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Steps to Take: Bird & Lime Scooter Accident

Steps to Take: Bird & Lime Scooter Accident Bird and Lime are scooter rental services that allow their customers to travel short distances for an economical cost. As convenient and cost-effective as these scooters are, riding them throughout the city can be particularly dangerous due to the variable nature of pedestrians, drivers, street conditions, scooter maintenance, and other scooter riders. Scooter rental accidents are not as common as car accidents and so information regarding what to do after an accident is not common knowledge. What are you supposed to do after a Bird/Lime scooter accident? By following these steps, you help build strong evidence to prove your case. (1) Report the Accident to the Company (Bird or Lime) If you have neither life-threatening nor severe injuries, the first thing you need to do after you get into an accident with your rented electric scooter is to report the accident to the company from which you rented the scooter. It is important that you report the accident as soon as possible. By reporting the incident to Bird or Lime, you create an official record of the accident which the company must document in their records. In your report, be as detailed as you can and include anything you feel will help your case. For example, if the brakes malfunctioned, be sure to tell them about the defective scooter.
Scooter and Moped Accidents Often Result in Serious Injuries
(2) Preserve the Item After your accident, it is imperative that you preserve the defective scooter. Have it transported to your house and make sure that you preserve it as perfectly as you can. The reason you want to take it home is so that our experts can properly examine the scooter and strengthen your case. If you are unable to take it home, make sure to take as many detailed pictures of the defect as you can. (3) Seek Medical Attention After you have taken the necessary steps, it is important to seek medical attention. Some injuries take some time to manifest, and so even if you’re injured you may not feel it until after several days have passed. Insurers will argue that because you didn’t go to the doctor immediately after the accident, your injuries are unrelated to your scooter accident. Again, if your injuries are life-threatening or severe, seek immediate medical attention.
What to Do After a Bird/Lime Scooter Accident?
(4) Call 911 Statistics On Scooter AccidentsIf your accident involved another vehicle, say a car, truck, or motorcycle, then call 911 and file a police report. When another vehicle is involved, more insurance companies will be involved and an official record filed by you will only help your case against the insurance companies whose entire mission is to pay $0.
Bird Scooter Injury Accidents
(5) Contact a Bird Scooter Accident Attorney After you’ve accomplished those simple steps, contact an attorney. Our experienced Lime scooter attorneys and Bird scooter lawyers will work with you and fight on your behalf to get you compensation for your damages which include medical bills, lost wages, and more. Our law firm offers the zero-fee guarantee and free legal consultation. Don’t wait; call us today.
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