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Child Dies in Peloton Treadmill Incident

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After the death of a child, Peloton advises owners to keep children away from the treadmills.

Exercise equipment company Peloton Interactive has confirmed that there was an accident where a child lost his life using one of its treadmills, the Tread+.

John Foley, Peloton CEO made a statement that was posted on the company’s website that reads as follows:

“While we are aware of only a small group of Tread+ related incidents in which children have been injured, each is devastating to all of us at Peloton, and our hearts go out to the families involved.”

Foley did not specify the details of the accident, continuing to say:

“We are always looking for new ways to ensure you have the best experience with our products, and we are currently evaluating ways to reinforce our warnings on these critical safety precautions to prevent future accidents.”

Treadmills have proven to be dangerous, even more so for children. After the child died due to the Peloton Tread+, the company started a campaign to correct the faults that this machine presents.

Peloton asks users to follow the instructions and safety warnings established for the use of the treadmills at all times. They also advise keeping children and pets away from exercise equipment at all times and removing the safety key from the equipment (without this key the machine does not work), it is also recommended to keep the key out of the reach of children.

John Foley informed CNN that he sent a letter to the owners of Tread+, where he said that the warning comes after the unthinkable happened, a death,

Foley, despite not revealing details about the death of the child, said that the Peloton Company is aware of a small number of incidents related to the Tread+, where unfortunately children have been injured.

Peloton issued a statement to CNN Business saying that:

“There are no words to express the shock and sadness that everyone in Peloton feels as a result of this tragedy.” The company will not release any additional information about the incident “out of respect for family and privacy.”

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According to reports, exercise equipment, in general, can be particularly dangerous for children.

A study by the US National Institutes of Health revealed that about 25,000 children under the age of 10 are injured on exercise equipment each year. This study was carried out in 2014. 2,000 injuries caused by treadmills in children under 8 years old were treated in emergency centers in the country, in 2019, in accordance to an estimate by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Some of them had happen in Southern California.

In 2020, CNN reported that the company Peloton Interactive announced that it would recall bicycle pedals that have PR70P along with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Peloton has received some reports from consumers where they report the breakdown of the pedal PR700P, around 120 reports. 16 of these were related to leg injuries.

Last year, the commission in an announcement wrote on its web page that said: “five of those injuries required medical attention, such as stitches to the lower leg.”

Due to a report of a laceration hazard on Peloton stationary bikes, the company issued a voluntary recall of the pedals used on approximately 27,000 stationary treadmills.

In a post on their website, the Peloton Company acknowledged the dangerousness of the PR70P pedals, saying that they can break unexpectedly while in use. In the post, the company tells customers to get rid of the pedals immediately.

Peloton’s first-generation pedal model PR70P is installed on bicycles that were sold between July 2013 and May 2016.

The company said in its statement:

“If you bought your bike between July 2013 and May 2016 and you never replaced your pedals, you may still have PR70P pedals installed on your bike.”

An email was sent to customers affected by the PR70P pedal with a link allowing them to order new pedals at no cost. Customers can also call the company’s support team to get new pedals, Peloton said.


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CEO John Foley wrote in his statement posted on the peloton website:

“We design and manufacture all of our products with safety in mind,” “But to help ensure that you and your family members stay safe with Peloton products in your home, we need your help.”

National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends that the treadmills are placed facing an entrance or a mirror to improve visibility, this recommendation was made for homes with children and / or pets.

NIH also recommends reading the instructions and warnings of the treadmills to take the necessary precautions to preserve the life and safety of children.

In a study conducted by NIH, it was found that there are more chances of being injured with treadmills than with any other exercise equipment, injuries can occur to people of any age. More than 46,000 treadmill-related injuries are reported each year; this is four times the number of accidents related to stationary bicycles, which makes the use of this machine more dangerous.

In accordance to consumer reports, some of the most dangerous treadmill accidents at home involve losing your jogging and ending up pinned between the machine and a wall. If you fall, the still-spinning treadmill belt can cause serious skin burns.

NIH did not say specifically how many children are injured by treadmills, however, it said that these treadmills account for two-thirds of the injuries reported by exercise equipment, although they only account for a quarter of exercise machines.

The Peloton Tread+ has a motorized belt for walking or running, has steel and aluminum. This machine is priced at $4,295. Peloton will release a new model soon.

The Tread+ treadmill functions similarly to a standard treadmill, but is equipped with a 32-inch touchscreen that allows users to exercise with Peloton instructors in real-time.

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