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Stage III Bed Sore Lawsuit – Nursing Home Elder Abuse Attorney

Stage III Bed Sore Lawsuit – Nursing Home Elder Abuse Attorney The development bedsores is a growing problem amongst patients of hospitals and residents of nursing homes and elderly care facilities. Victims of bedsores caused by the negligent treatment of nursing home staff and hospital employees are entitled to full and just compensation via the filing of an elder abuse lawsuit. Below is important legal information for victims of pressure ulcers (bed sores). Legal Help: If you or a loved one developed bed sores in a hospital or nursing home due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of operators contact our law firm. Stage III Bedsores: Common signs and symptoms of a stage three bedsore include complete loss of skin exposing the muscle, fat or bone tissue below, a crater like appearance, necroses of the skins represented in the yellowing or darkening of the skin tissue. In most cases damage can extend beyond the area visible to the eyes. Infections from Bed Sores: Osteomyelitis is a bone infection common in individuals who have developed stage three or stage four bedsores. Caused by the bacterial agent Streptococcus Osteomyelitis results in high fever, fatigue, nausea, and los range of motion. Other Common Infection caused by bed sores:
  • Sepsis
  • Blood Poisoning
  • Joint infections
  • Gangrene

Duty of Nursing Homes and Hospitals to Protect Patients from Pressure Ulcers:

Hospitals and Nursing homes owe residents and patients a duty to evaluate the risk bed sores and take necessary steps to reduce those risks. Some of the most important preventative measure required by operators, employees, and staff, are as follows

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Value of a Stage III Bedsore Lawsuit: Each case is unique with different factors which play a significant role in determining the estimated value of your case. Some of the most important factors attorney evaluate in determining the value of a personal injury case are as follows
  • The severity of the injury
  • The need for future medical care and rehabilitation care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress including PTSD and depression
  • Punitive damages – awarded where the defendant displays a reckless or wonton conduct
Victims right to compensation: Victims of bed sore caused by the negligent medical care or nursing care and or a violation of elder abuse and neglect laws are entitled to justice. Our elder abuse attorneys are dedicated to protecting the right of the injured. To schedule a fee no cost case evaluation contact our law firm toll free (855)385-2529. Further Information: Stages of Bedsores California Elder Abuse Legal Guide    

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