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Lumberjack and Logger Injury Attorney

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The lumberjack and logger job is to fell or cut down trees, in order that they can go to be processed for various wood products needed in our economy. Loggers and lumberjacks are basically working the same job, it is an interchangeable name for anyone who cuts down, transports, cuts and processes trees for a living. Cutting down trees can be a dangerous job. The reason being is that trees fall all the time on their own in the forest, but when they are intentionally cut down, they can fall in unpredictable patterns if you are not experienced in felling trees, which can be a fatal combination.

Loggers and Lumberjacks Are Injured When Trees Fall on Them Without Warning

Even a highly experienced logger and lumberjack can sustain a serious injury, from a tree that falls down on them unexpectedly in the woods. If a lumberjack plans to cut down a tree, there is nothing stopping a nearby tree from crushing the lumberjack in the middle of doing the right job to cut down another tree. There are many injuries that a lumberjack can sustain, including:

  • Broken spine
  • Broken arms and legs
  • Broken back
  • Broken neck
  • Facial lacerations
  • Internal injuries
  • Head trauma
  • Coma
  • Concussion
  • Crushing injuries
  • Organ failure from crushing injuries
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Decapitation from a snapped cable
  • Breathing issues from a fall
  • Death

If you have been injured while working as a lumberjack or logger, you can call us and we will review your personal injury claim for free. We can go over your case for free, and review your medical bills with you regarding this claim.

Loggers and Lumberjacks Rely on Their Safety Equipment to Keep Them Safe When Tasked with Cutting Down Trees in the Forest

A lumberjack or logger needs to wear the safety equipment required for the job, which can help to keep the person safe when trees are being cut down at the job site. But if the equipment is in any way defective, it can make for a serious dangerous situation. The lumberjack needs to wear and have access to equipment such as:

  • Hard hats
  • Reflective vests
  • Spikes on shoes
  • Axes
  • Chainsaws
  • Pikes
  • Radio for help if needed

The job of a lumberjack is always going to be dangerous, because it is the person’s job to bring down trees that can weigh tons, cut them up, transport them to a mill, and then sell them to global industries around the world.

Lumberjacks and Loggers Start Off as Chokerman First, Then Graduate Up to the Position of Lumberjack

A lumberjack has to start off learning on the job, how to safely fell or bring down a tree. That means that the lumberjack starts off as in a chokerman position. The chokerman or chokerwoman at a lumberjack job site goes around and tags trees that will be pulled and cut down for transport. The chockerperson will climb on top of a field of trees, strap hooks to the trees and put cables on the trees that are going to be cut down. Once the trees are felled and cut down, then the chockerperson goes back into the field and helps tie up the trees to allow a crane to level the trees up to the trucks for transport from the logging fields and tracks. The trees are usually stripped of the branches by the crane at the job site, as it has a mechanism that can strip off branches with a tool on the crane. If that is not possible, then the chokerperson will go back to the fallen trees and saw off the tree branches with a chainsaw, to prepare trees to go on the logger truck on the way to the lumber mills for processing. This is a dangerous position for anyone to be in, because the cables from the cable tree lifter can snap, hooks can break and steel cables can whip around to cut a chokerperson in half in the field, if the worst does happen.

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Loggers and Lumberjacks Experience Crushing Injuries That Can Be Debilitating as Life-Changing Permanent Injuries

Crushing injuries can cause debilitating and life-changing permanent injuries, when they are experienced as a logger or lumberjack on a work site. Crushing injuries can be disabling injuries, and can include:1

  • Renal failure
  • Dyselectrolytemia
  • Respiratory distress syndrome
  • Intravascular coagulation
  • Hypovolemic shock
  • Arrhythmias
  • Psychological trauma
  • Amputations
  • Crush injuries breaking bones and muscles
  • Crush syndrome such as rhabdomyolysis
  • Compression syndrome compressing muscles
  • Compartment syndrome with metabolic disturbances of the muscles

If you have experienced a crushing injury, you will probably require emergency services to help you get the help you need to survive this injury. Crushing injuries can be debilitating, and may include amputations in order to save your life. When your muscles are crushed with arms or legs are crushed in a logging accident, you may require emergency surgical procedures and resuscitation to save your life. You can experience shock, need additional blood that is lost in the accident to be replaced, and may require surgeries to mend your crushed external extremities.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We can talk to you today about your claim easily, and you do not have to pay us any money before we start reviewing your claim with you. We offer a zero-fee guarantee discount, and you can get in on this offer by calling us now to review your lumberjack or logger injury claim.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in Lumberjack and Logger Injuries

You can call us now to review your case, and we can give you a free second opinion case review to go over your personal injuries and losses. Our professional lawyers are ready to work hard for you. We are here with a legal team who can help with your medical expenses and other losses related to your case. Just call us today on your lumberjack or logger injury claim, to talk to our experienced attorneys in Los Angeles at the DTLA Law Group right now.

Can I Sue for a Lumberjack and Logger Injury?

Yes, we can sue the at-fault parties for your lumberjack or logger injury claim. You can call us today, to talk exclusively to our Los Angeles case lawyers who can file a lawsuit on your behalf based on the merits of your claim. Just call now to review your case with our case attorneys in Los Angeles at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879.

Lumberjack and Logger Injury Attorney Lawyer Attorney lawsuit attorney sue
Average Case Value of a Lumberjack and Logger Injury

The average case value of a lumberjack or logger injury can range from $300,000 to over $3 million for disabling and debilitating injuries. Your total value of expenses, personal injury medical bills and damages will be reviewed. We will determine a final value personal injury recovery compensation settlement case for you, when you give us a call and we are able to review your claim with you.

How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

Your personal injury claim for a lumberjack or logger injury can take 4-7 months to resolve, depending on your personal injury claim and expenses.

Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years. The statute of limitations in California for harassment and discrimination lawsuit filing is one year, with a two year timeframe to file for wrongful termination.

Call for a Free Consultation

You can feel free to call us today for a free consultation on your lumberjack or logger injury claim. We can start the process right away, and we are here for you when you call 24/7.


1Rajagopalan S. (2010). Crush Injuries and the Crush Syndrome. Medical Journal, Armed Forces India, 66(4), 317–320.

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