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Slip And Fall On Hydraulic Fluid At Lowes Lawyer

Slip And Fall On Hydraulic Fluid At Lowes Lawyer lawsuit attorney liability sue incident

Hydraulic fluid is a liquid made primarily of mineral oil or other oil that can be used as a lubricant or in hydraulic power transmission. The material is very viscous or thick and creates a very slippery surface when slipped or dripped on a floor or other smooth surfaces, which is why it is used as a lubricant. However, when this handy material is on the floor of a store such as Lowes, it becomes very hazardous. Not only is it very slick, but it can also be tough to see if only a small amount has leaked or dripped onto the smooth surface of the concrete floor at a Lowes store.

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall injury at Lowes due to hydraulic fluid spills or leaks, get in touch with the personal injury lawyers at DTLA Law Group immediately. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your time-sensitive questions and help you understand your rights as a slip and fall injury victim. In addition, we offer a free consultation to discuss your injuries, the hazards that contributed to your slip and fall injuries, and how you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. Please do not be intimidated by Lowes’s massive legal team on retainer. The staff at DTLA Law Group is here to fight relentlessly to protect your rights after you slipped and fell on hydraulic fluid at Lowes.

What Is A Dangerous Condition?

In California, store owners are responsible to their customers and the guests entering their establishment to maintain the store in a hazard-free manner. And when there is a safety concern, the store must close off the area, place warning signs, and make every effort to eliminate the hazard. In the case of hydraulic fluid spills or hydraulic fluid that has leaked onto the floor, there is an increased risk of patrons slipping and falling on this very slick spill. It is a dangerous condition that the store owner or manager must address immediately.

Not only should the store block off the immediate area of the leak or spill, but they should also inspect the rest of the store flooring for areas with hydraulic fluid that could have been on another patron’s shoes and has now created an additional hazardous area.

Slip And Fall On Hydraulic Fluid At Lowes Lawyer sue lawsuit attorney liability
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Possible Injuries From A Hydraulic Fluid Slip And Fall In Lowes

When most people think of a slip and fall injury, they imagine something relatively minor, like a bruised leg or arm. However, when you slip and fall due to a slippery liquid like hydraulic fluid, the injuries can be much more severe and include:

  • A traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord or vertebrae damage
  • Broken hip
  • Fractured or broken leg, arm, wrist, or hand
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Severe lacerations
  • Concussion

These injuries could leave you with permanent damage and a lifetime of pain and suffering after a fall on hydraulic fluid at a Lowes store.

What To Do After A Slip And Fall

Of course, your priority should always be seeking emergency medical care for any severe injuries after a slip and fall on the Lowes hydraulic fluid. However, even if you believe the injuries to be minor, there are several things you need to do to protect your rights and financial future. You never know if what you think are minor injuries will turn out to be very serious and costly. So be sure to:

  • Report the injury to the store manager and complete an accident report. Make sure you get a copy of the completed report for your records, or ask that the manager email you a copy of the report if it is not completed at the time of the incident. Also, get contact information for the manager you spoke to regarding the slip and fall accident.
  • Gather the contact information of any witnesses to your slip and fall. Ask if the witnesses would be willing to provide a written statement about what they saw. Exchange email addresses if they are willing to send you a statement later.
  • Take photos of the location where you fell. If someone is with you when you fall, it is helpful to take pictures immediately to show where you fell and what might be the cause, such as the hydraulic fluid on the floor. Be sure to get these photos before the store cleans up any remaining spills or drips of the hydraulic fluid. Also, document your injuries from your fall with pictures.
  • Save your shoes and clothing without washing them to remove any stains from the hydraulic fluid. In some cases, Lowes insurance company might try to say that you were wearing inappropriate shoes or clothing that were the real cause of your fall. Having your clothing and shoes covered in the hydraulic fluid will help to support your claim that the cause of the slip and fall was the hydraulic fluid and was not your fault.
  • Seek a medical evaluation even if you believe your injuries are minor. Only a medical professional can determine the severity of your injuries. Their professional evaluation could also be beneficial if you need to sue for compensation for your injuries and losses.
  • Contact DTLA Law Group to help you understand your rights as a slip and fall injury victim and how to move forward to get the compensation you are due because of the negligence of the staff at Lowes.
How Long Does A Slip And Fall Lawsuit Against Lowes Take To Complete?

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict how long any lawsuit will take to reach completion. Not only does the severity of your injuries impact the case, but so do the actions taken by the Lowes legal team. In addition, the court’s workload can impact the time needed to complete a lawsuit. So the team at DTLA Law Group recommends that all injury victims contact their office as soon as possible after any personal injury. The sooner you secure representation, the faster the case can be filed with the court system to move forward in seeking the compensation you are owed for your injuries.

In addition, it is essential to understand that injury victims in California have only two years from the date of the incident to file their claims with the court system. If you wait for any reason longer than two years, you are likely to have lost your ability to seek any compensation from Lowes. So the valuable time you spend speaking to Lowe’s legal team or insurance representatives is only using up the two years that you and your legal team have to build your case against Lowes.

Slip And Fall On Hydraulic Fluid At Lowes Lawyer sue lawsuit attorney liability incident
What Is The Value Of A Slip And Fall Injury Lawsuit Against Lowes?

Every lawsuit is unique. The value of any settlement or verdict is based on the amount of expenses and losses incurred by the victim. In your case, the losses you suffer due to your slip and fall injuries in Lowes will be evaluated to determine the amount you seek in compensation. The legal staff at DTLA Law Group will work with you to determine the amount of your losses and qualifying expenses when determining what total and fair compensation is for you.

Some of the most common items to be included in the compensation package include:

  • All of your current medical bills related to your slip and fall on hydraulic fluid at Lowes. These bills will include treatment for all physical and emotional injuries, such as treatment for depression or other emotional trauma related to the incident, such as nightmares or panic attacks
  • An estimated amount for any future treatment you might need related to your injuries
  • The cost of your legal services to file the lawsuit against Lowes
  • Compensation for any lost wages if you are unable to work while recovering from your injuries
  • Reimbursement for lost wages due to attending medical treatment or medical appointments related to your injuries
  • A dollar amount to compensate you for the pain and suffering you have endured as a result of your slip and fall injuries at Lowes
Why Choose DTLA Law Group

At DTLA, we are dedicated to ensuring justice for all injured victims. In addition, we believe that every injury victim has the right to expert legal representation, especially when facing the potentially intimidating task of suing a corporate giant like Lowes. So we are here to handle all of the legal matters on your behalf so that you can focus on healing rather than worrying about your case, your financial future, and facing the legal giants representing Lowes. Finally, to ensure that you know that our clients always come first, we never seek any payment for our services until we have gotten you the settlement or verdict you deserve from Lowes. If we don’t win your case, you owe us nothing. So please get in touch with the DTLA Law Group office today to learn how we will take on the Lowes legal team and get you the compensation you deserve for the injuries you suffered during a slip and fall in Lowes.


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