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Daily Harvest Lentil and Leek Crumbles Gastrointestinal Injuries Attorney

Daily Harvest Lentil and Leek Crumbles Gastrointestinal Injuries Attorney attorney lawyer lawsuit sue compensation personal injury

Daily Harvest is a food service that delivers fresh foods to your door, to prepare conveniently in your own kitchen. The service shops for the ingredients for the customers, to save them time and effort in knowing what to prepare to offer healthy food choices for their families.

Recently however, many customers of Daily Harvest have been hospitalized, because of tainted crumbles. The crumbles from Daily Harvest have caused customers serious gastrointestinal problems, including symptoms of:

  • Extreme stomach pains
  • Stomach sickness
  • Liver damage
  • Food poisoning
  • Abdominal pains
  • Fevers
  • Chills
  • Jaundice
  • Liver damage

It is unknown if these gastrointestinal injuries from eating lentil and leek crumbles will also extend to flatbreads sold by the Daily Harvest company as well. In the case that you have been injured by a Daily Harvest packaged food item, you need to call our law team today.

You will want to talk to a lawyer who is ready to discuss your personal injuries and long-term recovery right now. When you call our office at the DTLA Law Group, you can speak to an attorney who is ready to start a lawsuit, based on the merits of your food poisoning case.

Food Sold and Ingested by Daily Harvest Creates Serious Gastrointestinal Issues

A gastrointestinal tract infection is a serious infection, and it is most often caused by food poisoning. Even before the authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration investigating a food poisoning claim at a company know the cause of massive food poisoning, the food poisoning incident can affect many large groups of consumers.

Everyone is susceptible to food poisoning, from little children to the elderly. The reason that people become so ill with an episode of food poisoning, is that there is an ingestion of a pathogen that has entered the body from eating the food.

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Foodborne Bacteria Can Be Deadly to the Human Body from Food-Associated Infections

We now know that “food poisoning” is really a food-associated infection. Think about it this way, there are many dozens of seriously deadly bacteria that are in our everyday environment. Most people are not susceptible to becoming sick with these bacteria and viruses, because they don’t put the virus or bacteria into their bodies willfully. That makes perfect sense, no one will want to accept a bacterium into his or her body being aware of how deadly these bacteria can be to the human body.

But if you have eaten tainted food, that is exactly what you have done. You have unwillingly introduced a deadly bacteria or virus into your body. One that can harm and affect your major organs, and create havoc in your internal structures of the body. Some of these viruses are life-threatening, and can cause people to become disabled just for having been exposed to the bacteria internally.

People think of a food poisoning episode as not that serious, but it is. Food poisoning can affect every major organ in your body, much the way a computer virus can disable every aspect of your computer network system or even your laptop computer if affected with it. If you are injured with a gastrointestinal injury from eating tainted Daily Harvest food crumble, just all us at the DTLA Law Group right now.

What Types of Bacteria Can Cause Food Poisoning?

There are many different types of bacteria and other viruses that can cause serious food poisoning. These bacteria can include:

  • Shigella
  • Bacillus cereus
  • Clostridium perfringens
  • Salmonella
  • E. coli
  • Campylobacter jejuni
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Cyclospora
  • Giardia
  • Norovirus
  • Caliciviruses
  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Hepatitis A
  • Botulism

The dangerous pathogens that cause food poisoning are found in humans and in animals. Our bodies in a healthy state can usually combat a small number of infected microorganisms, to prevent an episode of food poisoning. But when we are given a high-level dose of a pathogen in tainted food, the body can’t keep up in fighting off the bacteria intruder – and thus we get sick from a food poisoning episode.

How Does a Bacteria Invade Our Healthy Bodily Systems?

A bacterium invades our healthy bodily systems, when it is introduced in tainted food into our mouths when we eat. For example, if there are dangerous microorganisms on a vegetable that is eaten, that food goes into the mouth, is digested into the stomach, and the organisms move into the bodily systems from there. Once a bacterium is ingested from eating tainted foods, the organism can multiply and increase the levels of toxins in the body. The organism can also then be absorbed into the bloodstream, and start to infect other bodily organs with the toxins. That is why people get physically ill, they have symptoms from the toxins that are infecting their bodily systems and causing pains, fevers and toxins to invade their body. If people become ill on tainted food and get diarrhea, the pathogens will begin to finally exit the body (by throwing up or in feces). But the damage to the internal organs may already have compromised those delicate internal organs and systems.

