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Solar Panel Electrocution Attorney

Solar Panel electrocution attorney lawyer risk danger burn incident accident lawsuit sue compensation
Solar Panels Have Hidden Electrical Hazards

If you are hired to work on solar panels, or have an interaction with a solar panel and become electrocuted, we need to talk to you today. There are inherent dangers associated with solar panels. This is because of hidden and overt dangers of solar panels, and how many people each year are injured by them.

A solar panel is photovoltaic unit, which means that the solar panel uses the heat from the sun to convert energy from the sunlight that hits the panel. That seems easy enough to understand, right? Well, there is another step to consider. The energy of the solar panel is converted to electricity that is stored in a battery or with what is called thermal storage. This will be a quick lesson in how solar panels work.

As the sun hits the solar panel, it has elements inside the panel to convert the sunlight to electricity. Inside of the solar panel also are silicon, electrons and other metals are in the panel too. There are conductive metal plates, wires and a fused array combiner within the solar panel, just ready to convert sunlight into electricity. Now that you know generally how they work, let’s talk about the electricity produced by a solar panel, and why it is very dangerous to work near or around.

Solar Panels Pack a Punch of Electricity Produced in Each Panel

Some estimates note that a solar panel can produce around 1,450 watts-hours or around 1.5 kilowatt-hours (kwh). Interestingly enough, the lethal dosage of electricity that will harm or kill someone when electrocuted is not the kilowatt hours, but rather measured in the milliamps of electricity delivered to the victim’s body.

For example, with a severe shock, a current ranging between 100 and 100 mA (0.1 to 0.2 amps) is enough to produce a severe burn or unconsciousness. At over 100 milliamps, the person getting the shock will likely develop ventricular fibrillation of the heart, which will result in a death of the person. Over 200 milliamps, the heart muscle will contract so forcibly, that it will put the heart into shock and the person will die.

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How Is Someone Electrocuted by a Solar Panel?

Now for some final math. This means that each solar panel can produce between 14 and 24 amps of power, which is enough to give full power to a small appliance in the kitchen. Remember, most people have several solar panels on their home, all producing electrical energy and converted electricity. Although 14 amps on one solar panel does not seem like a lot, it is also enough to seriously burn or kill someone who comes into contact with this large amount of accumulated electricity from all the solar panels generating at one time.

If you have been electrocuted from working on, near or by touching a solar panel, then you need to give our office a call immediately. We are able to help you with this type of claim and can get you the recovery compensation that you need right now.

Injuries Typical of Electrocution by a Solar Panel

There are many different types of low voltage and high voltage shocks that a person can receive from being electrocuted by a solar panel. A low voltage shock can cause:

  • Superficial burns to the skin
  • Electrical sensations
  • Painful shocks
  • Inability to let go
  • Cardiac arrest from ventricular fibrillation

High voltage shock effects can be even more serious for someone electrocuted by a solar panel. These injuries are consistent with:

  • Deep burns
  • Late arrhythmia
  • Rhabdomyolysis
  • Secondary trauma from falls
  • Being thrown from the source of the voltage
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Coronary artery thrombosis
  • Asystole

People who suffer electrical burns may need to have secondary surgical procedures to repair damage to internal organs. They may also suffer chronic pain and neuropsychiatric effects of being electrocuted. There may be skin grafts which are necessary to save the skin around the burn area. If you have experienced an electrical burn from working on a solar panel, you need to give us a call today. We are able to connect you to a lawyer who understands what you are going through with your complex burn injuries. We will be there to review your case, as you face any medical challenges working on a personal recovery from this type of injury.

When you call us, you will be able to come to our office and sit down with an attorney, who will give you a new perspective on what we will do to win this case for you. You need to be working with a law firm with a solid understanding of how to deal with big insurance companies with these types of burn injures on the line.

Solar Panel electrocution attorney lawyer risk danger burn incident accident lawsuit compensation sue
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Can I Sue the People Who Are Responsible for Causing My Solar Panel Electrocution?

Yes, we can sue for your personal injuries suffered from a solar panel electrocution. You need to call our Los Angeles case lawyers, who are ready and able to file a lawsuit on your behalf on this claim. We are here to help you, and to get back the money in recovery compensation that you deserve in this case. You will want to be affiliated with our winning team of case attorneys in Los Angeles, who can sue the people who are responsible for your losses and personal injuries.

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