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Investigative Reporting: Did you know that Larry H. Parker and Jacoby & Meyers are the same firm?

did you know that Larry H Parker and Jacoby Meyers are the same firm

Jacoby and Meyers (the brand that everyone is familiar with) was transferred and another firm by the name of Akiva Niamehr LLP. So, the new owners or licensees of the Jacoby and Meyers brand is Akiva Niamehr LLP.

You see, what customers need to understand is that these legacy brands have been engrained in the psyche of the customers. As such, they have value, and other firms/companies see this as an opportunity. More specifically, firms can buy entire brands and practice under the brand name of a law firm that has been around for decades and is well-known in the community. This is the case with Jacoby and Meyers and many of the other aggressively branded law firms.

The truth is that no customer will be able to call Jacoby and Meyers or Larry H. Parker, for instance, and speak with the founding partners of the firm. Why? Because the founding partners are long gone, only leaving behind the brand that customers trust.

With my firm, you can call and ask to speak with the founder of the firm. I will answer the phone and listen to you. Maybe this is something that matters to clients. Maybe clients want to work with a firm that is not owned by a different company or organization. Perhaps if customers knew the truth about who is behind law firms, they would think twice about which firm they select to represent their claims.

Do not get fooled by aggressive branding. A heavily branded firm is not always going to be the firm that offers you the best service. If you think logically throughout the history of any brand, you will notice that high value companies don’t need to advertise much. They don’t need billboards. They don’t need commercials. Think of your favorite luxury brand or your favorite company. Why? Because their product or service speaks for itself.

My commitment to clients is simple. I wake up between 4:30-5:00 AM and stay in the office until 9:00-10:00 PM. This is 6 days a week – no exceptions. Clients have my cellphone number. They know ME personally. I am not a face that is not real or a brand that is not owned entirely by myself and my partners. I stick to the same ethos in which I started my firm with. Getting back to clients and doing anything I can to make sure I resolve and win cases.

You can’t purchase a firm like mine. We are not a corporation seeking profits. We are a law firm that is fully committed to their clients. All the attorneys and staff at our firm are people I know. My office is open to all clients so they can have any question answered.

Since we started posting these ads and information regarding brands like Jacoby and Meyers being acquired by other firms, many of the firm owners have reached out to me personally requesting that I take down these pages. I wondered why, but the answer is clear now. They want to keep their clients and the community in the dark about this. They want clients to continue living in a world where the facts are not transparent.

I appreciate all of my past, current and future customers. Thank you!

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