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Coin operated laundries exist for individuals who do not have a laundry in their own homes. These businesses are found in neighborhoods across the country, and they provide a great service to help people to keep their clothes clean and fresh on a weekly basis. But it is possible to be seriously injured at a coin operated laundry.

Coin Operated Laundries Are Hazardous Minefields to Your Health

If you have ever gone to use a coin operated laundry, then you know that the washers and dryer machines, as well as the flooring and counters, can be dangerous. You can be injured in a myriad of ways at the coin operated laundry.

For instance, you can get hurt using the washer and dryers, because of the components making up the machines and equipment, including:

  • Broken glass on the machines
  • Ruse on the stainless-steel plates
  • Rusty cast iron
  • Rusted out aluminum
  • Broken copper wires causing fires
  • Exposed electronic components
  • Polypropylene chairs that are broken

If you have been hurt using a coin operated laundry machine, then you need to call us at the DTLA Law Group right now.

The Cause of Common Injuries at a Coin Laundry

You can be injured quite easily at a coin operated laundry. You can touch something that is rusty and get a bad cut, or you can sit in a chair that is rickety and fall down injuring yourself in the process.

Other injuries that you can expect at a coin laundry include the following:

  • Hitting your head falling backwards off of a broken chair
  • Cutting your hand on a rusty machine part
  • Getting a traumatic brain injury falling off of a broken chair
  • Slipping and falling on debris breaking an arm or a leg
  • Hitting your arm on a broken piece of counter top
  • Needing a tetanus shot cutting your finger on rusty edges of machines
  • Amputating a finger in the slots of the washer trying to put in or take out money
  • Crushing injuries opening and closing broken doors on washers or dryers
  • Overcome by fumes from an improperly maintained dryer with lint accumulated in it

We understand that you may have lost wages being out and injured from a coin operated laundry unsafe condition situation. It is easy for you to pick up your cell phone and call us though, we are here when you need us the most.

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Coin Operated Laundries Can Be in a State of Disrepair, Causing Personal Injuries to Users of the Services

Coin operated laundries need to be neat, clean and well cared for to reduce serious personal injury to the public using those services. If a coin operated laundry is in disrepair, it can have the traits of dangerous conditions, such as:

  • Disassembled washing machines
  • Not usable dryers
  • Leaking washing machines
  • Exposed dripping drain outlet pipes
  • Residual water left in the washing machines
  • Broken manual water supply valves
  • Broken and leaky water supply hoses
  • Stripped and broken supply cables

Coin operated laundries are responsible to keep their machines and premises in excellent repair. If you have been injured at a coin operated laundry, just call us to discuss your case. This is not your responsibility to keep the coin operated laundry safe, and we know what to do to help you with your lawsuit and claim for personal injuries in this matter.

Washing Machines and Dryers Need to Be regularly Checked for Safety Reasons

If a coin operated laundry owner or operator does not regularly check the machines for safety, then there can be unsafe conditions with the potential to hurt the public, that will never be found out. Some hazardous conditions involving the machines includes:

  • Machines with no water coming out
  • Machines with low water issues
  • Poor conditions with machines
  • Machines that need to be replaced
  • Rusty washer cabinets
  • Faulty water draining pump
  • Filters ruined and not filtering water
  • Faulty external switches
  • Manual water inlet valves sticking
  • Disconnect valves frayed
  • Siphon tubes faulty
  • Dispensers rusty and broken
  • Brackets worn and rusted out
  • Fastening tabs broken
  • Lower basins dirty
  • Liquid compartments full of debris and gunk
  • Water too hot in machine
  • Risk of burns on machine hot water inlet hose
  • External switches frayed connection to machines
  • Low water tightness of couplings to machines
  • Grease marks inside machines
  • Prior customers used gas-soaked clothing in machines
  • Door seals broken on machines
  • Machines could use a general overhaul and repair
  • Fabric and clothing stuck between folds of door seals
  • Faulty draining pumps
  • Faulty door locks
  • Doors to machines don’t fully close during use
  • Faulty unbalanced control switch
  • Broken temperature probe
  • Broken heating circuit
  • Broken water inlet
  • Defective level controls
  • Drains clogged
  • Excessive temperature of cold machines running
  • Heating system gets too hot in dryer

In the event that you are injured at a coin operated laundry, you can call our team of lawyers right now. We are here for you with a lawyer with experience in resolving issues related to injuries at a coin operated laundry. You can talk to an attorney with expertise in coin operated laundry injuries in our law office, when you call us today.

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Coin Laundry Injury Attorney lawyer compensation lawsuit injury incident accident liability sue
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Just call today for access to the lawyers who can help with your legal claim. You have our full attention, and can get a call into our experienced attorneys in Los Angeles this morning, if you call now.

Can I Sue for Personal Injuries Sustained from a Coin Laundry?

Yes, we can sue if you have had personal injuries from going to wash your clothing at a coin operated laundry. You need to spend time with our Los Angeles case lawyers, who are here for you and who can file a lawsuit on your behalf right away. Just call our case attorneys in Los Angeles for real information on your next steps to recovery compensation, in this type of personal injury case from injuries at a coin operated laundry.

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