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Suspect Arrested in Murder of 2 Women in Diamond Bar Retirement Home

Suspect Arrested in Murder of 2 Women in Diamond Bar Retirement Home lawyer wrongful death sue lawsuit lawyer attorney liability

An arrest was made by Los Angeles County police after two women were found dead in an assisted living facility on June 24, 2023. The suspect has been identified as Jianchun Li, a caretaker at the “Happy Home Care for Elderly” facility. While the cause of death has yet to be announced, foul play is suspected, according to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

At the time of the incident, there were at least 6 residents living at the facility full-time. Jianchun Li was employed as a live-in caretaker, though how long he had been at the facility is unknown at this time. While the investigation into these deaths is on-going, they are a sobering reminder of how vulnerable people can be when they are living in these communities.

Hidden Dangers Inside a Senior Living Facility

From an outsider’s point of view, Happy Home Care for Elderly looks like an ideal location for senior citizens that require personalized care due to a variety of physical and mental health conditions. Located at 23801 Sapphire Canyon Road, Diamond Bar, CA, Happy Home describes itself as “an intimate board and care home” that offers “assisted living, memory care and independent living to older adults.” Unfortunately, this recent tragedy exemplifies the dangers that can exist at nursing homes and elderly care facilities throughout the nation.

It’s important to point out that most of the nurses, counselors, caretakers, and other staff at retirement homes truly care about their patients and do their best to provide for their needs. But stringent background checks, on-going supervision, and swift action when there are complaints are necessary to ensure the safety of the residents. Sadly, there are far too many cases of the elderly being abused, injured, or even killed due to negligence by facility owners and staff.

In the next section, we will explore the ways that an elder care facility may be negligent in their duty of care to the people they serve. Keep in mind, however, that the information we provide is for general purposes only. For specific questions about a death or injury incident at an assisted living facility, contact our office to speak with one of our attorneys.

Suspect Arrested in Murder of 2 Women in Diamond Bar Retirement Home lawyer wrongful death sue lawsuit lawyer attorney liability
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Suing a Retirement Home for Injuries or Wrongful Death

It’s no secret that residents at an assisted living facility are in the last phase of their life. As a result, it’s expected that these places will have higher than normal rates of death and injury. However, death by negligence is a whole different matter, and these incidents are disturbingly high at senior living facilities throughout the U.S.

In the case of the deaths at Happy Home Care for Elderly, the suspect was someone that lived full time at on the property. One has to ask: Did the facility owners conduct extensive background checks before they hired this employee? Were there complaints from residents about the caretaker, which the administrators failed to investigate? Was the facility equipped with the proper security measures, which could have prevented these murders?

Until we have further details, it’s impossible to say what really took place between Jianchun Li and the two women that were killed at the Diamond Bar senior living facility. However, we know for a fact that failure by the owners and administrators is often to blame in cases of injury and unexpected deaths at a retirement home.

Compensation Available to Loved Ones of the Deceased

Most people have some idea of the benefits they can receive from a personal injury lawsuit, meaning they are the victim of someone else’s negligence. For example, you can receive compensation for your medical bills, wages lost during the recovery period, and the value of any damaged property. However, you may also have the right to demand non-economic damages, which relate to the physical and emotional suffering you experience as an injury victim. These damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life, just to name a few.

On the other hand, most people have little to no knowledge of what they can receive from a wrongful death claim. The damages with these cases are more complicated, as they involve losses that have to do with the death of a loved one. As with personal injury lawsuits, there are the economic damages, which typically include:

  • Medical bills stemming from the accident
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of expected income / benefits

In addition, you may be entitled to non-economic damages, which will compensate you for the following intangible losses:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium, i.e., loss of love, companionship, physical intimacy, and other relations between spouses or registered domestic partners
  • Loss of guidance and training

To ensure that you receive a fair settlement from either of these lawsuits, please take some time to speak with a nursing home negligence lawsuit attorney at our office. We look forward to fighting for your rights and ensuring that justice is served for you and your family members.

Related Topics about Lawsuits against Nursing Homes

How much is the average settlement for a death by negligence case?

Wrongful death lawsuits are typically associated with high case values due to the monetary losses you are left with when someone is unexpectedly taken away from you. This includes compensation for emotional losses, like pain and suffering and loss of consortium. Compensation levels are especially high in cases of gross negligence, where you see extreme levels of negligence or misconduct by the defendant. On average, wrongful death settlements usually fall within the range of $500,000 to $3,000,000 and above.

What is the estimated time to settle a wrongful death claim?

Injury or death claims against nursing homes are incredibly complex cases with many stages that can take months to work through. We normally see these lawsuits go one of two ways: 1) the facility owners fight tooth and nail to deny liability; 2) they are quick to offer a settlement and avoid further negative attention from the public.

If they offer a settlement within the first few months, maybe even the first few weeks, it’s important to discuss your legal options with an attorney before you accept the money. As a general rule, these places will offer the lowest possible amount, knowing that many families are eager to close the case and move forward with their lives. By working with a wrongful death attorney, you are more likely to receive the full value of your losses, and therefore, the full measure of justice you deserve by law.

Is there a time limit to sue for the death of my family member?

You must file a lawsuit within two years of the date of death if you are interested in suing Happy Home Care for Elderly or any other assisted living facility in California. Alternatively, if you are someone that was harmed at a nursing home, you will need to sue the party at fault within 2 years from the accident date. For more information on the amount of time you have to pursue a legal case, contact our law firm. An elder care lawsuit attorney will answer any questions you have and ensure that your lawsuit is filed by the applicable deadline.

Suspect Arrested in Murder of 2 Women in Diamond Bar Retirement Home incident liability lawsuit attorney sue
Speak to a Lawyer with Experience in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Elder care homes have the highest duty of care to the residents that live in their facilities. They also have an obligation to the families of their residents, who trust that their loved ones are being cared for by loving and compassionate staff. In truth, neglect in nursing homes is an on-going problem, even at places that charge $4,000 and up on a monthly basis. From lack of security to inadequate staffing, there are many conditions that can cause harm to an elderly patient.

If you or your family member was affected by the recent incident at a Diamond Bar retirement home or any other assisted living facility, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our lawyers have decades of experience in the recovery of personal injury and wrongful death settlements. We are more than ready for the challenge of representing you and securing the payment you deserve.

We are a contingency-based law firm, so the only way we get paid is by winning your case. This is our promise to you under the Zero Fee Guarantee, whether you have a new case or you have a pending lawsuit that you would like to continue with us. Speaking of which, we also provide free second opinions if you have an active case against a California assisted living facility. That way, you can discuss your rights and legal options with an experienced attorney if you are dissatisfied with the lawyer that is currently representing you.

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