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Laparoscopy Surgery Injury Attorney | Medical Malpractice Claims

Laparoscopic Surgery Injury Medical Malpractice AttorneyLaparoscopy or laparoscopic surgery is an operation that enables doctors and medical professionals to perform minor and major surgeries in the abdomen or pelvis with the use of a specialized camera.  The procedure is performed using a laparoscope, which is a one half inch thick fiber optic rod with a video camera attached.  This laparoscope is inserted into the body, usually through the belly button or vagina, and allows the physician to see the areas through a video monitor located in the operating room.  Once inserted, a doctor can choose to perform a surgery through the laparoscopy, or use the images to diagnose a problem and conduct a normal surgery. Also referred to a “minimally invasive surgery,” laparoscopy has been hailed in medical circles as requiring less down time, smaller incisions, reduced pain and heightened access and visualization to the abdominal areas compared to traditional forms of surgery.  However, although laparoscopic surgery signifies an advancement in medical technology, the use of instrument requires a advanced level of skill and knowledge.  failure to abide by certain principles can lead to catastrophic and even fatal results for many patients. The medical malpractice attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law Group will offer free evaluations for victims and their families who have suffered injuries as a result of laparoscopy malpractice.  Instances of a botched laparoscopy include:

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  • Infections are the most common  type of injury in laparoscopy.  An infection can be caused by several factors, including failure to sterilize the device or the operating room, from perforation or an infection relating to a bowel injury.
  • Perforation of the bowels, intestines or other vital organs
  • Breaking or cutting of the common bile duct, leading to infection or peritonitis, occurring in 1 in every 200 procedures.
  • Penetration of a CO2 into the blood vessel, which if gone undetected can lead to serious injuries such as a gas embolism or death
  • Bowel or intestine injuries which occurs through a tear or scratch by the laparoscopy. 
  • Electrical burning or a thermal injury, as an electric current is employed as a cauterization method during these procedures
  • Failure to remove all of the malignant tissue in the course of  laparoscopic cancer surgery

What is Laparoscopy Used For?

Originally , laparoscopic surgery was used for gallbladder surgeries.  In this procedure, the abdomen is inflated with the use of air or carbon dioxide.  The Laparoscope is inserted at or near the belly button in order to guide the doctor in removing the gallbladder through another incision. Since its inception, and due to its popularity, laparoscopic surgeries have additionally used to perform:
  • Cancer surgeries
  • Diagnose problems associated with endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, as well as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Diagnose causes of infertility after infertility has been established.
  • Cancer Surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Removal of organs such as the uterus, spleen, appendix, colon or other vital body parts

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Who is Liable for My Laparoscopic Injuries

Due to the widespread use of laparoscopy during surgery, hospitals and other medical facilities are forced to use medical professional who lack the necessary skill for the procedure.  This often leads to negligence or malpractice by the doctor.  Other times, the doctors fail to properly sterilize the device, leading to often devastating infections and diseases.  Also, because these procedures have quicker turnaround times, patients are often released too soon, leading to complications that otherwise would to caught in the recovery room.
Additionally, patients of laparoscopic surgeries must be informed of the inherent risks associated with the procedure.  Therefore, if you have been injured as a result of a laparoscopic surgery, and did not give informed consent for the procedure, the doctor may be liable.

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If you or a family member have been injured as a result of a doctor’s malpractice or negligence relating to your laparoscopic surgery, you have rights.  Our lawyers offer a free case evaluation for victims suffering from a botched laparoscopy, and handle these cases on a contingency fee basis.

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