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Stage IV Bed Sore – Nursing Home Liability – Elder Abuse Lawsuit

Stage IV Bed Sore – Nursing Home Liability – Elder Abuse Lawsuit Bedsores, otherwise known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers are severe wounds resulting from continuous pressure on the skin. Immobile and elderly resident of nursing homes and long term residential care facility are particularity susceptible to developing bed sores. Pressure ulcers that go undetected and untreated can result in stage IV bed sores; the common definition of stage 4 bed sores is “extensive damage to soft tissue and muscle, as well as to the underlying bones, ligaments tendons and nerves”. Victims Right to Justice: Under various state and federal statutes employees, staff and operators of nursing home and care facilities owe a duty of proper care to individual residents who are not able to care for themselves. Victims have the right to seek justice via a civil lawsuit for recovery of damages sustained if a failure to provide the care required under the law is the cause of their injuries. If you have any further legal questions after reading this article feel free to contact our law firm toll free to schedule a legal consultation with one of our elder abuse attorneys. All consultations are free of charge and confidential. To speak immediately with an attorney call (855)385-2529. Common Causes of Bed Sores and Statistic on Bed Sores According to data published by the CDC and the National Center for Health and Statistics 1 in 10 nursing home residents will develop some stage of bed sores. With stage four accounting for nearly 20 percent of all bed sore diagnoses. Common causes of bed sore are as follows
  • Failure to change the position of the body of a elderly or immobile patient in a routine manner.
  • Failure to provide proper hygiene including cleaning of a residents body, and changing of wet, dirty or soiled sheets and clothing.
  • Failure to provide proper inspection of bed sores for individuals who are at a heightened risk of developing the medical issue.
  • Failure to Provide for proper nutrition resulting in dehydration which can dry out the skin increasing the risk of bed sores.
Medical Costs for Treatment and Care of Patients With Stage IV Bed Sores: According to the National Institute for Health the average hospital charge for a patient with stage IV bed sore is nearly $130,000. Most case of stage four bed sores will take an extended period of time to heal. Sadly in many instances victims of stage four bed sores will encounter long term or permanent medical diagnosis and disabilities. The cost of post hospital stay medical treatments including rehabilitation care or a need for at home nursing care can cost tens of thousands of dollars each year.

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Nursing Home and Residential Care Facility Liability for Bed Sores: The failure to provide the medical or nursing care necessary to prevent serious medical and health issues including the development of bed sores can be constituted as a violation of state and federal elder abuse and elder neglect laws. Further Information: Average Stage IV Bed Sore Lawsuit Settlement NIH – Pressure Ulcers Among Nursing Home Residents High Cost of Stage IV Pressure Ulcers


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