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Lawsuit for Drug Overdose in a Juvenile Hall

Lawsuit for Drug Overdose in a Juvenile Hall wrongful death lawyer attorney sue

Detention centers for youths, commonly referred to as juvenile halls, are meant to provide discipline and rehabilitation for minors who are charged with crimes and other serious offenses. In California, juvenile halls can also be used for the housing of children who are waiting to be placed in a foster home. Regardless of why a child is placed in these units, it’s essential that administrators and staff provide a safe environment that’s based on respectful and compassionate treatment. Unfortunately, many of these facilities are negligent when it comes to safety precautions that can prevent incidents of injury and death. For example, administrators and staff at youth detention center may be responsible for an inmate overdosing on drugs, which is one of the most common causes of death in both adult and juvenile correctional facilities.

If misconduct or negligence by another party caused your child to pass away from a drug overdose, you may have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. This is a legal action that can provide you with compensation towards funeral expenses and medical bills, as well as the pain and emotional trauma you’ve suffered from losing a loved one. For more information on filing a juvenile hall drug overdose death lawsuit, contact us immediately to schedule a free consultation.

Lawsuit for Drug Overdose in a Juvenile Hall lawyer wrongful death sue lawsuit lawyer attorney liability
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Drug Overdose in California Juvenile Halls

There’s no denying that overdosing on drugs is one of the biggest killers in any prison system, and this problem has increased dramatically within the last 10 years. Fentanyl overdose is a leading cause of drug-related injuries among teen and adult inmates, followed by overdoses from methamphetamines and synthetic drugs (K2, for example).

The recent death of an 18-year-old boy at the Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall illustrates how prison systems are continuing to fail in their efforts to safeguard inmates from death by drug overdose. The case is still under investigation, but critics have pointed out how these incidents persist, even when changes have been ordered by various government agencies. It’s possible that Nidorf and other troubled juvenile halls will be closed in the near future by the California Board of State and Community Corrections.

While this may be a necessary measure to safeguard children in distress, it doesn’t help the family members of juvenile inmates who have died from overdosing on drugs at these facilities. Our law firm is here for you, and we will not rest until you receive justice from a drug overdose wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible entities.

Can I Sue if my Child Overdoses in Juvenile Hall?

Yes, you may have a case for a civil lawsuit against the juvenile hall if their negligence caused your child to die from a drug overdose. There are many parties that may be at fault in these situations. Counselors, correctional officers, and administrators at the facility are usually to blame. But these people are employees of government agencies, like county probation departments and the DJJ, (California Division of Juvenile Justice). These entities may be aware of negligence within the facilities they manage, which makes them complicit in a juvenile hall drug overdose case.

As you can see, liability for an injury or death within the prison system is a complex issue. That’s why it can be very difficult to build a solid foundation in these cases and obtain the settlement you deserve. The legal experts of DTLA have decades of experience in wrongful death lawsuits against public entities, including prison systems throughout California. If you are ready to explore your legal options with a wrongful death lawsuit attorney, contact us to schedule a free case review.

Case Value of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Juvie Hall for Drug Use

The value of a wrongful death claim depends on various factors that are unique to the victim’s circumstances, as well as the losses that are sustained by their loved ones. Some of these losses, like funeral costs and medical expenses, are relatively easy to calculate. But much of the payment from these cases involves non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering and mental anguish. It takes a skilled attorney to calculate what you can receive in these categories, which is different for each and every claimant. If we had to provide a possible range of settlement values, we would say these cases are worth around $500,000 to $1,000,000 and above. However, the amount that is reasonable for you is something we can help you figure out during a free case review with one of our attorneys.

How Long is the Process to Settle a Prison Negligence Wrongful Death Case?

Wrongful death claims involving negligence by a prison system can take considerable time to resolve. One to two years is a reasonable amount of time to settle these cases, though some people will receive payment in 6 months or less. However, most of these lawsuits are exceptionally complicated due to the various agencies that may be involved. It’s also worth noting that claims against the government have additional procedures that are not required for lawsuits against private entities. Thus, it’s possible that receiving payment from a negligent death in a juvenile hall lawsuit can take up to several years.

Lawsuit for Drug Overdose in a Juvenile Hall incident liability attorney sue lawsuit
Statute of Limitations – How Much Time Do I have to File a Lawsuit?

As a general rule, juvenile halls in California are managed by the government, though the exact agency varies, depending on the type of facility. For example, many youth detention centers are managed at the county level by entities like the Los Angeles County Probation Department. Other facilities are under the jurisdiction of the California Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). This department, formerly known as the California Youth Authority (CYA), is in charge of the most serious juvenile offenders.

Wrongful death claims against government entities in California must be filed within 6 months from the date of death. Once the agency receives your claim, they have the options to offer you a settlement or reject your request for compensation. A rejection in writing within 45 days will allow you 6 months from the denial notice to file a lawsuit through the courts. In the event you don’t receive any response to your claim within 45 days, the statute of limitations for a lawsuit is 2 years from the date of your loved one’s passing.

It’s very challenging for most people to prepare and submit a claim within such a tight deadline. That’s why we urge you to contact us right away if you lost a child to a drug overdose in a California juvenile hall facility.

Second Opinion from an Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney

There are plenty of law firms out there who are eager to sign on clients with high-profile cases, like wrongful death lawsuits against a juvenile hall. But once the family agrees to hire them, that’s when things take a turn for the worse, whether it’s lack of communication or progress towards a timely resolution to their case. If you are currently dissatisfied with the lawyer that’s handling your wrongful death claim, please consider a free second opinion from the attorneys of DTLA. Legal options may be available to help get your case back on track, but you won’t know for sure unless you take the time to meet with us.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Prison Systems in California

Losing a child or any other family member is tragic under natural circumstances, but it’s even worse when the death is the result of a drug overdose that could have been prevented. If you lost someone to a juvenile hall drug overdose, please consult the prison death lawsuit attorneys of DTLA as soon as possible.

You won’t pay a single penny upfront if you choose to hire us. With the Zero Fee Guarantee, legal fees are charged to the defendant and paid to us at the end of your case. If we don’t recover the compensation you deserve, you pay absolutely nothing, as we are a contingency-based law firm.

Please take a moment to reach out to us and learn about your rights if your loved one overdosed on drugs while they were incarcerated at a juvenile hall. We look forward to achieving justice on your behalf and holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

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