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Cruise Ship Assault Lawsuit

Cruise Ship Assault Attorney lawsuit lawyer sue compensation

Cruise ships have many different types of passengers and employees on board. Sometimes, the cruise ship is so concerned with profits that it does not take the necessary measures to ensure that the people on board pose no threats. Employees may not be properly screened and guests may not be carefully watched. In the event of any kind of assault on board a cruise ship, the company may wash its hands of liability. This is outright wrong, and our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, will help you win the damages you deserve if you were assaulted while on board a cruise ship.

Types of Assault on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships have many different people on board who come from numerous areas. Some may be with their families and others may be by themselves. Because the cruise ship is essentially isolated from the rest of the world, it is not often the safest place for assault to take place – after all, there is nowhere for the perpetrator to escape to, and the people will be able to identify him or her with ease.

Below, we have outlined some of the forms of assault that can happen on cruise ships.

Physical Assault and Battery

Physical assault and battery is the act of being harmed by another person. Assault may be verbal; battery is generally the actual physical aspect of the incident. On cruise ships, there may be an abundance of alcohol and lowered inhibitions, and many guests may be more likely to let their tempers get a hold of them. In other situations, there could be disagreements, anger at betting tables or casinos, jealousy, and more that could lead to assault and battery.

Passengers are often the ones who are fighting with each other or assaulting others, but in some situations, the employees can be involved as well. Cruise ship employees may harm guests if they have also been drinking or if they are naturally violent individuals. There should be ample background checks conducted on these employees to see if there is a history of violence or criminal behavior of any kind.

Sexual Assault and Rape

Sexual assault and rape often happen on cruise ships because of the lowered inhibitions, alcohol, and close proximity. Perpetrators may go to the dance floor and look for vulnerable women to hit on or assault. In the worst cases, victims can be taken advantage of, fully assaulted, molested, or raped. Sexual assault should always be immediately reported, no matter how small it may seem. If you were fondled, groped, grabbed, or otherwise touched in a private area, you should alert security at once. Even if the assault were verbal and you were repeatedly catcalled or had threats made to you, it is still wise to go to the authorities on board the cruise ship.

Whether you need a cruise ship rape lawyer, cruise ship assault attorney, or other kind of injury attorney for cruise ship damages, we are here to help.

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Cruise Ship Liability in Assault Cases

There were laws in place that said that cruise ships cannot be held liable for the actions of guests. Even employees were hard to link liability to if they were independent contractors who were on board the ship from the direction of another company. Now, however, various laws have been introduced that did away with the old maritime rules. Currently, if an assault happens on a cruise ship, the company can be held liable. It was supposed to provide a safe atmosphere for the guests, and if an assault happens, the duty of care was breached.

Cruise ships may be held liable if a bartender continues to serve someone after he has been visibly drunk, if the employees are violent or assault guests, if passengers are allowed free entrance to dormitories or sleeping quarters, if there is no security on board, and more. Speak with an attorney to accurately determine the level of liability of the cruise ship.

How to Sue a Cruise Ship for Assault

If you wish to file a lawsuit against a cruise ship for assault and battery, sexual assault, or rape, you should follow these guidelines.

  • Take photos of the your injuries
  • Take pictures of the scene of the incident
  • Request security footage from the cruise ship
  • Acquire eyewitness testimonies and evidence
  • Provide proof that you were a guest, like receipts and tickets
  • Write down the contact information of those involved in the incident
  • Get medical attention and provide proof of the treatment and results
  • Alert the cruise ship company to the assault as soon as you disembark
  • Do not accept any refunds or forms of compensation from the cruise ship company

As soon as you can, you should reach out to a lawyer with experience in cruise ship accident cases. You may not have ever filed a claim before and you might not know much about assault laws, maritime law, and negotiation tactics. We will gladly handle your case while you focus on returning to normal life, dealing with injuries, and more. If you need to go to therapy to overcome the trauma, we will fight to ensure that everything is covered in the meantime.

Cruise Ship Assault Lawsuit Compensation

The goal of our attorneys is to ensure that justice is served in any way we can attain it, whether that involves jail time for the perpetrator, compensation for your damages, or a change in policy and tactics on the cruise ship. We will strive to win you the maximum damages available under the law if you were assaulted while on a cruise ship. You should be given every penny you deserve if the cruise company did not take any preventative measures to protect you from the dangers of others, or if the company was complicit in some way by hiring employees with a proclivity for assault. We will aim to win you the following:

  • Medical bills from the past and future for surgery, hospitalization, medication and prescription drugs, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and more
  • Property damage if your personal items were lost, broken, damaged, or needed to be repaired
  • Lost income if you could not return to work or if you were unable to go back to work for some time in the future
  • Pain and suffering damages for mental trauma, PTSD, fear, anxiety, emotional scarring, and more

We will also pursue punitive damages for your case. Punitive damages are additional forms of monetary compensation that are awarded in times of gross negligence or when the party intended to cause harm. These damages are hard to win, though, and are generally viewed as excessive or harsh by juries. Only a skilled lawyer will be able to secure them for your case.

We will stop at nothing to win you every cent you need if you were assaulted or raped while aboard a cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Assault Attorney lawsuit lawyer compensation sue
Statute of Limitations on Cruise Ship Assault Cases

It can be very confusing to pursue a lawsuit against a cruise ship company because of maritime law. Cruise ships pass through various locations that may be on international waters, United States waters, and in the waters of various states, especially on the Eastern seaboard. It is necessary for all victims of cruise ship injuries to understand how long they have to file claims pursuing damages.

Maritime accident lawsuits must generally be filed within 3 years of the date of the injury, but for cruise ships, this time limit can be shortened to 1 year. It is also the tactic of many cruise ship companies to require a written notice of a claim within 6 months of the occurrence. This means that you effectively have to notify the company that you intend to sue before you even sue, which can be problematic in some cases. You may not have any ability to sue until we all after that time period. This is a key reason we believe that all victims should immediately reach out to cruise ship injury attorneys for assistance.

The statute of limitations can be extended in some specific circumstances. If the victim was underage, the statute of limitations will not begin until the individual turns 18 years old. This is because minors cannot legally sue. Further, a victim may be left incapacitated in some way, which would prevent the statute of limitations from going further until the individual returns to proper health or presence of mind.

To ensure that your case is filed on time, contact our cruise ship assault lawyers. We will get your lawsuit to the proper party well within the statute of limitations.

Why Choose Us

The Downtown LA Law Group is the premier law firm in Los Angeles. For years, we have handled cases of victims who were injured or assaulted on cruise ships, and we know the best methods for success. We will stop at nothing to win your claim and if we have to go to court to defend your rights, we will do so. Our attorneys are known for being aggressive and relentless, and our reviews and results speak for themselves.

To set up a free legal consultation with one of our attorneys, call our law offices today. All consultations are completely confidential; none of your private information will be shared elsewhere. If you have any questions, you can ask us, and we will tell you what we believe your case is worth.

By hiring us, you will receive our zero fee guarantee. We won’t get paid unless and until we win your claim, and if we lose, we receive nothing at all. Either way, your finances will never be touched.

Get in touch with the Downtown LA Law Group today if you need to sue a cruise ship for sexual assault or physical assault and battery.

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