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Victorville School Bus Accident With U-Haul Truck Injures Children

Victorville School Bus Accident With U-Haul Truck Injures Children According to reports more than a dozen children riding on a Victorville School Bus has been injured in a Traffic accident involving a U-haul truck.  The Bus was carrying as much as 40 students when the accident took place. The local San Bernardino Police Department is investigating the incident; while the Fire Department sated that two of the injured children suffered serious injuries. One of the two children who was serious injuries has suffered a life threatening traumatic brain injury as a result of the incident. Traumatic Brain Injuries: TBI’s are some of the most serious injuries which can occur in a traffic accident. Such injuries can result permanent mental, cognitive, and physical disabilities requiring decades of needed rehabilitation and nursing care. According to data published by the CDC Center for Disease Control the average lifetime cost of Serious Brain Injuries ranges between $2.5 Million and $4.0 Million dollars. U-Haul Truck accidents are a common occurrence since many drivers who rent such vehicles do not have the expertise required to operate them. Other causes of UHaul related accident on the road may include, inattentive driving, drunk driving, and the failure of U-haul to properly maintain and inspect the vehicle.

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