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Electric Unicycle Recall Class Action Lawsuit

Electric Unicycle Recall Class Action Lawsuit sue liability incident accident

A recall was issued for the Gotway and Begode unicycles by eWheels due to the lithium-ion batteries, which can ignite and set the bike on fire. Around 500 unicycles are being recalled, which consumers can identify by the model names MSP, MSuper Pro, Nikola+ and RS. All models were sold in black with the GW logo on both sides or the RS logo on one side. The pedals on the RS and MSP models have red lines; the Nikola+ cycles have multi-color lights around the rim.

Affected consumers are being urged to stop using their unicycle immediately and to contact eWheels for a replacement battery pack. But what if you’ve already had an accident that has resulted in one or more injuries? In that case, it’s in your best interest to contact our law firm and speak to one of our attorneys are soon as possible. Call us today and schedule a free case evaluation.

Electric Unicycle Recall Class Action Lawsuit sue lawsuit lawyer attorney incident
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Injuries You can Sustain

The company has already received 14 reports of these unicycles catching on fire, which means you are not alone if you’ve suffered bodily harm from an eWheels Begode or Gotway unicycle. Even if you are not using the product, being nearby when it catches on fire can lead to serious injuries and property damage. Health issues that you may experience include:

  • Burn injuries to various parts of the body
  • Disfigurement from scars and other damage to the skin
  • Internal damage to the muscles, bone, and nerves under the skin
  • Smoke inhalation injuries – confusion, seizures, respiratory distress, losing consciousness
What to Do after Your Accident

To succeed in a compensation claim against the manufacturer, you will need to start the process of building a strong case right from the beginning. With that in mind, here are the steps we recommend if you’ve been injured by a recalled eWheels unicycle:

  • Document your injuries and the accident scene by taking photos or video footage.
  • Get written statements from witnesses or ask for their contact information.
  • Go to an emergency room or an urgent care center for medical treatment.    
  • Report your accident to the manufacturer, but do not agree to receive a free battery pack or any other remedy, which may invalidate your right to file a lawsuit.
  • Safeguard all your evidence, including medical bills, witness statements, proof of lost wages, and items that were damaged from the accident.
  • Contact a defective product accident injury lawyer to discuss your legal options.
Electric Unicycle Recall Class Action Lawsuit lawsuit lawyer attorney incident sue
How can I Join a Class Action Lawsuit on this Case?

Many defective product injury victims are interested in pursuing a mass tort or class action lawsuit. It makes sense to join with others who have suffered from the same recalled product, but you should always discuss the pros and cons of any legal action with an experienced attorney. A lawyer at our office can answer all your questions and help you join or initiate a class action claim on this case. Contact us any time to schedule a free case review.

Speak to a Class Action Lawyer

Manufacturers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their products, and to take responsibility when someone is injured due to a mechanical or design flaw. However, the legal process for a defective product injury claim can be very complicated, so it’s essential to have an experienced lawyer by your side.

There is no cost to you if you decide to hire us, as we work on contingency. In addition, we provide a Zero Fee Guarantee to all our clients, meaning you will not be billed for any legal fees if we don’t win your case.

A product recall lawyer is available to speak with you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so contact DTLA Law Group at your earliest convenience.

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