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Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit – Steps to Win your Injury Claim in Court

Every year millions of Americans are hurt in car accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, public transportation accident, falling objects and debris, workplace incidents, and violent crimes.  We live in a relatively safe environment, yet injuries resulting from the negligent or intentional acts of others persist leading to tens of billions of dollars in damages. Filing a Personal Injury Claim is a difficult Endeavor: A personal Injury lawsuit has the goal of providing financial compensation for the losses suffered.  Losses can be based on many factors in a personal injury lawsuit including
  • Medical Costs – Emergency room visit and Hospital Care
  • Future Medical Costs – Rehabilitating, Further treatment, and prescription drug costs
  • Loss of Income – Lost Wages – Including Future loss of earnings
  • Pain and Suffering – Including emotion distress, and Post Traumatic Stress, and other emotional trauma
  • Punitive Damageswhere possible
Small claims cases in the state of California are claims under $7,500.  Small claims proceeding are handled by the claimants themselves. However most personal injury cases fall above the $7,500 maximum mark from small claim cases.  In those cases claimant must seek legal representation so as to be able to effectively peruse a personal injury lawsuit.

There are several steps that one needs to know before starting the legal process to recover injuries

  • What do you want from your case? – This is perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself before agreeing to be represented by an attorney in your personal injury lawsuit.  You need to ask yourself what you are seeking and asking for from the court.  The answer is varied and can be subject to change over time.  Often clients are seeking for (1) Justice (2) Monetary compensation (3) to see to it the other guy pays (4) revenge or (5) a mere apology.   These are things that need to be discussed with your attorney before you begin any legal proceedings.
  • Choose the right attorney:  Choosing the rights attorney can be a difficult and challenging process.  There are several traditional and non-traditional ways to find the right attorney including, (1) Asking friends, family and co workers,  (2) Online research  (3) California Bar Association directory listings , and (4) Referral Services.
  • Prepare and gather all the evidence you have:  Before you meet with an attorney regarding your personal injury lawsuit prepare all the document and evidence you have pertaining to your case.  This may include, (1) Insurance information (2) Hospital Records (3) Police records (4) Damaged Car repair estimate (5) Pictures of the accident or injury  and (5) Eye witness information
  • Trust Your Attorney:  An attorney-client relationship is like any other.   Trust is a major component to a successful attorney client relationship.  An attorney needs to trust  the words and action of his client.  He needs to trust his clients version of events that lead up to the injurer.  Correspondingly a client needs to trust that an attorneys goals are in line with his clients goals.
  • Maintain lines of communication with your attorney:  Another significant component leading to the success of your personal injury lawsuit is maintaining an open line of communication with your attorney.  Always respond to an attorney request for further documentation you may have.  You should call or email your attorney if you have any question regarding your case.  Never hesitate to call your attorney if there are any other issues or evidence that may arise in the future.
  • Heal, Rest and Recuperate from your Injuries:  The litigation process for a Personal Injury Claim can be a lengthy process; during this time clients need to take care of their health and get themselves better.  Our primary goal should be one with your too see to it that you are fully compensated so that you can further your treatments and heal your wounds.  An experience and aggressive attorney should be able to handle all the legal details so you won’t have to worry.
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