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How Much Can I Win For My Uber Or Lyft Case?

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Uber accidents and Lyft accidents have been on the rise since the companies have been recruiting even more drivers. Individuals use the services to go to work, go out, return home from events, attend parties, and more. Many people simply drive for the companies so they can earn a few dollars of extra income, but others drive full time. It is no surprise that the companies have skyrocketed in value, both worth billions of dollars. With that many drivers and passengers, though, it is common for accidents to happen. If you have been in a Lyft or Uber accident, you may be able to receive ample compensation from the company. Clients often call us and ask how much they can win in a claim, but the answers are seldom straightforward. If you need assistance or more information about your Uber accident claim or Lyft accident lawsuit, contact the Downtown LA Law Group today.

Key Insurance Information about Uber and Lyft

There are three different phases of rideshare insurance, with small differences for each company. Regardless of the company, though, the drivers are covered by their own personal insurance policies if the apps are turned off and they are not working.

The next phase is activated when a driver turns on the rideshare app and is waiting for a passenger to request a ride or trip. At this point, Uber issues coverage for $50,000 per person in bodily injury if an individual was hurt in an accident (such as the driver of another vehicle or a pedestrian), $100,000 per accident in total bodily injury to parties, and $25,000 in property damage liability (to cover other vehicles that were damaged, homes that were damaged, and more). You will also be covered for $250,000 in Uber’s uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. Lyft also provides these same amounts.

Upon accepting a passenger, the driver will then begin to head towards the customer. Once he has accepted the ticket, the phase will change. Now, the driver is covered with an increased amount, and the passenger or passengers are also covered. The phase will not expire until the passenger has been let out of the car at his destination. Then, the phase will revert back to the normal one. During this time, both Lyft and Uber will provide $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage, $1,000,000 in underinsured motorist coverage (in the event another driver’s insurance will not cover the accident), $1,000,000 in uninsured motorist coverage (in the event the other driver has no insurance coverage, or if the rideshare incident involved a hit and run in which the other driver fled the scene of the crash), and comprehensive collision coverage. Uber’s collision coverage has a $1000 deductible that you must meet before it kicks in, and you must have that coverage on your personal auto policy. Lyft, on the other hand, has a $2,500 deductible.

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Compensation from an Uber Injury Case or Lyft Injury Case

We receive various types of questions from individuals who have been in rideshare accidents. These questions include:

  • How much money can I get from an Uber case?

  • What is the value of my Uber accident case?

  • How much can I win in a Lyft case?

  • How much is my Lyft accident case worth?

Many rideshare accident claims can result in more than $25,000 of compensation. However, there are some scenarios in which you can receive millions of dollars. These situations are rare, though, because they often require you to have suffered serious injuries and for the drivers to have been extremely negligent. Many rideshare accident settlements are kept private so that the company does not showcase its precedent or pattern of payment.

The insurance agent responsible for handling your claim will essentially look at a few different factors in order to determine the value of your claim. There is no actual calculator that allows you to input your injuries or losses and receive a round number for your damages. Everything will be measured by one of the insurance agents representing Uber or Lyft.

The primary point that the agent will consider is the severity of injuries and the general impact they had on your daily life and career opportunities, both present and future. If you are unable to live normally or if you cannot work, the value of your case will likely be higher. A few minor injuries and no real changes in your life will result in a smaller settlement. Another important factor that will be considered is the level of responsibility you had for the incident. That is, if you were an Uber driver and you were at fault, you may not be able to receive a large settlement. On the other hand, if you were a passenger during a Lyft ride and the vehicle was hit, you were blameless and wouldn’t be held accountable.

Statute of Limitations to File a Claim

Personal injury claims in California have a two year statute of limitations. Therefore, if you do not sue within two years of the date of the injury, you will not be able to receive any coverage at all. The deadline exists because claims can drag on and be unfair to specific parties. It is generally wise to take action quickly so that your evidence is preserved and is not lost or corrupted over time.

In some cases, the statute of limitations can be extended beyond the deadline. If a minor were involved in the incident, he would not be able to sue by himself – a parent or guardian would have to sue on his behalf. However, he could choose to wait until he turns 18 years old to file a claim, and the statute of limitations will not count down until his birthday. Further, individuals who were incapacitated are not in their right minds or able to sue, so their statutes won’t begin until they return to health or functional awareness. The defendant must also be in the state, and if he has left California, the statute of limitations will be frozen until he comes back.

An expert lawyer can help with your claim. The main reason that individuals do not get the compensation they deserve is because they are not aware that the statute of limitations has expired. They try to sue too late and end up with voided claims. We will ensure that all your evidence is submitted on time and that you do not miss any crucial dates. We are punctual and timely, and your claim is important to us.

Our Firm’s Promise

The Downtown LA Law Group has taken on Uber and Lyft accident lawsuits for years. We know the best methods for success and will stop at nothing to win your claim. If we have to go to court to fight for your rights, we are willing to do so. Our aggressive attorneys have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in restitution for victims throughout the years, and we do not rest until we are satisfied with the results of your claim.

To set up a free legal consultation, get in touch with our firm today. You can reach us any time of day to discuss your case. We will ensure that your information is kept private and confidential. We encourage you to ask us anything you wish during the consultation, and we will tell you how much we think we can win for your Uber or Lyft accident lawsuit.

If you hire us to represent you against the rideshare company, we will give you our zero fee guarantee. This means that our firm does not get paid unless and until we win your case, and the money will only be taken from the settlement or verdict that the company grants you. If we lose, we do not charge you a dime, and your finances will stay completely untouched. We will eat the costs of the case ourselves if we lose.

Don’t hesitate to get started on your Uber accident case or Lyft injury lawsuit. Call the Downtown LA Law Group today.

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