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6 People Experiencing Symptoms due to Hazmat Situation at Sherman Oaks Galleria

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), there was a report of a strange odor in the building of the Sherman Oaks Galleria around 9:15am on Monday, June 26, 2023. At least six people reported experiencing a scratchy throat and watery eyes. Of these six individuals, only one had to be taken to a hospital. The LAFD states that specialists are testing the atmosphere in the building with the appropriate air-monitoring equipment; however, readings have not shown a hazard in the air.

The incident continues to be investigated, and the irritant in the air is yet to be identified.

The Sherman Oaks Galleria is an open-air shopping mall located at 15301 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

Unfortunately, hazmat situations like this often reflect the failures of the property owner; these situations are often caused by gas leaks or even improper disposal of toxic substances and can lead to significant harm to anyone in the area. If you or a loved one suffered harm in the hazmat situation at the Sherman Oaks Galleria or a hazmat situation anywhere else, you might have grounds to file a lawsuit. For more information about the legal options available to you, we recommend that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible as soon as possible.

Here at the Downtown L.A. Law Group, our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience handling all sorts of injury claims, including those resulting from irritants and toxic substances in the air. Our lawyers can help you pursue your claim against the property owner and recover the payout that you are owed. For more information about the legal options available to you, contact us today.

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The Harm that Victims Sustained at the Sherman Oaks Galleria

So far, affected parties only sustained minor harm, which included watery eyes and a scratchy throat. Without a doubt, these are minor injuries. However, these incidents can potentially have devastating consequences. The incident remains under investigation; therefore, we cannot know exactly what the victims were exposed to.

Some substances lead to headaches, drowsiness, lightheadedness, and even lack of consciousness. Other substances lead to dizziness, general weakness, irritability, upset stomach, seizures, and coma. Depending on the type of exposure (and the length of time of the exposure), symptoms can vary. Long term exposure, especially in a workplace or in a residence, can sometimes lead to long term harm, including different types of cancers.

No matter the specific injuries that you or a loved one suffered after exposure to irritants or toxic substances in the air, it is important that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

Can I Sue for Exposure to Hazardous Air at the Sherman Oaks Galleria?

Yes – you could have the right to file a lawsuit for the harm that you suffered. Depending on the specific situation, you could sue the property owner (for failing to identify and address the issue before an incident occurred, for instance). This is because all property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for everyone, guests and employees alike. For more information about your right to file a lawsuit after being exposed to hazardous materials at a shopping mall, contact the experts here at our law firm as soon as possible.

Based on the details surrounding your lawsuit, you could be entitled to receive compensation for medical costs, lost pay, pain and suffering, punitive damages, funeral/burial costs, loss of consortium, and legal fees, for example.

What is the Average Value of Exposure to Hazardous Substances in the Air?

These cases can be worth up to $750,000 and even more based on the specific case details. The details that affect the value of these types of claims include the severity of the harm sustained, the permanency of the harm, the total medical costs associated with treating the exposure, etc. For more information about the possible value of your claim, contact the experts here at our firm today.

How Long Will the Settlement Process Take?

Here at our law firm, we are committed to settling all cases within a reasonable length of time. We understand that the legal process can be frustrating for clients, so we are committed to handling claims effectively and within a reasonable length of time. In general, we can settle these types of claims in under eight months. However, some claims can take longer to settle because they are more complex; these can take up to two years to settle.

Did you already start the legal process elsewhere? Is your claim taking too long to settle? If you believe that the team handling your case is not making any progress, you might consider switching lawyers. In some cases, switching representation to a team that is better equipped to handle the case is enough to get things moving forward and resolve the case. If you are interested in switching representation, contact us for a free second opinion.

Contact the Downtown L.A. Law Group Today

If you or a loved one suffered any sort of harm after being exposed to dangerous substances in the air at a shopping mall or any property, you could have the right to file a lawsuit. For more information about your right to sue and receive compensation, contact us today. Our team has experience handling these types of claims and is more than ready to take care of your claim. To make the legal process as simple as possible for you and your family, we offer free legal services. These include free consultations and free second opinions. During these legal services, our lawyers will be available to answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and provide you with the guidance that you need to begin or continue your claim. To benefit from these free legal services, contact us today.

We offer a Zero-Fee guarantee, meaning that our clients will never be required to pay any upfront legal costs for our legal services. In addition, our team works on a contingency structure; therefore, our clients will not be required to pay anything unless their claims are successful. If you do not win, you will not be responsible for paying anything.

If you are ready to speak with our lawyers about your right to sue for toxic substance exposure, contact us today.


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