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The Importance Of A Parking Lot Attendant Worker’s Comp Attorney

The Importance Of A Parking Lot Attendant Workers Comp Attorney lawyer incident liability sue lawsuit

Working as a parking lot attendant in the Los Angeles area can be challenging. The climate is often too hot, wet, or humid to be ideal, and there is always the concern about unhappy customers or drivers who are bringing their road rage into your lot. Yet, most of the time, parking lot attendants go home after their shift with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. However, when the day goes tragically wrong, it is essential to know that the DTLA Law team is here when you need the expertise and guidance of a seasoned parking lot attendant worker’s comp attorney in Los Angeles.

Of course, your priority after an injury at work is proper medical care. But once you have begun treatment, it is essential to learn about the benefits of worker’s comp to employees injured on the job. And how to take advantage of the many benefits that apply to you. One of the first is that California is a no-fault worker’s comp system. That means an injured worker cannot sue an employee in court for damages due to a work-related injury. However, it also relieves the injured worker from proving that the employer was at fault for the injury in order to claim worker’s comp benefits. Knowing that you will not be able to sue for civil damages makes your worker’s comp claim the only option to see financial compensation for treating your work-related injury and covering your lost wages.

When And Why You Need A Worker’s Comp Attorney

In a perfect world, a parking lot attendant injured at work would never need to hire a worker’s comp attorney to assist with a claim. But we all know that the world we live in today is not perfect and can be far from it in many cases. So there are issues that can arise that are best left to the worker’s comp experts at DTLA Law to settle. Some of the challenges you might encounter include:

  • Your employer refuses to acknowledge your injury claim and the worker’s comp processing. In this case, you are not able to get the medical care, reimbursement of lost wages, and other benefits that you are legally entitled to under worker’s comp.  
  • Your employer refused to report the injury to worker’s comp. Even though employers pay for worker’s comp, the benefits that come to you are distributed via an insurance company. And for the process to begin, your employer must complete the necessary documentation to report the injury and start your claim process. Without the cooperation of your employer, you will not receive the benefits that are owed you by the worker’s comp program.
  • In the case of a more severe injury, it is not uncommon for your employer to cover the medical bills associated with the injury but refuse to process the documentation needed for you to receive disability benefits to cover your lost wages and living expenses.
  • When you report your injury to your employers, they terminate your employment rather than processing the worker’s comp claim.
  • Any time you are experiencing unnecessary challenges working with your employer or medical professionals to get the treatment and benefits you deserve as a result of your work-related injury.
  • Your employer is unwilling to allow you to follow the work restrictions outlined by your medical professional. Some examples include conditions like no heavy lifting, no standing for long periods, or other tasks that could compromise your health further as you work on healing and recovering from your workplace injury.

All of these issues can lead to permanent physical damage from untreated or improperly treated work-related injuries. In addition, the lack of benefits can result in excessive financial hardship for you and your family. So rather than tolerate these actions from your employer and suffer further financial difficulties, contact the worker’s comp legal professionals at DTLA Law to work on your behalf to secure the benefits and compensation you deserve as a parking lot attendant injured at work.

The Importance Of A Parking Lot Attendant Workers Comp Attorney lawyer incident liability lawsuit sue
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What Might Qualify As A Work Related Injury?

As the name implies, the injury needs to have occurred during the course of your work duties. For example, in the case of a parking lot attendant, you might have been injured when tripping and falling over uneven pavement, debris in the parking lot, as a result of a poorly lit work area during a night shift, or even by a neglected landscape tree that drops a branch on you. The potential list of hazards on your work site is very long, and it is not at your employer’s discretion to decide if he will or will not grant your worker’s comp claim.

Some common injuries for a parking lot attendant include:

  • Fractured or broken bones as a result of a fall
  • Soft tissue injuries such as a strain or sprain
  • Head, neck, or spine injuries
  • Lacerations, contusions, or burns

In addition to the more common injuries, such as falling, you could be entitled to worker’s comp coverage for injuries that occur over time, such as working in poor lighting, improper air filtration, or other substandard work environments. If your employer is unwilling to discuss these potential work-related injuries and allow you to seek medical attention, the team at DTLAS Law is ready to work on your behalf. We will strive to ensure that you have access to the appropriate medical professionals to assess your condition and determine if it is related to your work environment or daily tasks. Then you will be able to begin treatment and the recovery process. 

The Added Benefit Of Hiring A Legal Pro For Your Worker’s Comp Case

The worker’s comp system predetermines the compensation you receive for lost wages. However, there could be an added benefit in the form of increased compensation if your employer violated the laws regarding your worker’s comp claim. The compensation increase could be as much as a 50% increase in your payments. However, it can be very difficult to gather all the supporting documentation and information needed to prove this violation to the worker’s comp staff. At DTLA Law, our team has years of experience working with injured clients as their worker’s comp attorneys. If your employer has mistreated you after a workplace injury, we will do everything we can to secure the added compensation benefit for you. The added money will be paid directly from your employer as a penalty for disregarding the processes regarding worker’s comp benefits. In addition, our experienced staff will work with the worker’s comp staff to ensure that you receive your benefits as quickly as possible to aid in your healing and help reduce your stress.

The Importance Of A Parking Lot Attendant Workers Comp Attorney lawyer incident liability lawsuit sue accident
Does Your Case Have Merit?

Many injured workers are very concerned about the cost of expert legal advice regarding a worker’s comp claim. After all, you are already hurt and possibly unable to work, so added legal fees will only compound your issues. Fortunately, our legal experts understand your financial challenges and have a genuine desire to help any parking lot attendant injured on the job. Therefore, our office offers a free initial consultation to discuss your claim and determine if you need a parking lot attendant worker’s comp attorney.

We have great respect for everyone in the community willing to put in an honest day’s work. And when an incident causes an injury in the workplace, our staff is here to ensure that everyone gets the care and benefits they have earned through the worker’s comp system. We have over a dozen offices located throughout the region and multilingual staff with attorneys speaking English, Spanish, French, Armenian, Persian, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Farsi, and Portuguese to ensure that you have a trustworthy legal resource when you need it the most.

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