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Is Champion Law Firm Not Returning Your Calls?

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The firm’s founder, Kia Champion, manages Champion Law Firm and has offices in Encino, Beverly Hills, and San Fernando. The firm claims that commitment, compassion, and character set them apart from other firms. However, that is not always what clients say after making every effort to work with the legal team that includes Kia Champion, Kaelan Nielson, Alexander Perry, Jared Ensign, and Dulce Belloso.

The firm offers services in personal injury, employment law, and criminal defense, which is a broad array of cases with a staff of only five lawyers. So it is not shocking to learn that many clients are becoming increasingly frustrated when Champion Law is not returning their calls. Sadly, customer service and attention to detail can suffer when a smaller firm attempts to offer too many services or diversify too rapidly.

If you have hired Champion Law Firm and cannot get them to return your calls or respond to other correspondence, such as an email, it is vital for you to understand your rights. While it is certainly disappointing to have placed your faith in a law firm only to discover that you are not the valued client, they claim you were. It is time to take action before your case suffers even more. Legally, you have options that will get you the professional legal services and attention that you and your legal matter deserve.

Is Champion Law Firm Not Returning Your Calls attorney lawyer compensation incident sue
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Can I Fire Champion Law Firm?

The short and simple answer to this vital question is yes. You can fire a lawyer or law firm at any time during a case. The case is yours, and they are simply working on your behalf. So when they fail to meet your needs, live up to their promises, or even do something as simple as returning your calls, you can fire Champion Law Firm or any law firm failing to perform.

The team at DTLA Law Group is proud to offer you a free consultation to get a free second opinion on your legal matter and discuss your options for securing a new law firm to represent you. Our large staff is focused on providing the highest level of customer service to our clients as well as the most legal expertise and skill. As our firm has grown, we have devoted countless hours to managing our size and volume to ensure we are never forced to lower our service standards on a single legal matter.

We firmly believe that each of our clients deserves the best, and it is our duty to provide nothing less. With that in mind, we also feel obligated to provide information that can assist you in working through your challenges with Champion Law Firm if that is in your best interest and the best interest of completing your case as rapidly as possible.

You might follow these recommendations before or after seeking your free second opinion from DTLA Law Group. The choice is always yours. We simply want to ensure that you have the information and tools you need to make wise choices about a legal matter and a law firm that could significantly impact your future.

The First Step To A Resolution

Unfortunately, some law firms and lawyers become so overwhelmed with cases and their workload that they overlook the obvious indications that you, their client, are unsatisfied. They might not realize that you have called or emailed them multiple times, and they have continued to fail to respond. So it is up to you to bring their lack of failures to their attention in writing. You can use email or traditional mail to submit a detailed account of the issues you are experiencing.

List the times and dates of calls or emails they failed to respond to and the nature of your contact. Then ask for a member of your legal team to contact you as soon as possible to discuss your questions and to create a plan to move forward that will avoid further issues with communication and attention to your case. Understand that the time and effort you invest in resolving any issues with Champion Law Firm will help avoid any further delays in your case. Hopefully, it has been an honest mistake that can be corrected, so your case will move forward as quickly as possible.

When Your Letter Gets No Results

Sadly, you might have hoped your letter outlining your concerns about the lack of communication would have gotten some attention. However, it is realistic to think that your lawyer at Champion Law Firm never even opened it or any other emails or messages you sent them. If they are overloaded with cases, they might only be opening certain messages that are making it through a detailed mail filter.

The next step is to draft a very respectful and professional letter to the Champion Law Firm’s complaint department. Most people are unaware that all law firms have a staff that functions as a complaint department, even if that is only a part of their duties. The firm sees this task as quality control that helps ensure customer satisfaction with added accountability placed on lawyers who might not be as responsive as clients expect.

In this correspondence, reiterate all of the dates and times of unanswered phone calls and messages to your legal team. If you have any other issues, this is also the time to voice them. For example, you could have continued requests for documents to be submitted after you have sent them to your legal team. Or there could be milestone dates set for your case that have not been met. Bring these issues to the attention of the complaint department staff to ensure they are addressed by the firm rather than just your lawyer.

Finally, ask for a response from the complaint department staff or a managing partner of the firm by a specific date and time. If you do not get a call as soon as the staff reads your letter, it is safe to assume you should begin to select a new lawyer to handle your legal matter.

Is Champion Law Firm Not Returning Your Calls Attorney compensation lawyer attorney sue
Making A Difficult But Wise Choice

It can be challenging to find it within yourself to believe anyone after having Champion Law Firm make huge promises and fail miserably to follow through on them. However, we hope that when you speak to the team at DTLA Law Group, you will see what genuinely sets us apart from the others. Our first comment will not be to fire any other firm and hire us. Instead, we want to get to know you, understand the matter that needs attention, and determine if it is really in your best interest to begin the process again with a new law firm.

In some cases, writing a letter will get the partners’ attention, and they will facilitate the completion of your case respectfully and more expediently. However, when they do not, the staff at DTLA Law Group will work on your behalf to move the case along as quickly and professionally as possible. Once you have hired our staff, you can notify Champion Law Firm in writing that they are fired, and a representative from DTLA Law Group will contact them to secure the documentation related to your case. And that is the last time you will have to deal with them. Our staff will handle everything else for you to ensure it moves as smoothly as possible and with the least added stress for you.

What Does It Cost To Hire DTLA Law Group When I Fire Champion Law Firm?

The entire team at DTLA Law Group genuinely apologizes to you and any other clients who have suffered from poor service or response times from Champion Law Firm or any other law firm in the region. In addition, we want to work to restore your confidence in our honorable profession. And the best way we can begin that process is to take on your case with no upfront legal fees.

We only get paid for our work after we have completed your case and secured the settlement or verdict you deserve. This is our way of demonstrating our confidence in our ability to win the case and pledging our dedication to completing the matter as quickly as possible, both for you and so that we can get paid for our work.

In addition, if we fail to win your case and get you the compensation you need to pay your expenses and legal fees, you owe us nothing. We pledge always to put our clients first. And this is one of the most important ways we live up to that promise. You only pay us after we have successfully completed our job.

So if you are frustrated that Champion Law Firm is not returning your calls or responding to your emails, please know that you have options. The staff at DTLA Law Group provides a free second opinion evaluation of your case and how it is being handled by Champion Law Firm. In addition, we provide information that could be helpful in resolving your issues with Champion Law Firm to ensure the speedy completion of your legal matter. And finally, if they are still nonresponsive, we will take on the case with no upfront payments or legal fees required. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to request your free consultation and second opinion.


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