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Ninebot Gokart Defect Attorney

Ninebot Gokart Defect Attorney lawyer sue defective product liability injury incident accident

The Ninebot Gokart is an exciting ride, on an electric go kart that can go almost 25 miles per hour. The Ninebot Gokart has a range of almost 15 miles on a full charge, and has big tires, engine simulator sounds, traction steering wheels, and a low center of gravity. The steel frame is powered by a Segway battery, and is meant to make for a fun ride. This would be fun for any go kart racing enthusiast, except for when there is a defect with the Ninebot Gokart.

The users of these go karts can have defective parts, because it has to be assembled by the people who buy them. If any part is defective, the owner may not realize it, and operate the Ninebot Gokart without knowing of any hidden dangers. Even though the Ninebot Gokart has a low center of gravity, these units can flip over causing serious injuries.

Ninebot Gokarts Are Dangerous to Operate

Although these go karts look like fun to operate and use, there are many hidden dangers that people will incur when riding in a Ninebot Gokart. The defective parts can occur at any piece that is made up of the Ninebot Gokart, and unsuspecting owners will not know when the defective parts will jeopardize the ride of the Ninebot Gokart out on the roads. Any defective part on the Ninebot Gokart can cause serious injury, or a risk of death. The injuries sustained on a Ninebot Gokart will come from:

  • Collisions with other vehicles or go karts
  • Falls off the go kart
  • Being thrust from the go kart
  • Being hit by a car on the street
  • Hitting a tree
  • Hitting a car
  • Hitting a curb
  • Hitting a stationary object
  • Falling off a cliff
  • Falling into water
  • Accidentally driving into oncoming traffic
  • Being run over by a car or truck
  • Being injured by a malfunctioning seat belt
  • Going down a steep incline too fast
  • Falling down a set of steps
  • Being killed in a roadway
  • Falling into a body of water
  • Losing control driving and operating in the rain or adverse conditions

In the instance that you suffered any of these conditions as a result of driving a defective Ninebot Gokart, just call our office today. We will go over the next steps to initiate a lawsuit on your behalf.

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Injuries Sustained from Riding in a Defective Ninebot Gokart

There are many serious injuries that you can sustain from riding in a defective Ninebot Gokart. It is easy being injured on a Ninebot Gokart because when you are sitting in a go kart, your trunk and extremities are unprotected to the elements and the road. Accidents in go karts are high, and if a person is in a defective Ninebot Gokart, a serious injury could ensue. This can include serious and permanent injuries, that are debilitating and will stay with the person for many years.

Some of the injuries commonly sustained riding in a Ninebot Gokart include:

  • Acceleration trauma and hyperextension of the spine
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal fractures
  • Trauma to the body
  • Blunt injuries to the abdomen
  • Internal bleeding
  • Cuts
  • Bruises
  • Road rash and scrapes
  • Fractures to the arms and legs
  • Ankle fractures caused by the pedals
  • Humeral and shoulder fractures from side impacts
  • Wrist and hand fractures from pulled steering wheels
  • Burn wounds
  • Rib fractures
  • Lung contusion and punctured lungs
  • Diaphragm ruptures
  • Rupture of the spleen
  • Ruptured liver
  • Ruptured and damaged kidney
  • Gal bladder injuries
  • Intestines perforation
  • Lower limb injuries
  • Fractured hips
  • Fractured pelvis
  • Flexion and extension injuries
  • Facial lacerations
  • Deep cuts
  • Death
  • Coma
  • Traumatic brain injury

In the event that you are injured by a defective Ninebot Gokart and suffered any of these injuries, you can feel comfortable to call us today to talk about it. We are here for you, and are on your side. We talk to big insurance companies every day, and can talk to them on your behalf as well to settle out your case.

Defects on the Ninebot Gokart Can Occur During Normal Operation

If you are driving a Ninebot Gokart, you can incur defects in the unit from even normal operation. The Ninebot Gokart is meant to be a recreational vehicle, but many people go on one without wondering what can go wrong with a defective part on the unit. A defect in a part on the Ninebot Gokart can result in the high risk of being injured or killed from losing control, having a collision, falling or being run over by a car on the roads where you are riding. If there is a defective part on a Ninebot Gokart, that part may be loose, and may unhook a fastener, strap or tire while the rider is in operation of the go kart. This can also cause a serious injury or amputation of your limbs, if the defective part becomes an issue while riding fast in a Ninebot Gokart. Any part of the Ninebot Gokart can be defective or become defective, including:

  • Tires
  • Structure parts
  • Fasteners
  • Straps
  • Components
  • Motor
  • Seat
  • Breaks
  • Steering
  • Charging port

If you have been injured by a Ninebot Gokart that is defective, you can just give us a call today. We can go over the particulars of your case, and help you to get the recovery compensation you need for your serious personal injuries resulting from the accident with a defective Ninebot Gokart.

Ninebot Gokarts Can Have Defects in Maneuvering on a Ride

The Ninebot Gokarts can have defective parts, that are not seen, felt or realized until the owner or operator is on a ride in the go kart. This is a dangerous situation and a recipe for disaster. While riding on a Ninebot Gokart, the go kart can suddenly have a braking issue or slowing suddenly on the acceleration or braking of the unit. If the Ninebot Gokart defect does affect is steering or braking components, then it will make it dangerous for any rider to be on the road. This can cause serious injuries for the riders of a Ninebot Gokart, at:

  • Intersection crossings
  • Roads that are congested with pedestrians
  • Corners
  • In areas with cars on the roads

Even if the rider of a Ninebot Gokart is driving at a safe speed, there can be defects that produce high speeds that are unsafe for the driver. For example, if the speed component has a defect on the Ninebot Gokart unit, then it can be dangerous because the go kart will not be able to be controlled or stopped safely and effectively.

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We offer a zero-fee guarantee, where we do not ask you for any money up front. We do not require you to put any money down for us to begin working on your case. We are prepared to make your case a winning settlement, and we want you to know that you don’t have to pay us a penny up front for us to start that process for you.

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We can talk to you today about your case for a defective Ninebot Gokart, and all it takes is the first call to us right now. You will be able to discuss your case with our legal team, which consists of attorneys who specialize in winning your claim with the big insurance companies.

Can I Sue for a Defective Ninebot Gokart

Yes, we can sue for a defective Ninebot Gokart. If you have had an injury because of a defective part on a Ninebot Gokart, then you need to call our Los Angeles case lawyers right away. We are here and ready to help you. We can file a lawsuit on your behalf, to get back the money recovery compensation that you deserve in this case of a defective Ninebot Gokart. Just call our case attorneys in Los Angeles, when you are ready to talk to us about your injuries related to an accident on a defective Ninebot Gokart.

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You can call us today for a free consultation when you are injured by a defective Ninebot Gokart. We are here for you and can offer you the best legal advice for your situation. Just call us at the DTLA Law Group, to talk to our lawyers who can help with your claim for damages and personal injuries from a defective Ninebot Gokart.

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