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Black Wolf Robbery – Assault and Battery – Set Ups

Black Wolf Robbery Assault and Battery Set Ups liability sue lawyer attorney compensation incident
How Is Black Wolf Rideshare Different from Other Rideshare Services?

Black Wolf rideshare services are similar to other ridesharing service providers. One main difference is that the Black Wolf drivers are permitted to carry a gun. The service started in Atlanta, Georgia, catering to executives and other high ranking citizens who are worried about gun violence and require an extra level of protection when they travel by car. These top level clients, celebrities or public figures are concerned about violence by guns as is seen in public arenas and public areas, and may want to feel guarded by the Black Wolf driver. But no one booking a Black Wolf rideshare service would expect that there would be gun violence turned on the passenger. If this happens, the passenger will become the unwilling victim, especially during a passenger robbery, assault and battery or during a “set up” by the driver to the passenger.

How Are Black Wolf Drivers Trained to Prevent Violence in the Vehicle?

The Black Wolf drivers are highly trained individuals who are drilled on how to de-escalate a situation using non-lethal techniques, if something violent happens during the rideshare trip. But if a driver goes rogue, there will be issues, because some of the tactical training that was meant to stop a criminal may be used on the passengers themselves. The Black Wolf driver is supposed to create a safety layer of trust with the passenger, to allow the passenger to feel completely safe while enjoying the ride to the destination. But if there is a planned or unplanned robbery, set up or assault and battery on the passengers, then what is the passenger to do? If the driver is perpetuating a robbery on the passenger, then the passenger is at a huge disadvantage, unless the passenger is also carrying a weapon, which may be an unlikely scenario.

Black Wolf Robbery Assault and Battery Set Ups Lot sue compensation liability
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What Can Go Wrong with a Black Wolf Driver Packing a Gun on a Rideshare Ride?

There are any number of issues that can go wrong with a driver packing a gun on a rideshare ride. There can be a higher risk of a gunshot going off either accidentally or intentionally, if a driver has a gun in the personal holster or in the glove box on a rideshare ride. Any driver with the intention of perpetuating a robbery, assault and battery or of setting up for a robbery the high profile passenger, will more than likely get the upper hand during an assault on the rideshare ride. If a driver goes rogue and turns on a passenger, the passenger can become a victim of a gunshot wound during the rideshare ride.

Gunshot Wounds to the Head Are Usually Life-Threatening, Life-Changing and Devastating for the Rideshare Passenger Victim During an Assault and Battery, Robbery or Set Up in the Vehicle

Statistically speaking and according to studies, a gunshot wound to the head is more likely going to happen in a situation where a rideshare driver has a gun, and attempts to assault, rob or “set up” the rideshare passenger. A gunshot wound to the head is usually accomplished by a handgun, not a shotgun or a rifle. The cavitation is the path that a bullet makes when it is shot into the skin of a victim. The bullet will push tissue aside as the bullet travels into the body of the victim, during a robbery or assault with the deadly weapon of the gun. The cavitation of a bullet into the victim’s body is a missile path that pierces the person’s skin, and can travel to or through organs as the bullet moves in the person’s body. The path of a bullet creates a permanent cavity in the person’s body, damaging tissue along the way and disrupting the person’s internal organs often to complete failure resulting in a death. During the bullet cavitation process, the vessels, tissue and organs that were not in direct contact with the bullet can also be ruptured, damaged and broken down. Bones can be shattered, fragments of tissue can travel in the bloodstream, therefore suffice it to say that the gunshot wound of a victim of a rideshare assault and battery, robbery or set up can face disabilities, debilitating injuries or even death as a result of being shot during the ride to a booked destination.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee, and we can give you access to that offer when you call us today at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in Black Wolf Robbery – Assault and Battery – Set Ups

You can have a free second opinion case review related to your case, when you call our attorneys who specialize in assault and battery injuries from a rideshare. You can have access to a lawyer with a specialty in personal injury recoveries. We have our experienced attorneys in Los Angeles, who can review your claim with you today, if you call us at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879.

Can I Sue for a Black Wolf Robbery – Assault and Battery – Set Ups?

Yes, we can sue for an assault and battery, robbery, or set up while you were personally injured in a Black Wolf rideshare. You can call us to review your claim with our Los Angeles case lawyers, who can file a lawsuit based on the merits of your claim.

Average Case Value of a Black Wolf Robbery – Assault and Battery – Set Ups

The average case value of a Black Wolf robbery, assault and battery and set up will depend on the nature of your personal injuries, losses and expenses as related to the claim. Your claim can settle for $100,000 to over $ 2 million, depending on your related losses and lost wages related to your case.

Black Wolf Robbery Assault and Battery Set Ups incident liability attorney sue lawsuit
How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

It can take 4-7 months to get a settlement on your claim, depending on the time it takes to organize your claim, and get the medical bills and other damages verified for your claim. It will be easier to help you determine how long this will take to settle, once you start the process with us with the free consultation on your claim in our office.

Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years. The statute of limitations in California for harassment and discrimination lawsuit filing is one year, with a two year timeframe to file for wrongful termination.

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We offer a free consultation and you can get in on this offer if you call us today. We do not charge you any money before we will start to work with you on your assault and battery claim. All that you need to do is to call us now, and we will review your case for free.


Dawoud, F. M., Feldman, M. J., Yengo-Kahn, A. M., Roth, S. G., Wolfson, D. I., Ahluwalia, R., Kelly, P. D., & Chitale, R. V. (2021). Traumatic Cerebrovascular Injuries Associated with Gunshot Wounds to the Head: A Single-Institution Ten-Year Experience. World Neurosurgery, 146, e1031–e1044.

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