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Mobile Locksmith Sexual Assault Lawyer

Mobile Locksmith Sexual Assault Lawyer attorney sue lawsuit

Very rarely does the average person need to call a locksmith. However, when you need the assistance of a locksmith because you lost your keys or got locked out of the house, you are sure to appreciate the services of a mobile locksmith. They come to your home and will have you inside in just minutes. And if the issue is that you lost your house keys and think someone might now have access to your home, they can get to work replacing the locks. Soon, you will once again feel safe and secure in your house.

Mobile locksmiths are also beneficial when you have lost the keys to your car. They typically arrive at your home very shortly after you call and can have a new key ready for you soon. With all of these convenient and helpful services, you might think that a mobile locksmith is one of the most beneficial services offered in the community. However, you should never overlook the potential of a mobile locksmith representing a risk to your safety.

Sadly, even the person you call when you have locked yourself out of your house or lost your keys could pose a risk. Of course, the person will be alone with you in your home once they open the door for you. In most cases, you are so thankful to be inside that you welcome them in as you prepare to pay them for their expertise. But in that moment, are you paying close enough attention to see if the locksmith is getting too close to your personal space or acting overly bold or friendly?

Unfortunately, many victims of mobile locksmith sexual assault never think they will fall prey to an attack or assault, and most certainly not in the sanctity of their homes. So, they are the ideal target for this predator. The assault might involve significant abuse, or it could be limited to unwanted touching, fondling, groping, or a forced kiss. But regardless of the extent of the assault, you were sexually violated, and you could have the right to pursue legal action against the mobile locksmith.

Don’t hesitate to contact DTLA Law Group today to learn more about the precise definition of sexual assault and the legal merit of your claim against the locksmith who assaulted you. Our team of experts can be reached 24/7 to ensure you have the legal guidance and information you need when you are away from your attacker and in a safe place. We will quickly answer your questions and schedule a free consultation with a seasoned and successful mobile locksmith sexual assault lawyer to discuss your assault and how you can move forward in your recovery process.

Mobile Locksmisth Sexual Assault Lawyer liability sue compensation
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Who Defines Sexual Assault?

Ideally, you have never been forced to think about sexual assault, being the victim of a sexual assault, or whom to trust for a reasonable and trustworthy definition of this unthinkable act. However, if you have recently become the victim of a mobile locksmith sexual assault, there is a great deal you need to know. And the most important item on that list is the legal definition of sexual assault.

The United States Department of Justice defines sexual assault as any act with a sexual nature that is non-consensual. It includes cases where the victim cannot provide consent due to issues such as being inebriated, sedated, unconscious, or on any other medications impairing their ability to make sound judgments. The acts considered to be sex crimes by the U.S. DOJ include:

  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Unwanted groping or touching
  • Any act of a sexual nature that is forced against the victim’s will

These are all relatively commonly known and understood violations of a sexual nature. However, there are also many violent acts that carry a penalty as a sex crime that the average person does not generally consider to have a sexual nature. These crimes include:

  • Forced or coerced touching
  • Rubbing the genital area
  • Touching the genital area
  • Punching the genital area
  • Kicking the genital area
  • Urinating on or in front of another person

These are just some of the injustices you might have endured when you were sexually assaulted by a mobile locksmith who came to your home. Please get in touch with DTLA Law Group immediately to discuss the details of the assault and to determine if you have grounds for a mobile locksmith sexual assault lawsuit and the possible value of the claim.

How Much Is My Mobile Locksmith Sexual Assault Lawsuit Worth?

There are no predetermined values for a civil lawsuit, regardless of the infraction or reason for the claim. Instead, each lawsuit value is determined by compiling the allowable expenses and losses suffered by the victim due to their assault. You will work closely with the caring staff at DTLA Law Group to gather all the costs related to your sexual assault and any losses you might have incurred. The common verifiable items included in these claims are:

  • All current and future medical expenses related to the physical and emotional damage caused by your attacker
  • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the sexual assault
  • Your lost wages if the injuries or trauma you suffered due to the sexual assault prevented you from working
  • Legal fees and expenses from DTLA Law Group for the preparation, filing, and litigation of your mobile locksmith sexual assault lawsuit

In claims that include significant physical or emotional trauma, it is common for the victim to also request compensation for their pain and suffering due to the sexual assault. In these instances, your DTLA Law Group mobile locksmith sexual assault lawyer will assist you in selecting an appropriate dollar amount. They often refer to recent claims that involved similar damages to ensure you receive the full and fair compensation you deserve for all you endured.

Who Can I Sue For My Losses And Expenses?

As you might already know, your attacker could be facing criminal charges for the sexual assault against you. However, that is not going to provide you with any financial compensation. Instead, you must file a civil claim with the court to get the money needed to pay medical and legal costs and other expenses.

If your attacker has been charged and found guilty of a sexual assault or other sex crime, they could face jail time. And that could mean you have little chance of getting the financial help you need. But in some cases, the victim of a mobile locksmith sexual assault will have the option to seek compensation from the service that employed their attacker. The staff at DTLA Law Group will investigate the hiring practices and other policies in place at the mobile locksmith company to determine if the business was negligent in their hiring practices or if they failed to properly pre-screen employees before they were hired. These failures on the part of the company management or owners could mean that you have a legal right to seek compensation from them for the sexual assault you suffered.

Mobile Locksmith Sexual Assault Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue
When To File Your Mobile Locksmith Sexual Assault

As the victim of a mobile locksmith sexual assault, you have up to two years from the incident date to file a claim against your attacker. If the case is not filed with the court, you will typically lose the right to seek compensation for your losses and expenses. However, no waiting period is required to limit how soon you can file the claim after the sexual assault. Your DTLA Law Group legal team will help you determine when to file your claim to ensure we best meet your immediate and long-term needs.

You Deserve The Best Mobile Locksmith Sexual Assault Lawyer

After a traumatic event like a mobile locksmith sexual assault, you will want to forget the details as quickly as possible. So, contacting DTLA Law Group as soon as possible is always wise to relate the information we need to protect you and your rights. As soon as we have that information from you, our team will do everything possible to handle every aspect of the claim on your behalf. We know that you cannot and will not ever forget the violation. However, we do hope to take the immediate thoughts and pressure off your shoulders so that you can begin to focus on overcoming the hardships and pain of this unthinkable event.

In addition, our staff will handle your sexual assault lawsuit with no upfront legal fees or payments required from you. Instead, we only get paid for our work and reimbursed for the fees we paid to file your case with the court after successfully securing the settlement or verdict funds you deserve. And you owe us nothing if we fail to win your mobile locksmith sexual assault lawsuit.

We hope these generous payment policies help eliminate your stress about legal expenses and allow you to focus on your recovery. Our belief is that there is no better way to demonstrate our dedication to our clients than to offer to work for free if we fail. So please never feel alone or overwhelmed when you think about taking steps to protect your financial future and well-being by filing a mobile locksmith sexual assault case in civil court. The DTLA Law Group team of expert sexual assault lawyers will be by your side every step of the way. Please contact our office today to learn more.


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