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Scissor Jack Defect Injury Lawsuit

Scissor Jack Defect Injury Lawsuit lawyer sue compensation incident liable

Most drivers give little thought to the jack that comes with their new vehicle until the worst occurs. Then, they are eager to locate the jack and get to work changing a flat tire. And while most never know the name of the basic vehicle jack that comes with a new car, it is commonly known as a scissor jack due to its function and appearance. The linkage is activated and raised by turning a handle that rotates a long horizontal or diagonal screw to lift your car, truck, or SUV.

While these are not the most complex or easy to use jacks on the planet, they get the job done, most of the time, when you are stranded on the side of the road due to a flat tire. In addition, car manufacturers like that the unit is compact, can be easily stored in most vehicles, and is an affordable solution for changing a tire. But anyone who has ever resorted to using a scissor jack on the side of the road or in a cramped garage or carport knows that these devices can be tricky to use. And more importantly, they can be somewhat dangerous when used on unlevel or rough ground, and even in some cases under ideal conditions.

If you or a family member has recently used a scissor jack to lift a vehicle and suffered an injury because the scissor jack failed or was defective, the DTLA Law Group team of legal experts is here to provide the information and possible solution you are looking for to overcome your financial hardships. Our staff can be reached 24/7 to answer immediate questions and to schedule a free consultation with a skilled and successful scissor jack defect injury lawyer. After this meeting, you will understand your rights as a personal injury victim and if your claim has the legal merit to file a scissor jack defect injury lawsuit to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

Please contact DTLA Law Group at your earliest convenience to schedule your free consultation and begin overcoming the challenges created by this unfortunate and upsetting injury incident.

Scissor Jack Defect Injury Lawsuit attorney lawyer compensation incident sue
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Why Does A Scissor Jack Fail?

Unfortunately, the least hazardous setting to use a scissor jack is not likely to be where you need to use it. These devices are best used on a very flat surface that is also smooth to provide the most reliable support to lift a vehicle. In addition, you will need to have a sizeable amount of space to place the scissor jack and then use the crank handle to elevate it.

When using a scissor jack on the side of a street or road or in a cramped parking garage or other limited space, it is essential to understand the issues that could result in a scissor jack failure and a severe injury. These possible hazards include:

  • Placing the scissor jack on a hill or slanted surface rather than a flat surface, The base of the scissor jack is often small, and when the ground is not level, the jack could tip over as it begins to lift the vehicle and raise the center of gravity.
  • The treads on the screw that elevate the scissor jack are relatively thin. So the more the screw is turned, the more wear and tear the threads suffer. Once the threads wear to the point of failure, the jack will stop elevating and can suddenly fold and cause the car to fall.
  • When any piece of the scissor jack is bent, damaged, or degraded, the unit can fail and cause a severe injury.
  • Rust on the scissor jack can also reduce the strength and durability of the unit and cause failure.
The Warning Signs Your Scissor Jack Might Soon Fail

Even as a simple machine, the scissor jack does rely on moving parts that can afford you some warning when the unit is wearing out or is about to fail and should no longer be used. Some of these critical signs to look for when using a scissor jack include:

  • Metal shavings on the ground or stuck to the screw as the threads are being destroyed
  • The handle of the jack is becoming more difficult to turn or is almost spinning freely
  • The metal surfaces of the jack are rusted or showing signs of damage or degradation
  • The base of the scissor jack is bent
  • The cradle that lifts the vehicle is bent or damaged

When you discover any of these issues, even on a new scissor jack, stop using it immediately to avoid a severe or life-threatening injury. In most cases, when a new scissor jack shows any signs of an impending failure, the unit is defective and could fail at any time.

Can I Sue The Manufacturer Of A Failed Or Defective Scissor Jack?

The make of a scissor jack is legally obligated to provide a functional and safe device to consumers. They must test the function and durability while providing a safe operating or lift range for the unit. If a new scissor jack does not meet the quality standard or safe operating weight listed by the manufacturer, it could be defective and warrant a scissor jack defect injury lawsuit if you were hurt while using it. In addition to suing the manufacturer, you might have reason to sue a business in the supply chain if the units were recalled by the store or the supplier continued to sell the defective products.

But it is also vital to understand that even the most simple machines need proper care and will wear out. So, it is your responsibility to properly store, care for, and use the scissor jack in your vehicle. If you are unsure who is to blame for your scissor jack failure and injuries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to request a free consultation with an expert scissor jack defect injury attorney. Our pros will evaluate the details of your incident and advise you if you have grounds for a scissor jack defect injury lawsuit.

How Much Is My Scissor Jack Defect Injury Lawsuit Worth?

The value of each personal injury lawsuit claim is based on the actual expenses and losses suffered by the victim due to their injuries. There are no pre-determined lawsuit values as they often claim in movies and on television. Instead, each victim works closely with their legal team to compile all the allowable costs that will determine the value of their claim. The most common items are:

  • All current and future medical costs related to the diagnosis, treatment, therapy, or care of the injuries suffered from the scissor jack failure incident
  • The value of any personal property that was destroyed or damaged in the incident
  • Your lost wages if your injuries prevented you from working until you reached a complete recovery
  • All legal fees from DTLA Law Group to prepare and litigate your scissor jack defect injury lawsuit

In instances with severe injuries or injuries that result in permanent disability, it is common to include a dollar amount for the victim’s pain and suffering. Because this is a less documented item, the legal staff at DTLA Law Group will provide guidance based on previous experience managing cases with similar injuries and circumstances. Finally, an amount called punitive damages can be requested when gross negligence is involved. These cases often arise when the manufacturer or a sales outlet tries to cover up a defect and continue to sell a product known to have the potential to cause consumers significant injury due to a defect or common product failure.

Scissor Jack Defect Injury Lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney sue
The Statute Of Limitations To File Your Claim

The Statute of Limitations provides up to two years from the date of the incident for a victim to file a claim. If the case is not filed with the court system in that time, the victim will often lose the right to seek compensation for losses and damages due to that event. Your DTLA Law Group scissor jack defect injury lawyer will advise you if any exceptions to this time frame apply to you and could benefit your case.

When You Need The Best For Your Scissor Jack Defect Injury Lawsuit

The injuries caused by a scissor jack defect failure can devastate and create financial hardships for the victim and their loved ones. So, victims and their families must have the legal representation needed to secure a full and fair settlement or verdict for the losses and injuries suffered. The staff at DTLA Law Group is dedicated to seeking and delivering justice for all personal injury victims. And we are committed to providing our services without adding to your financial challenges.

Our team will handle your scissor jack defect injury lawsuit with no upfront legal fees or expenses paid by you. We cover all the costs until you have the settlement or verdict money needed to pay your legal fees and reimburse us for our expenses. And you owe us nothing if we fail to win your scissor jack defect injury lawsuit because that is the honest and ethical way we run our firm.

So please never feel as if you have no support or help when you need to sue a scissor jack manufacturer for a defective product injury. Instead, please feel free to contact DTLA Law Group for a free consultation and to learn more about overcoming the issues created by your injuries.

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