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Electronic Vehicle Electrocution Attorney

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Green powered cars or electronic vehicles are the new alternative for people interested in being kind to the planet. But the electronic vehicles or EVs have a definite downside. This is that the EVs pack a powerful electrical punch, and you can be electrocuted to the point of death, just by working in and around an electronic vehicle.

What Is an Electric Vehicle?

An electric drive vehicle is a car that uses one or more than one electric motors connected to the vehicle to make it run. The electric vehicle batteries are adaptable to:

  • Electric cars
  • Electric trucks
  • Electric trains
  • Electric boats
  • Electric motorcycles
  • Electric scooters

The electronic vehicle does not use gas to power it and make it go. It uses an electric energy storage device, which can be in the form of a battery, fuel cell or super capacitor. This type of renewable energy is sustainable and “clean” energy for the most part.

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Electronic Vehicles Pose a Grave Electrical Shock Hazard

An electronic vehicle can cause a serious and even lethal shock to you, if you are working in and around the electronic vehicle. You may be susceptible to burns, internal organ damage and electrocution from working in, near and around your electronic vehicle. To understand the reasons for an electric shock, we need to put our physics hat on for a few moments. If you are charging up your electronic vehicle, the battery that is being recharged may be in contact with the negative terminal of the battery. There is a large conductive surface on the electronic vehicle, and you need to be careful of this at all times. Even being as careful as possible, there is still the chance that you can easily be electrocuted by your electronic vehicle.

If you are standing in contact with a positive terminal potential in relation to the battery, here is the dangerous part. The chassis of the electronic vehicle will temporarily and without intention connect to the ground at some point, causing a joint connection called a two-terminal contact. You will basically become a conductive electrical resource for your electronic vehicle, and the electricity will start to flow through your body as a result of just touching your electronic vehicle while you are standing on the ground.

Your Electric Vehicle Is a Mechanical Wonder, and Extremely Dangerous to Be Around!

Back with your physics hat on, don’t take it off quite yet. An electronic vehicle is different from a conventional gas vehicle in every way. Suffice it to say, the electronic vehicle has electromagnetic interferences that can affect the car from the inside and outside of the unit. Said another way, you need to know that you have a fully functioning emergency stop switch on your electronic vehicle, to stop the power supply batteries and fuel cells from working when you are working in, near or around the electronic vehicle.

Remember, there is a high level of electrical charges running through the car at all times. It regenerates its energy at rest in some instances, and in that way, your electronic vehicle may always be considered to be “on.” Your electronic vehicle may be recharging its auxiliary power supplies such as for the air conditioning, lights, wipers and other components. The battery on an electronic vehicle operates and powers everything on that vehicle. It can even be more expensive to replace than the motor, in some cases. The fact is, your electronic vehicle can short circuit at any time, and will then pose a high risk that it could electrocute you even fatally.

Charging the Battery of an Electronic Vehicle Poses a Risk of a Shock

The electronic vehicle battery is not supposed to be charged up to the “fill” line. It is meant to be charged at a range of operation between 20% to 80%. You need to read carefully the owner’s manual and understand that you can over charge your battery, where you will have problems. Also, if your battery is routinely under charged you can also have issues with the electronic vehicle.

There is an off-board battery charger that can be used to quickly recharge your electronic vehicle, as well as an on-board battery charger. If you are using an on-board chargers they need to be completely grounded during charging, and all safety guidelines need to be followed.

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Electronic Vehicle Electrocution Attorney lawyer compensation lawsuit risk hazard personal injury accident incident sue

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We would like to extend the offer to you of a free second opinion on your case. When you call our law office, we are able to talk to you for free, and answer all of your questions related to an electronic vehicle electrocution. We are here for you, and are ready to make your case our first priority. You will have the opportunity to work with an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who is knowledgeable regarding injuries and losses related to an electronic vehicle electrocution.

Can I Sue for an Electronic Vehicle Electrocution?

Yes, you can bring a legal action for an electronic vehicle electrocution. You may have suffered extensive burns or internal injuries related to this case. We are here We will always put your best interest first and foremost, and our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit for you in this case. Call our law office to talk one on one to our case attorneys in Los Angeles. We are here to answer your most pressing questions, and can sue to ensure that the good things that you deserve will come to you in regard to this case.

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