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International Space Station Sexual Abuse Lawyer

International Space Station Sexual Abuse Lawyer Lawyer lawyer attorney lawsuit sue

The International Space Station or ISS is an international space collaboration to put humans into space and keep them there for research purposes. The ISS is a research vessel that orbits the earth in space. It holds astronauts from a variety of countries, and performs to date over 10 years of ongoing research to benefit all nations. The ISS astronauts routinely review and conduct research in many different scientific disciplines, including:

  • Biology
  • Human physiology
  • Material sciences
  • Physics
  • Earth science
  • Space science

Living in space would be exciting and a once in a lifetime opportunity for any astronaut. But as you can imagine the tight quarters of the ISS can make for difficulties related to privacy. There may be cultural differences among the astronauts, to where there could be a “misunderstanding” that is thinly guised as a sexual assault or case of sexual abuse. If you have been sexually assaulted or abused as an ISS astronaut, you can call us at the DTLA Law Group immediately. We can review your claim, and go over your case to help you recover for any personal injuries that you experienced as an ISS astronaut.

International Space Station Sexual Abuse Lawyer Lawyer lawyer attorney lawsuit sue
Our Latest Verdicts and Settlements

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Sexual Assault

$1.93 Million

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Code of Conduct Rules Specifically Prohibit Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in Space

There is a Code of Conduct as well as ISS Flight Rules that are to be adhered to when an astronaut is working in the ISS. These rules are related to the Earth to Orbit Vehicle or ETOV that are used for the mission, and also the other Multilateral Crew Operations Panel or MCOP rules in place to protect the personal privacy and sanctity of astronauts working on the ISS. These Codes and rules apply to all crew members from the time of assignment to an ISS mission or expedition, to the completion of the post-flight activities and a return home. The acting Commander on the ISS is responsible for training all personnel on the ISS in the code rules, and ensuring the safety of all participants in the program. The purpose of working on the ISS is to complete the mission assigned, not to harass or sexually assault other members of the ISS team. Any team member working outside of this mission is to be reprimanded when the team member returns home from the space mission. In general, no sexual assault behaviors are tolerated by other team members in space.

Zero Tolerance Is the Name of the Game on the ISS Regarding Sexual Abuse

There is a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment or harassment of any kind on the ISS. The issue was reviewed in the Code of Conduct, and it is the responsibility of the flight Commander to ensure that these rules are upheld at all times. The no tolerance rule for no harassment stems from working to maintain a harmonious and collaborative relationship among crew members, when they are in space so far away from home. People working on the ISS need to know that their personal space will not be violated, and that they will be respected at all times during their collaborative flight mission.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee, and you can get in on this offer by calling us today at the DTLA Law Group.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in an International Space Station Sexual Abuse Claim

We offer a free second opinion case review from our experienced attorneys in Los Angeles at the DTLA Law Group. We can review your claim for free, and talk to you about your recovery compensation package when you allow us to review your claim with you for damages.

Can I Sue for an International Space Station Sexual Abuse Claim?

Yes, we can sue for a sexual assault or sexual abuse on the ISS. People who are victims of a sexual assault suffer many different types of physical and emotional injuries, including:1

  • Laceration
  • PTSD
  • Abrasion
  • Contusion
  • Genital trauma
  • Fractures
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Internal hemorrhage
  • Back injury
  • Neck injury
  • Wounds

If you have suffered a physical or emotional injury from sexual abuse in the ISS program, you can call us at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879. We are here to review your personal injury claim, and our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit on your behalf. We will work to get you the recovery compensation that you deserve in this case. All that you have to do to start the process, is to call us now.

Average Case Value of an International Space Station Sexual Abuse Claim

The average case value of an ISS sexual abuse claim is $300,000 to $5 million. Your specific claim recovery compensation package will depend on your losses, damages, and personal injuries as they relate to your case.

International Space Station Sexual Abuse Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue
How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

It can take 4-7 months to settle and get paid on a sexual abuse case for personal injuries. We will have more information when we talk to you, and can review the specifics of your claim.

Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years. The statute of limitations in California for harassment and discrimination lawsuit filing is one year, with a two year timeframe to file for wrongful termination.

Call for a Free Consultation

You can call us today for a free consultation, and we will go over your claim for free. It is easy to make the first call to us, just call us now. We understand the sensitive nature of your case, and we will talk to you in the strictest of confidence regarding your personal injury claim for sexual abuse at the ISS or during working in the ISS program.


1McCormack, D., Subburamu, S., Guzman, G., Calderon, C., Darapaneni, R., Lis, R., Sima, N., Sperling, J., & Corbo, J. (2022). Traumatic Injuries in Sexual Assault Patients in the Emergency Department. The Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, 23(5), 672–677.

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