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How to File an Accident Report with Lyft

How to File an Accident Report with Lyft rideshare lawsuit incident lawyer attorney compensation
Lyft Drivers Get into Frequent Accidents

Lyft drivers are livery drivers, and they work for a rideshare company named Lyft. These drivers are hired by Lyft to act as rideshare workers, who take passengers from one destination to another. The drivers are screened for if they have had any major accidents in the past few years. For example, if the drivers have had a DUI or drug-related violation or serious conviction related to their driving, the drivers may not be able to work for Lyft. That being said, Lyft drivers to get into frequent accidents.

Lyft drivers are driving in unfamiliar areas, in all weather conditions, and drive at night too. For these reasons, if they are not extremely careful with every fare, they are going to have accidents. Statistically speaking, they may have more accidents than a driver who is not picking up strangers, and then driving them to various destinations about town. If you are in a car that is driven by a Lyft driver and experience an accident, it is not your fault. That driver is at fault, and you need to ensure that you get the recovery compensation that you are owed in this case.

How to File an Accident Personal Injury Report with Lyft?

If you are injured in a Lyft driver’s vehicle on account of an accident, you need to file an accident report with Lyft. To book a ride with Lyft, you would have to download their app, and register on their site. In the event that you need to file an accident report, you will go to the Lyft in-app Safety Center and report an accident. You can open this app on your iPhone or mobile phone easily, and get connected with the Lyft Claims Customer Care team. This department at Lyft will take all of the information necessary, and allow you to make a claim.

What Types of Accidents Do Lyft Vehicles Have on Average?

The types of accidents that Lyft drivers have are the same types of accidents that any other driver will have on the road. These accidents can include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Accidents with a bicyclist
  • Accident hitting an animal
  • Car overturning
  • Car on fire
  • Running a red light
  • Hitting another car
  • Accident at an intersection
  • Not obeying traffic conditions
  • Not slowing down for wet road surfaces
  • Not slowing down in foggy conditions

You need a lawyer who is able to avert the problems to managing this case, as result of having experienced this accident. You need to put your life back together, and we are here to help

We will let you sit down and talk to an attorney who will renew your hope that you will get back the money that you deserve in this case. Our attorneys will work on a lawsuit for your benefit that will be the right move for you in this case.

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What Do I Do to Make Out a Lyft Insurance Report?

You will make out a Lyft Insurance report by contacting the Lyft Claims Customer Care team. In general, all Lyft drivers in California need to carry minimum auto insurance, which is:

  • $15,000 for bodily injuries per person hurt in an accident
  • $30,000 for bodily injury for each accident
  • $5,000 property damage coverage for each accident

The minimum insurance applies when the Lyft driver’s app is off, and it is called Period 0.

Next is Period 1, when the driver’s app is on and ready to pick up passengers, but doesn’t have a passenger yet. Here, the coverage for drivers is $50,000/$100,000 and $25,000 property damage coverage. Finally, in Periods 2 and 3 apply when a passenger is in the Lyft car. This allows a $1 million insurance policy to go into force for the driver and for the passenger in that case.

If this information is a little confusing, we understand. We are happy to explain all of this to you in a way that you can understand clearly what is happening. Call our office now to ensure that you get to talk to a lawyer with experience in handling and winning Lyft accident cases. We have an attorney on our team with expertise in Lyft accident cases.

When Do I Make a Lyft Incident Report for Personal Injuries?

If you are in a Lyft vehicle and have an accident that results in personal injuries, you need to contact Lyft and your insurance company right after the accident. The Lyft insurance company should be responsible for handling your medical bills and claim for personal injuries, when the Lyft driver is at fault. You will want to go onto the app where you booked the Lyft ride, and talk to their Claims Customer Care team. You need to tell the Lyft company what happened, and the extent of your personal injuries.

Now, this can be handled by you on your end, but may we suggest that you are better served to have an expert attorney handle this process for you. We are able to let you talk to attorneys who specialize in claims with Lyft drivers who are negligent, hit other cars, or get into car crashes that injure their rideshare passengers with personal injuries. A personal injury sustained in a Lyft vehicle can be quite serious. While you are sitting in the backseat and enjoying the ride, it will be quite a shock to have to immediately brace yourself to survive a car crash. The Lyft driver is at the wheel, and is therefore 100% responsible for what happens with that car at all times.

How to File a Driver Hit and Run Report with Lyft?

If you have had a hit and run incident with a Lyft vehicle, then you will need to file a police report regarding the hit and run accident. The hit and run accidents are filed on a general police report, which you can submit to Lyft and to the insurance company. You will be using the Lyft app to talk to their Claims Customer Care team, and they will help with any hit and run incident that one of their Lyft drivers has had.

You are free to try to work with the Lyft Claims Customer Care team, but we cannot guarantee results if you go that course. In this type of case, it would be a disaster if you did not work with a lawyer with specialty in Lyft rideshare driver accident cases. Call us today to talk right now to lawyers who can help with your Lyft accident case for personal injuries.

How to File an Accident Report with Lyft rideshare lawsuit incident lawyer attorney compensation sue

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Can I Sue in This Type of Case?

Yes, we can sue in this case. We are here to inform you that we can bring an action against the at-fault parties in this type of car accident with a Lyft driver behind the wheel. We will always put your best interest first and foremost, and our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit for you in this case against Lyft. Our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue to ensure that the good things that you deserve will come back to you, even after being in this type of loss.

It can be confusing calling Lyft and trying to work with their customer service team to settle your case. You are going to have medical bills for your personal injuries. You may have medications that you have to pay for, and you have to pay those out of pocket to get the medications you need to heal. You also may be missing time away from work, or even not having the use of your arm or leg because of a broken bone. This can be a frustrating time for you, and we understand that. This is the reason that we suggest you call us right away. We can help you get the recovery compensation that you need, to put this to the right way forward for your recovery.

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