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Assaulted While on the Sea Orgs Attorney

Assaulted While on the Sea Orgs Attorney lawyer sue lawsuit compensation incident

The Sea Organization or the “Sea Org” is part of the Church of Scientology, whereby the staff members manage and run a naval force that is private in nature run by the Church of Scientology exclusively. There are many members of the Sea Org, and the church manages the schedule and running of the vessel. The church uses the Sea Org to coordinate a Rehabilitation Project Force or RPF, which are punishment-type work camps within Sea Org facilities. Apparently, there are many people who have been assaulted while in association with the Sea Orgs facilities, and are seeking restitution for their assaults and subsequent personal injuries associated with the Church of Scientology activities.

Church of Scientology Has Many Issues, Problems and Concerns with Regard to Assaults by and on Church Members

That there are some organizations that may believe that they are above the law can happen, but often times if there is the word “church” in the title, the lines to acceptable and unacceptable behavior can get fuzzy. Call us today at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879, to talk to a lawyer with experience in personal injury and pain and suffering claims. We are here to help you after an assault on a church member. You can call us 24/7, to talk to an attorney with expertise in personal injury claims today.

Assaulted While on the Sea Orgs Attorney lawyer attorney lawsuit sue
Our Latest Verdicts and Settlements

$54 Million

Sexual Assault

$1.93 Million

Security Guard Assault


Assault & Battery


Assault By Security Guard


Premises Liability


Back Injury


Back Injury


Head Trauma
Zero Fee Guarantee

You may be experiencing high medical bills related to your assault on the Sea Orgs. If this is the case, then you will want to get in on our zero-fee guarantee. You are automatically eligible for this offer, all that you need to do is to call us today.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in Personal Injuries Resulting from Being Assaulted While on the Sea Orgs

We can talk to you and you can work with our attorneys who specialize in personal injuries from being assaulted on the Sea Orgs. You will want to tell your story to a lawyer with a specialty in assaults, batteries and personal injuries from working with the Scientology community. You do not need to hesitate to start your legal claim against the organizers for the Sea Orgs. You may have medical bills that are going to come in hot right about now. Before you have to pay these bills out of your own pocket, you can call us to review your case. Our lawyers who can help with your claim are standing by to review your claim with you now. We are here with our legal team of experienced attorneys in Los Angeles, at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879.

Can I Sue for Personal Injuries and an Assault While on the Sea Orgs?

Yes, we can sue for personal injuries you sustained while on the Sea Orgs. You may have experienced many different types of assault, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Battery
  • Being beaten up
  • Molestation
  • Rape
  • Verbal assault
  • Emotional assault
  • Financial assault
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Manipulation
  • Fear of being beaten
  • Groping
  • Sexual harassment
  • Hitting
  • Punching
  • Kicking
  • Torture

If you have experienced any of these various types of assault in your time with the Sea Orgs, you can call us and talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers today. We can file a lawsuit on your behalf, and give you the legal advice you need in this case. We are here for you 24/7, and our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue to get you the recovery compensation that you deserve in this type of personal injury case.

Average Case Value of an Assault While on the Sea Orgs

In 2021, there were four women alleging sexual assault and harassment by a Church of Scientology church official Danny Masterson. The case is continuing to be managed, but the women stated that they were harassed abused and sent to forced labor during their time at the organization.

Assaulted While on the Sea Orgs Attorney liability sue compensation incident attorney
How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

It can take around 4-6 months to settle out on an assault case from working on the Sea Orgs. If you are still under a doctor’s care for your personal injuries, you can still call us today to start the process to initiating your lawsuit. We can review your doctor’s information with you, and will give you the professional legal advice you need now for this claim. You may have suffered personal and physical injuries, pain and suffering, and other bodily injury claims related to your loss. In that situation, you will want to talk to a legal team that you can trust. We are here for you and ready to initiate your claim for you now.

Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years. You will not want to waste time wondering how this will all turn out, when you can give us a call today and start the process to a full recovery package right now. the total of your special and general damages will affect your recovery settlement, and there is not any time to waste to get the process started today.

Call for a Free Consultation

You may have suffered permanent and life-changing injuries, from being assaulted while on the Sea Orgs. You can call us today for a free consultation, and we will review your case for you right now when you call us. You will want us to go over your claim with you, to understand how to best handle your claim in the future as a lawsuit.

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