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Black Wolf Sexual Assault

Black Wolf Sexual Assault lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation incident liability
What Does a Black Wolf Rideshare Company Do Differently Than Other Rideshare Companies?

Black Wolf Rideshare is a unique ridesharing service based in Atlanta, Georgia, that differentiates itself by allowing drivers to carry firearms. The company aims to provide personal protection and upper-level personal security to its clientele, particularly executives and high-profile individuals concerned about gun violence. While Black Wolf drivers undergo training to de-escalate potential conflicts instead of resorting to the use of firearms, there is always a risk of accidents or unintended consequences when weapons are present.

It is important to recognize that introducing firearms into a ridesharing service carries inherent risks and potential liabilities. Accidental injuries or incidents involving firearms can have severe consequences, and any service involving weapons should prioritize safety and proper protocols. Black Wolf Rideshare would need to implement rigorous screening and training procedures for drivers, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and temperament to handle potentially volatile situations. Regular evaluations and assessments of drivers’ mental and emotional fitness would also be crucial.

Black Wolf sexual assault Attorneys lawsuit liability sue compensation
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Why Would You Get Sexually Assaulted in a Black Wolf Rideshare Vehicle?

Anyone can be sexually assaulted in a vehicle, where the status or division of power is swayed to one side. Such is the case where the driver is “packing” a weapon, and can turn around at any time during the road trip and turn a gun on the passenger. If the driver demands sexual favors from the passenger at gunpoint, then the passenger may feel forced to oblige this type of sexual demand. This will then be the basis of a sexual assault, from which the passenger may not be able to emotionally or physically be able to recover from after the assault is over.

What Are the Safety Guidelines, Professional Training and Protocols of a Black Wolf Rideshare Driver, Who Also Carries a Gun in the Car?

The safety guidelines, professional training and protocols of a Black Wolf rideshare driver are known to the driver, but may not be known to the public. Even if the safety protocols and guidelines for driver training are printed and put out for the public to read, there may not be a guarantee that the driver will adhere to these directives during every rideshare experience. Of course, Black Wolf as a rideshare company needs to create and establish clear policies and guidelines for the drivers, as far as the use and storage of weapons during the rides with a paying passenger in tow. The rideshare services always need to have a system and process whereby they can explain to every driver that the rules regarding driving passengers will be strictly enforced. There also needs to be a statement of the punishment for any driver who sexually assaults a passenger before, during or after the driver takes the passenger to the booked destination.

Why Is It a Constant Threat That a Passenger Can Accidentally Get Shot in a Black Wolf Vehicle?

Surely it is going to be the assumed intention of the Black Wolf rideshare to take the passengers to their destination in a safe manner, there can be times where during the commission of a sexual assault on the passenger by the rideshare driver, that the rideshare driver’s gun may accidentally discharge. No one books a rideshare ride and expects to be shot before, during or after the ride reaches its confirmed destination. If Black Wolf has an idea and intention to offer an enhanced level of personal security for the executive or celebrity passengers, then it will be necessary to also understand the higher risks that are posed by allowing the drivers to carry weapons in the car during the rideshare trip.

Gunshot Wounds Can Be Serious, Debilitating and Disabling, Especially When the Gun Discharges by Accident During a Sexual Assault on the Rideshare Passenger

When a gun discharges accidentally or purposefully at close ranges, it can cause serious and debilitating wounds to the gunshot victim. During a sexual assault, the gun of the driver can be discharged by accident or intentionally towards the passenger and victim of the sexual assault. At that time, the passenger may be shot at close range, and suffer disabling injuries as a result of being shot. In general, high velocity gunshots can cause incredibly damaging areas of tissue destruction on the victim’s body. There is some evidence that gunshot wounds are even miscoded as “unintentional” in the healthcare system. But can’t an argument be made that if a gunshot wound is found on a victim, at some point it needs to be classified as an assault and an intentional gunshot firing at that? Similarly, many non-fatal gunshot injuries are neither “undetermined” nor “unintentional,” because if a sexual assault victim is injured by a gunshot during the perpetration of a sexual assault, the gun holder is still responsible for the gun and how it injures the victim, whether it was a “planned” shooting or not. You can call our law offices now to review your case with an attorney with expertise in personal injuries from a sexual assault. That first call to us is the easiest call, and we can review your claim with you now.

Black Wolf Sexual Assault incident liability attorney sue lawsuit
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We have a zero-fee guarantee and we do not charge you any money for starting claim with us, that will lead to initiating a lawsuit based on the merits of your case. You never have to pay any money to us up front, and we will discuss your case with you in the strictest of confidence.

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We can offer a free second opinion case review to you, and it is important that you know we are committed to reviewing your claim with you right now. You can call us now, to talk to our attorneys who specialize in sexual assaults. You can get access with our experienced attorneys in Los Angeles at our law firm, and we will make your case a priority with our legal team.

Can I Sue for a Black Wolf Sexual Assault?

Yes, we can sue for a sexual assault related to your Black Wolf rideshare ride traumatic event. We can review your claim with you for free, and our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Just call us at DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879, to talk to our case attorneys in Los Angeles regarding your sexual assault claim.

Average Case Value of a Black Wolf Sexual Assault

The average case value of a sexual assault with Black Wolf may depend on your damages and expenses related to the loss. We can go over your claim with you, and resolve any issues related to the claim once we have the chance to review it with you. Your claim settlement value may range from $100,000 to over $2 million.

How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

Depending on how long it takes to get the medical bills and all your expenses together, and other aspects of your claim organized and reviewed, it can take 3-6 months to settle your sexual assault claim.

Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years. The statute of limitations in California for harassment and discrimination lawsuit filing is one year, with a two year timeframe to file for wrongful termination.

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