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Car Accident FAQ

Car Accident FAQ

1. I have been involved in an accident: What information should I obtain from the other parties. 

Car Accident Attorney GuideIf you have been involved in an auto accident firs and foremost you must seek medical attention for your injuries and or contact your local paramedics and or police if you believe some has been injured during the collision.

Table of Contents:

Once you have been tended to and believe you will receive medical attention you should seek out and obtain information from the driver and passenger of the other automobiles.  Below are the most vital articles of information one should obtain.
  • The name, first and last of the drivers of the automobiles involved
  • The name, and contact information of any witnesses to the accident
  • Drivers License number and Insurance information [name of insurance company, policy number, insurance expiration date] of the driver
  • You should be highly observant of all as much information as possible of the accident, write down as much information as you possibly can regarding the location, the direction of traffic, the amount of traffic, any lighting conditions, road conduction, weather; it was raining or snowing at the time of the accident.
  • One should not speak to the other parties regarding fault or mention any apologies, however if other parties make statements and or comments regarding their fault in the accident one should take note of it and obtain the information of any witnesses that also heard of the comments made.
  • What was the mental condition of the driver; Did the other drive seem intoxicated in any way.

2.  At what point is it wise to contact an attorney regarding the accident.

You should contact an Auto Collision Lawyer immediately if while at the scene of the accident you believe there is all danger has dissipated and all who need medical treatment have been tended to.  One needs to act fast obtaining consultation from an attorney who will advise you of the legal significance of any action you take. At Downtown LA LAW Group we will quickly arrange a free consultation with a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney.  We will immediately take legal action on your behalf so that we can protect your rights and maximize any future recovery on your behalf.  For a Free Consultation Call (855) 339-8879.

3.  I was involved in a rear end collision: What do I need to know to protect my rights against insurance adjusters

Rear end collisions are the most common form of traffic accidents.  Often insurance companies of the person at fault attempt to reduce the amount of compensation owed as much as they possibly can.  This is why if you or your loved one has been involved in a traffic accident to call skilled Traffic Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles that will protect your rights against the defendant and his insurance carrier.  Don’t deal with insurance companied alone we are here to help. Insurance settlement amount for rear end collisions are ultimately determined by the amount of damages the plaintiff has suffered. The damages must stem from the accident but do not have to be manifest themselves at the time of the accident or shortly thereafter. Generally, Insurance companies calculate the damage accrued by the victim in rear end accidents by, calculating ass economic based damages, special damages including medical bills lost wages due to inability to attend employment.  Also included are compensation to the victim for pain and suffering, long term disability and non pecuniary damages. It is vital that in negotiations with Insurance companies you are represented by a determined and skilled Car Accident Lawyer that will attempt to maximize the mount of recover you deserve.  For a Free Consultation Call (855) 339-8879

4.  I was rear ended, [hit from the back], by another car, whose fault is it.

The vast majority of the time the person whose rear ends another car is the party liable for the accident and any consequent damages which take place.  Even if you stopped in a manner uncommon to driving the person behind you owes you a burden to be driving a safe and reasonable distance from your vehicle. 5.  Should I take pictures of the accident? YES:  at Downtown LA Law Group Personal Injury Center we advise all our clients to carry in their cars a personal camera or purchase a phone with a high resolution camera.  Pictures can be used as evidence to support your claim and will help us in protecting your rights against wrongful statements that can and will be made against your claims. Take as many pictures as possible, take pictures of the cars involved, the street, the street sings, and the traffic as the time of the accident.  Remember take shot from as many different angles as possible.  Moe around the accident site in a concentric circle; akin to a clock take a picture at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 o’clock. If you are unable to take a picture contact us at Downtown LA Law and we will send our investigator immediately to the accident site to protect your rights and accumulate as much evidence in support of your case as possible.  Remember all investigation from Downtown LA LAW are completely free of charge. 6.  I have been contacted by the other drivers insurance company what should I do? What are my rights? You should never speak to the other parties insurance company and or the other companies attorneys, legal representative.  Any words or statements that you make to them can and will be used against in any negotiations of court proceedings.  Insurance companies and accident defense lawyers are expert in negotiating and getting you to make statements that may be detrimental to your case. You have a not to speak to them.  One should state that they may not contact you and that if they have any questions they should contact your attorney.   If you have not retained legal representation regarding your case you should do so soon and advise them of the contacts that have been made by the other party. 7.  What is the amount I can recover for the damage to my car or if my car is totaled. The amount that can be recovered for your car is calculated by insurance companies using the fair market value of the car at the time of the accident.  Some insurance companies may have different guidelines that they use base on the policy holders insurance. You should never attempt to negotiate with an insurance company alone.  Retaining a skilled Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer will dramatically increase the probability of a higher settlement with insurance companies. 8. It’s been a few days after the accident and I have some pain that I think is caused by the accident what should I do? You should never hesitate to seek medical help for your injury if you have been involved in an auto accident.  You should seek medical attention as soon as possible.  In many instance physical ramifications of an accident do not occur until days after the incident. Your medical bills will accumulate and become part of the settlement with the person that caused the auto accident and his insurance company.  You should then contact an Personal Injury Lawyer who will fight for you so that you will, receive reimbursement for your injuries. Remember:  If you feel any pain at all you should seek out  medical attention, and contact a skilled Accident Lawyer that will fight for you.  Failure to seek out medical attention may very well lead to a reduction of your settlement.


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