deaths that are potentially linked to house fires that were caused by Gree dehumidifiers. The first death occurred in Ohio in 2016, followed by 3 more deaths in 2022.

In addition, there have been 2,000 incidents of overheating with these products, along with 450 house fires. The total damage to property from these incidents totals more than $19 million.

A fire is a devastating event in anyone’s life, and it’s been proven that mechanical or design issues are causing these units to catch on fire. As someone that was injured, lost a loved one, or sustained property damage from a defective dehumidifier, it’s essential to learn about your rights from an experienced attorney. The recall lawyers of DTLA Law Group are ready to answer your questions and help you take action against the manufacturer. Please schedule a free consultation by contacting our law firm.

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Which Models are a Part of this Recall?

The warning by the CPSC refers to numerous models of dehumidifiers that were sold under brand names such as De’Longhi, Fedders, Frigidaire, GE, Gree, Kenmore, Premiere, Seabreeze and SoleusAir. They were available at a variety of online and brick-and-mortar retailers, including Home Depot, Lowes, Kmart, Menards, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Amazon, and eBay. The units measure around 19-24 inches in length, 13-15 inches in width, and 9-11 inches in depth.

For a complete list of all models that are included in the CPSC’s warning, please click here. The brand name is printed on the front of the dehumidifier, and the model no. and date code are located on a sticker on the front, back, or side of the unit.

Recall of Gree Dehumidifiers Issued on August 16, 2023

As stated in the introduction to this article, additional models of Gree dehumidifiers were recalled due to the potential for fire and burn injuries. Like the units in the previous recalls, these units have a tendency to overheat, thereby burning the user or causing a fire. The recall is for around 1.56 million units of dehumidifiers that were sold between January 2011 and February 2014. Approximately 42 models are being recalled, which were sold under the following brand names: GE, Kenmore, Norpole, SoleusAir, Seabreeze.

Click here to view the complete list of model numbers and pint capacity for Gree dehumidifiers that were recalled as of August 16, 2023.

What are my Rights if I was Harmed by a Recalled Gree Dehumidifier?

If you own a recalled Gree dehumidifier, please turn it off and unplug it from the wall. The manufacturer is offering a refund to all customers, which you can receive by calling (866) 853-2802 between 8 AM to 6 PM ET from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, go to and click on “Recall” to request a refund online. You can also report dangerous incidents involving this product to the Consumer Product Safety Commission at

A refund is fine and well when there are no injuries or damage to your property. But what if you were burned from a defective dehumidifier that was manufactured by Gree Electric Appliances? Can you sue the manufacturer for monetary damages, like medical costs, wages lost from your job, pain and suffering, and damage to your property?

Take these Steps if You were Injured by a Gree Dehumifier

Based on the circumstances of your accident, you may have grounds to sue Gree Electric Appliances and receive compensation from a defective product injury claim. But you must take the following steps immediately to ensure that your right to a lawsuit is protected:

  • If possible, document your injuries and property damage immediately by taking pictures with your phone.
  • Also, capture images of the damaged product, which may be helpful in proving that it was the cause of the fire.  
  • Go to the emergency room or another medical facility right away so that you can receive treatment and obtain medical records.  
  • Call the manufacturer and report the accident, but do not agree to a refund or to give a recorded statement.
  • Obtain legal advice from a product injury accident attorney.
Can I File a Defective Product Lawsuit?

Yes, you may be entitled to compensation from a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. You can file an injury claim on your own, i.e., a personal injury lawsuit. However, you may be asking yourself, “Can I file a class action lawsuit?”

Yes, you have the option of joining class actions and mass torts when you have been injured by a product that’s been recalled by the manufacturer. Clearly, there are many other victims that suffered losses due to the issues with these dehumidifiers. Joining with other victims and filing a class action claim can be an effective way for many people to receive justice at the same time. However, this is not always the best option for everyone based on their personal circumstances.

To discuss your available legal options, call us to speak with an experienced class action lawyer.

Lawyers Experienced in Product Recall Injury Claims

Overheating appliances is a major cause of fires in residential and commercial properties. The damage from a fire is life-altering for the victims, especially if they end up with severe injuries or lose a loved one.

Our legal team is ready to assist if a defective product has caused you harm and suffering. During a free case evolution, we will educate you on your rights and legal options. If you are interested in filing a lawsuit, we will cover all the costs associated with your case and ask for all legal fees to be covered by the manufacturer. That means we get paid by Gree Electric Appliances at the same time you do, and if you don’t receive compensation, neither do we.

For a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys, contact our office at your earliest convenience.


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