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Ace Hotel Slip and Fall Injury Lawsuit Attorney

Ace Hotel Slip and Fall Injury Lawsuit Attorney lawyer sue compensation incident liability

Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s most famous hotels, including the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Situated in the United Arts Building, the Ace Hotel includes a concert venue, the LOAM restaurant, and a stylish rooftop bar. When people walk into this historic building, they are impressed by the elegant décor and unique architectural features. Certainly, an accident is the last thing on their minds, but such incidents are extremely common at hotels throughout Los Angeles. Slip and falls are one of the most common accidents at hotels, whether you’re in a hotel room or walking through the parking lot. Sadly, most of these accidents are due to negligence by hotel owners and employees.

Have you been injured from a slip and fall accident at the Ace Hotel? If so, you may have grounds for a slip and fall lawsuit against the hotel owners and any other individuals that are responsible for your accident. However, building a successful case against the Ace Hotel can be very challenging, depending on the circumstances of your accident. That’s why it’s important to retain the services of a law firm with a proven track record of slip and fall lawsuit settlements. For a free case evaluation with a seasoned slip and fall injury lawyer, contact the offices of DTLA Law Group.

Ace Hotel Slip and Fall Injury Lawsuit Attorney incident lawyer sue compensation liability
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Injuries from a Slip and Fall Accident

Slipping on something may not seem like a big deal, but these accidents are the leading cause of emergency room visits and hospitalization in the United States. That’s why you should see a doctor right away if you fell and injured yourself at the Ace Hotel. Injuries from a slip and fall include, but are not limited to:

  • Broken bones
  • Fractures in the knee, wrists, hands, and ankles
  • Dislocated joints
  • Brain damage and other trauma to the head
  • Loss of function
  • Neck injury
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • Rupturing of the spleen and other internal organs
  • Broken hip
  • Deep cuts and abrasions
  • Disfigurement
  • Chronic pain
  • Mental health issues related to PTSD (insomnia, severe anxiety, phobias)
Liability for a Hotel Slip and Fall Injury Case

Liability refers to the responsibility that someone has in a particular situation, like whether you are at fault for causing a slip and fall accident. When it comes to a hotel, responsibility for an accident is defined by the laws of premises liability. To put it simply, this law requires property owners to exercise reasonable care, like removing hazards and making repairs for the purpose of preventing injuries to their guests and visitors. If they are negligent in these duties, it’s only a matter of time before someone has a slip and fall accident on the premises.

Conditions at a hotel that can cause someone to slip and injure themselves include:

  • Water leaks (from pipes, toilets, appliances, etc.)
  • Slippery floors from improper cleaning techniques
  • Ice and snow in outdoor areas
  • Broken steps / broken hand rails
  • Uneven flooring
  • Frayed edges on rugs and carpets
  • Stray cords and wires
  • Poor lighting
  • Worn areas on tiles and carpets
  • Spilled drinks, food, grease, etc. in and around hotel restaurants
  • No anti-slip mats in tubs / showers

If the hotel is liable for your injuries from a slip and fall incident, we can help you obtain compensation for your medical bills, lost time from work, and other monetary damages. For a free case review from an experienced California slip and fall lawyer, contact us today.

What is the Average Case Value for an Ace Hotel Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

The total amount you will receive from an injury claim is based on a variety of factors, including the extent of your injuries, liability by the hotel, and the skill of the attorney that’s representing you. Here at DTLA, our goal is to bring you the highest possible settlement based on the losses you’ve suffered and may continue to suffer long into the future. With that in mind, the majority of hotel slip and fall cases at our law firm are settled for around $250,000 to over $2,000,000. Your case value may be lower depending on your injuries, but some of our clients receive $5 million and above due to severe physical and mental health issues.

Our lawyers are available to meet with you if you’re interested in learning what you can potentially receive from a slip and fall lawsuit against the Ace Hotel. Just give us a call at your earliest convenience to schedule a free case evaluation.

How Much Time Do I have to Sue for a Slip and Fall Accident?

As a general rule, you have two years from the time you are injured to file a slip and fall lawsuit under California law. The courts are very strict about this time limit, known as the statute of limitations. If you wait too long to pursue a legal action, you can end up exceeding the 2-year deadline and losing the right to sue altogether. That’s why we urge you to contact us right away to discuss your rights and legal options with an Ace Hotel slip and fall attorney.

Ace Hotel Slip and Fall Injury Lawsuit Attorney incident lawyer sue compensation liability liable
Estimated Time to Settle a Slip and Fall Case

The process of settling a slip and fall accident claim can take anywhere from several months to a few years. Our goal is to bring you compensation within 6 months, but cases against luxury hotels and venues can be quite complicated. As a result, 8 to 10 months is a more realistic timeline to secure the payment our clients deserve from a slip and fall injury case. If there are severe injuries to the victim, like spinal cord damage or brain injury, it can take over a year to negotiate a fair amount of compensation. For more information on the factors that can affect the settlement process for a slip and fall lawsuit, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

Free Second Opinion

Those with pending accident cases rely on their attorneys when they have questions about their case. But it’s perfectly normal to have doubts or questions that you would like to discuss with another lawyer. That’s why we provide free second opinions for those with active slip and fall lawsuits against the Ace Hotel. A legal expert at our law firm will provide you with an honest assessment of your case and your available legal options if there are problems that can hurt your chances for a successful recovery. This is a completely free service, so please take a moment to contact us for a free second opinion.

Legal Advice from a Lawyer with Experience in Slip and Fall Accidents

Guidance from a knowledgeable attorney is essential when you’ve sustained injuries from a slip and fall accident. Unfortunately, many people choose to represent themselves in a slip and fall claim because they assume that it would be too expensive to hire a lawyer. Allow us to put your mind at ease with the Zero Fee Guarantee, which makes all our services free to you from day one. Under this agreement, we wait to receive payment from the Ace Hotel as a part of your settlement award. If we don’t win your case, you owe us absolutely nothing.

As you can see, there’s nothing to lose by taking some time to speak with a slip and fall lawyer here at DTLA Law Group. With decades of experience in the recovery of slip and fall injury settlements, you can count on us to recover the compensation you deserve. Please give us a call to learn about the legal actions we can take on your behalf if you were injured at the Ace Hotel.


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