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Americana Slip and Fall Case Attorney

People go to Americana retail centers to shop, dine and view all of the options available for buying the products that they love the best. Going out to the shopping mall or plaza is still a highly desirable American pastime. But there is a downside to shopping at an Americana retail center. There are many instances of slip and fall cases, where people are slipping, tripping and falling on the premises and often to serious injuries.

The owners and operators of the Americana retail centers are responsible for the safety and security of the patrons while they are at the shopping plaza. If people are injured, then these shoppers have had a bad experience at the shopping plaza, and may even exercise their right to initiate a lawsuit, to recoup the damages and losses associated with their personal injuries.

Why Do People Fall at Americana Shopping Centers?

The Americana shopping centers are home to many shops and stores. For this reason, they are also high foot traffic areas for pedestrians going on personal retail shopping excursions. These retails areas are highly visited every day by many people. That means that the Americana shopping center need to be vigilant to keep the areas clean, dry and free of debris, that could cause someone to trip, slip and fall in their retail store areas.

“Help, I Slipped on Something Slippery at an Americana Shopping Center, Can I Sue?”

Yes, we can sue when you have slipped on something slippery at an Americana shopping center. You may have slipped on something that was slippery, and it made you fall down and sustain a personal injury. You also might have fallen because of other conditions that cause tripping, slipping and falling, such as:

  • Water from mopping the floor and regular maintenance
  • Leaking equipment
  • Leaking pipes
  • Spilled drinks
  • Spilled food
  • Debris from customers
  • Debris from overflowing garbage cans
  • Wrinkled carpeting
  • Cords from electronics
  • Uneven tiling on the floor
  • Grease on the floor from a restaurant
  • Food on the floor from a salad bar
  • Ice cream on the floor
  • Drinks spilled on the floor
  • Extension cords lying in the footpath of the customers
  • Fallen over merchandise displays
  • Buckling wood, tiles or concrete flooring

Understanding your case is paramount to winning a lawsuit, and we are here to help you in that regard. We can give you the access that you need to our Los Angeles case lawyers, when you have fallen on slippery, wet flooring, and need to file a lawsuit. Your medical bills will start to come in hot and heavy right about now. If this is the situation for you, then you need to discuss your case with our case attorneys in Los Angeles, who can sue the at-fault parties to get you the recovery compensation that you need in this claim.

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What Are the Common Injuries from a Slip and Fall at an Americana Shopping Center?

There are many common injuries that you can experience in a slip and fall at an Americana shopping center. These injuries can be quite serious, and can keep you off of work for many days to weeks, as you recover from being hurt at the shopping plaza.

Who Is Responsible for My Slip and Fall at an Americana Shopping Area?

The owners and operators are fully responsible for the safety of all of the customers who visit in the Americana shopping centers. There is no one else for them to shirk that responsibility off to, as these individuals own and operate the plazas, buildings, stores and shops in the Americana shopping areas.

Additionally, the owners of the shopping area have to hire a maintenance crew to handle the volumes of trash, debris, junk and garbage that will accumulate in these areas daily. This is important to handle to ensure that the foot traffic and pedestrian traffic to the Americana shopping plazas will be safe from interacting with tripping, slipping and falling hazards when they go out shopping in these regions.

Why Did I Fall at an Americana Shopping Center?

You most likely fell in the Americana shopping center because of debris, dirt, garbage, water or sticky substances that were left in your path on the floor at the center. The owners and operators are definitely responsible to take care of the floor cleaning in the shopping plaza. In the case that they are negligent in their duties, then yes, there will be people injured as a result of shirking these duties.

If you have fallen at an Americana shopping center, then you need to call us at the DTLA Law Group today. You will be connected with a lawyer with experience in personal injuries from a slip and fall accident. You need to talk to us now, before your medical bills associated with this accident come in hot and heavy. We are here and can discuss your claim today. Just give us a call this morning to discuss the details to your loss.

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The Americana shopping center is responsible to care for the safety of the customers who go to visit that plaza to shop, dine and visit stores. If you have been injured in an Americana shopping center, you can give us a call today for a free consultation. We are here to help you, and are ready to discuss your case right now. Call today to talk to our legal team, and get the best options for your case explained to you in a way that you can readily understand your next steps.


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