If your internal organs were damaged with problems from eating Daily Harvest crumble foods, you can call us at the DTLA Law Group today.

Fresh Food Manufacturers Are at Risk of Contaminating the Foods They Sell to Consumers

Food manufacturers of boxed and sold prepared foods, need to use the highest standards possible to prepare their foods for sale to consumers. If there are any instances of uncleanliness, questionable hygiene of the workers, or any issue related to cross-contamination, there will be the chance of food poisoning to the consumers as a result. It is very important that the manufacturing facilities have the highest standards for cleanliness to avoid these types of issues from occurring in the first instance.

There need to be protocols and practices in place at every company that sells prepackaged food to the public. In fact, there need to be new protocols for cleanliness in place because of the effects of the pandemic as well. Here are some concerns that would need to be addressed at a manufacturing plant, which if ignored could result in tainted or food poisoning episodes for the customers and consumers of the packaged food being prepared. The issues include:

  • Use dented cans for food products during food preparation
  • Do not check the shelf life of the product before using it to cook prepared foods
  • Clean work tops with dirty towels, sponges or wipes spreading germs and bacteria
  • Do not use gloves for food cutting and food preparation procedures
  • Do not cover their hair, beard, mouth or arms when preparing and cutting food for meal preparation of packaged foods
  • Wear the same apron daily if it looks “clean,” instead of using a fresh apron daily
  • Do not wash hands frequently during the day
  • Have never been properly trained on proper food handling techniques

You may not have all of the answers as to why you were food poisoned, and may only know that the Daily Harvest crumbles food gave you a gastrointestinal injury. You can call us at the DTLA Law Group today, to discuss your case. You can recover the full amount of a settlement to cover your medical bills, lost wages and other losses, based on the claim of your injuries.

Food Poisoning Can Cause Liver Inflammation

Liver damage can occur quite quickly when a person is infected with bacterium from food poisoning and foodborne illnesses. One problem will be if Hepatitis-based bacterium is introduced into the person’s body, it will cause inflammation and damage to the liver as a matter of course.

How this happens is this: the liver will try to process out the toxins of a food poisoning toxic episode, but the bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms will overrun the liver, causing it to stop functioning properly. This can result in life-threatening liver failure, damage to the liver and the complications of liver disease as a result of one bout of food poisoning. If this has happened to you, just call us at the DTLA Law Group today.

Daily Harvest Lentil and Leek Crumbles Gastrointestinal Injuries Attorney attorney lawyer lawsuit compensation personal injury sue
Food Poisoning Episodes Can Cause Debilitating Illnesses

Food poisoning can cause other debilitating illnesses. That means from getting food poisoning, a person can quickly develop complications related to other life-threatening problems, such as:

  • Dehydration
  • Hemolytic uremic syndrome
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Reactive arthritis

If you have been infected by a Daily Harvest gastrointestinal injury, the incubation period may last from a few hours to several days. You will want to seek medical attention at your approved healthcare provider, to address the immediate symptoms of your food-associated infection and possible food poisoning attack. Then you will want to talk to an attorney from the DTLA Law Group, with expertise in cases of personal injury from food poisoning. Call our office today, to get with attorneys who specialize in settling cases of personal injury from Daily Harvest prepackaged food gastrointestinal injuries.

Zero Fee Guarantee

When you call us today, you can take advantage of our zero-fee guarantee. You will have the assistance of our legal team and lawyers who can help with your gastrointestinal injury from eating Daily Harvest foods. We are here for you at the DTLA Law Group, and you can call us this morning for help with your personal injury case.

Free Second Opinion

You can call us today to talk to a lawyer with solid specialty in gastrointestinal injuries from eating Daily Harvest crumbles food. You will want to call us at the DTLA Law Group, to discuss your case with experienced attorney in Los Angeles. Call now for your free second opinion in this case.

Can I Sue for a Daily Harvest Crumbles Gastrointestinal Injury?

Yes, we can sue for a gastrointestinal injury from eating tainted food from Daily Harvest. Just call us to discuss your case with our Los Angeles case lawyers. Our legal team can file a lawsuit for you, and our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue on your behalf the responsible parties to this loss. Just call now, we will give you the peace of mind you need in this type of case.

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You can feel comfortable to call us today at the DTLA Law Group for a free consultation on your Daily Harvest gastrointestinal injury case. We can give you the attention you deserve on this case, just call us today!


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