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California Big Lots Slip And Fall Lawsuit

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There are over 100 Big Lots discount stores in California, including the most popular in Los Angeles at 1815 W Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, California 90047. San Diego at 3705 Rosecrans St, San Diego, California 92110, and San Francisco Bay Area at 1551 Sycamore Ave, Hercules, CA 94547. Bargain shoppers love these stores for the close-out and overstock items that can be purchased for a fraction of the original cost.

The typical Big Lots store inventory can include furniture, mattresses, home décor, patio and garden items, bed and bath features, health and beauty merchandise, grocery items, and cleaning supplies. And if you are willing to search the endless shelves piled high with boxes, bags, and merchandise, you can find great prices to help keep your household budget on track.

But you might not be prepared to handle the countless slip and fall and trip and fall hazards that often plague this discount chain. Sadly, shoppers enter looking for bargains and leave looking for a doctor to evaluate their injuries sustained due to a nasty slip and fall accident in a Big Lots store. You are not alone if you or a loved one have suffered an injury while shopping in Big Lots. And you do not have to face the struggles and challenges of your injuries and growing medical expenses on your own.

The staff at DTLA Law Group is here to help you understand your rights as a personal injury victim and how to protect yourself from the financial hardships your injuries might cause. Contact the office today to speak to a California Big Lots Slip and fall lawyer for answers to your most pressing questions. We even offer a free consultation to discuss your slip and fall injuries and determine if you have grounds for a California Big Lots slip and fall lawsuit.

California Big Lots Slip And Fall Lawsuit Injury Lawyer sue compensation liability
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Why Are Big Lots Stores So Dangerous?

By nature, discount stores face added challenges when it comes to inventory and stocking. The items coming into the store vary. So there is no way to place space for the future shipments. Instead, staff members are forced to find space as best they can to get the latest shipment of items displayed on the shelves. So you are likely to discover some merchandise precariously balanced on shelves or that the displays are overstocked to get as much as possible on the sales floor and into the hands of consumers. And the result is often a floor littered with merchandise and ripe for a trip and fall or slip and fall injury accident.

In addition to this constant battle for organization, other common slip and fall hazards are very preventable if the staff at Big Lots would only devote time to housekeeping, cleaning, and inspections of the shopping area to ensure the safety of patrons. The most common slip and fall causes include:

  • Wet floors caused by a leaking water line, merchandise that is damaged and leaking on the floor, overflowing toilets, clogged drains, or drinks spilled on the floor
  • Merchandise that has fallen from the shelf and broken, spilling liquid or small items on the floor, such as rice, kitty litter, or pet chow
  • Paper napkins, straw wrappers, tissues, and other paper litter that is ignored when it is dropped to the floor
  • Recently mopped floors that are still damp but have no caution sign warning customers of the increased potential for a slip and fall accident
  • Boxes of merchandise that are stacked in aisle ways and at the end of shelving units block the shopper’s path
  • Large furniture items that are crammed into a small space with little or no safe walking space between the pieces

While these issues sound minor, they can result in significant injuries to a Big Lots slip and fall victim. Even more disturbing about these slip and fall injuries is that the hazards could have been eliminated or clearly marked to warn guests of the risk, preventing most of these unnecessary personal injuries.

Can I Sue Big Lots For My Slip And Fall Injuries?

The simple answer to this question is that there is no reliable, fast answer. The best way to know if you can sue Big Lots for your slip and fall accident injuries is to contact DTLA Law Group for a free consultation with an expert Big Lots slip and fall injury lawyer. After this initial meeting, you will have a definitive answer to your question, a complete understanding of your rights, and how to move forward with a Big Lots slip and fall lawsuit if that offers the best resolution for you.

Your lawyer will gather information from your description of the incident to evaluate if the staff at Big Lots was negligent in their duty of care and their attention to customers’ safety in the store. If the staff was negligent, which was the cause of your slip and fall injury, then you could be in a position to sue Big Lots for compensation.

Duty of care is a legal term for the obligation of business owners and their staff to provide a safe and hazard–free space for customers. The level of care is what most would deem as basic common sense. For example, most people would pick up pieces of paper from the floor to avoid a slip and fall accident. In addition, the same people would pick up a piece of ice from the floor so that it does not cause someone to slip and fall. According to duty of care, you should be able to expect these same common sense actions from the staff at Big Lots.

If the employees failed to perform these common sense duties or did not perform them in a reasonable amount of time, they could be negligent in their duty of care. And you could have reason to file a Big Lots slip and fall lawsuit to secure the compensation that is owed you for your injuries.

What Is The Value Of A California Big Lots Slip And Fall Lawsuit?

The value of each lawsuit varies based on the expenses and losses the injury victim faces. The staff at DTLA Law Group will assist you in compiling the documentation needed to justify your claim and secure the total compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. Some of the most common expenses included in a California Big Lots slip and fall lawsuit include:

  • All medical expenses related to the injuries suffered in your Big Lots slip and fall accident
  • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the fall
  • Your legal fees for the California Big Lots slip and fall lawsuit
  • Any lost wages if your injuries prevented you from working while you recovered

An additional amount can often be added for the pain and suffering you endured due to the injuries you suffered. The severity of the injuries and the time needed to recover will influence the amount of the pain and suffering compensation.

California Big Lots Slip And Fall Lawsuit Injury Lawyer incident liability attorney sue lawsuit
Some Of The Most Severe Injuries Caused By A California Big Lots Slip And Fall

Unfortunately, very few Big Lots slip and fall injury victims escape with only minor injuries. The small aisles, crowded display areas, and countless sharp corners and edges on shelving often compound the injuries suffered in these slip and fall incidents, which can include:

  • Facial injuries to the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, and skin
  • Neck, back, or spinal cord damage
  • Severe lacerations or puncture wounds that often include damage to internal organs or internal bleeding
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Joint damage to the soft connective tissue or a complete dislocation
  • Injuries to soft tissue and nerves that can result in lifetime impairment
  • Head injuries, including a skull fracture, concussion, brain hemorrhage, brain contusion, or other traumatic brain injury

Each of these injuries can have a devastating impact on the life of the injury victim and their loved ones. From the costly medical bills and long-term care needs to emotional trauma, stress, and depression, slip and fall injuries can take their toll on everyone near the victim.

The Statute Of Limitations For A California Big Lots Slip And Fall Lawsuit

As the victim of a personal injury, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim against Big Lots. If the claim is not filed with the court before that time expires, you will lose the right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. However, you can begin working with DTLA Law Group immediately after the incident to ensure your claim is filed as quickly as possible.

No Upfront Legal Fees

When you hire DTLA Law Group to handle your California Big Lots slip and fall lawsuit, you never need to worry about how to pay upfront legal fees. Our policy is only to get paid after we have completed your matter and secured the settlement or verdict needed to pay your legal fees and other expenses. And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to discuss your slip and fall and if you might have grounds to file a California Big Lots slip and fall lawsuit. We are here 24/7 to provide free guidance to all personal injury victims when you need it the most.

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