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Hi-Lift Jack Collapse Injury Lawsuit

Hi-Lift Jack Collapse Injury Lawsuit Lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney sue

When you own a large truck or Jeep, you quickly discover that many of the tools and devices used on average-size vehicles do not get the job done on your larger version. The massive tires add to the elevation and require special equipment when it comes time to address a flat or damaged tire. So you should be sure to purchase a more robust and more oversized hi-lift jack that will allow you to lift the vehicle and make the necessary repairs to get you back on the road or trail as rapidly as possible.

The need for an oversized jack seems like a small price to pay for a larger, more durable vehicle that can head off-road as easily as it drives down the highway. And with the added size, you will have better visibility and increased safety should the worst happen, and you are involved in an accident. But what you might not consider when adding a hi-lift jack to your truck or Jeep inventory is that these tools can be far more hazardous to use than a standard scissor jack.

The added feature of a hi-lift jack is the extended arm that allows you to get the increased elevation to lift a larger vehicle. And while it does the job, it is also raising the vehicle’svehicle’s center of gravity. So, the weight is more likely to shift or slip than when using a traditional car jack. This safety concern, along with the increased weight of a larger truck or Jeep, means that consumers need to be very careful when using a hi-lift jack and be sure to only use the tool within the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

If you or a loved one has recently used a hi-lift jack and suffered an injury, please get in touch with DTLA Law Group immediately. In many situations, the injury victim feels responsible for the incident and never considers the possibility of the hi-lift jack being defective or failing for some reason other than improper use. But it is very likely that you were using the jack correctly, and it failed due to a flaw or defect. When you contact DTLA Law Group, our expert hi-lift jack defect injury lawyers will discuss the details of the incident and help you understand how a jack defect could have caused your injuries.

The consultation is always free, and you are never under any obligation to hire DTLA Law Group to handle your hi-lift jack collapse injury lawsuit or sue the manufacturer of the hi-lift jack. Our goal is only to ensure that all personal injury victims understand their rights and how to pursue legal action if they have the right to seek compensation for their losses and injuries.

Hi-Lift Jack Collapse Injury Lawsuit Lawsuit lawyer compensation incident sue
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What Might Cause A Hi-Lift Jack To Fail Or Collapse Causing Injuries?

The function of a hi-lift jack is much like any other crank-style jack, only a larger version. So, the same issues that could degrade most other jacks can apply to a hi-lift model. These issues include:

  • Rust
  • Damage to the jack components
  • Overloading the jack
  • Defective parts used to build the jack
  • Normal wear and tear due to use wears out the moving parts

Along with these common issues that could cause a hi-lift jack or any jack to fail, other complications could result in a severe injury when using this larger version of the average jack. Some of the increased safety concerns include:

  • Using the hi-lift jack on an unstable or angled surface will increase the potential for the vehicle’s weight to shift and fall from the jack or cause the jack to fall over or collapse
  • As the vehicle is elevated, it is possible for the weight to overcome the friction holding the foot or base of the hi-lift jack in place and allow it to slip or slide and drop the vehicle or collapse
  • The weight of a large vehicle can be over the safe operating capacity of some hi-lift jacks
  • With large parts, including the lift arm and support arm, a hi-lift jack is likely to wear out more rapidly than a traditional smaller jack

The crucial factor when using a hi-lift jack is to follow all safety precautions and specifications provided by the manufacturer. In addition, users must understand that proper care, maintenance, and inspections are essential in ensuring the safe function of any hi-lift jack. And if your hi-lift jack should fail, it is critical to consult with the experts at DTLA Law Group to help you understand if the jack that collapsed and caused your injuries was defective and if you have a right to sue the manufacturer for your losses and damages.

When Do I Have The Right To Sue For My Hi-Lift Jack Collapse Injuries?

Just because you were injured when using a specific piece of equipment or a tool does not always give you the right to sue the company that made the device. However, it is essential to know that all hi-lift jack manufacturers are legally obligated to provide consumers with safe and defect-free products. In addition, the manufacturer is responsible for testing the items they make, providing safe operating parameters for the devices, and ensuring that customers know how to use the items they purchase safely.

If the hi-lift jack that collapsed and caused your injuries was not correctly tested or rated, then you could have grounds for a hi-lift jack collapse injury lawsuit against the manufacturer or the item. In addition, you might have a reason for a lawsuit if the jack was known to have defects but was still being sold by the manufacturer or another retail supplier. The team at DTLA Law Group will assist you in determining who could be to blame for your jack collapse injuries and how to secure the compensation you deserve for your losses and damages.

How Much Is A Hi-Lift Jack Collapse Injury Lawsuit Worth?

Injury victims must understand that there are no pre-determined values for specific injuries or types of accidents. Instead, the value of a personal injury lawsuit claim is determined by calculating all the victim’s allowable losses and expenses. The staff at DTLA Law Group will work with you to ensure you are included all the costs you suffered due to your injuries and the incident caused by the collapsed or failed hi-lift jack. These items will typically include:

  • All current and future medical expenses related to the injuries sustained when the hi-lift jack collapsed or failed
  • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed when the hi-lift jack failed
  • Your lost income if the injuries you suffered prevented you from working while you recovered
  • The legal fees and expenses from DTLA Law Group for the preparation and litigation of your hi-lift jack collapse injury lawsuit

In cases where the victim sustained excessive injuries and needed a lengthy recovery time, it is customary to include a dollar amount to compensate the victim for their pain and suffering. This is an amount that is not justified by any receipts or bills submitted to the victim so the staff at DTLA Law Group will help by recommending a full and fair amount to request for pain and suffering. Finally, if gross negligence was involved, such as the manufacturer failing to recall a hi-lift jack known to be defective, the victim can seek punitive damages in addition to the other amounts used to determine the value of their personal injury lawsuit.

Hi-Lift Jack Collapse Injury Lawsuit Lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney sue
When Can I File My Hi-Lift Jack Collapse Injury Lawsuit?

The Statute of Limitations provides a window of two years from the date of the injuries to file a claim related to a hi-lift jack collapse injury. If the claim is not filed with the court in that time, the victim will typically lose the right to seek any compensation from damages or losses due to that event. If any exceptions apply to your case, the staff at DTLA Law Group will explain why they could benefit you and your case.

Getting The Best Lawyer For Your Hi-Lift Jack Collapse Injury Lawsuit

The dedicated and caring staff at DTLA Law Group understands the challenges and hardships created when you suffer potentially life-altering injuries due to a hi-lift jack collapse. We also know that money could be tight and you are not in a position to prepay for the legal services you need to get the compensation you are owed.

Our payment policy never requires any upfront legal fees or expenses to be paid by our clients. Instead, we only get paid after securing the settlement or verdict funds needed to cover your legal expenses and other costs created by your injuries. And if we fail to win your hi-lift jack collapse injury lawsuit, you owe us nothing for our work or the legal fees we paid to the court system on your behalf.

Please never feel alone or overwhelmed by all the challenges created when injured by a hi-lift jack collapse. Understand that, in many cases, these injuries are not your fault. Instead, they were caused by the manufacturer, who failed in its legal obligation to provide consumers a safe and defect-free hi-lift jack. And the staff at DTLA Law Group is here to provide the expert legal services needed to get you the money that you deserve and need. Our goal is to help you overcome this series of challenges and return to your happy life with restored financial stability and security.


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